June 21, 2018
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August 10 Letters to the Editor

Laud senators for vote

On Aug. 5, the United States Senate voted to confirm Elena Kagan as an associate Justice of the Supreme Court. I think that Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins should be congratulated on their vote to confirm Ms. Kagan.

In my opinion, they correctly interpreted the “advise and consent” clause of the Constitution as the Framers intended. They put politics on the back burner.

Willis Youells



Persistence pays

While I applaud the intent of the BDN’s Aug. 7-8 editorial, I regret that you seem to think that Prospect Harbor is a village in Washington County. Actually, Prospect Harbor is in Hancock County, albeit at its eastern edge.

Despite that error of geography, you are right to commend Gov. Baldacci for his persistence in finding a buyer for Stinson’s. (Bumble Bee was not here long enough to warrant attribution).

Roger Bowen

Prospect Harbor


No comparison

The BDN’s Aug. 7-8 front page article “Maine’s powerful women,” is a wonderfully written campaign ad, written by Kevin Miller. Margaret Chase Smith was mentioned in the lead paragraphs as breaking the glass ceiling in Maine politics.

In a wonderful panegyric, 20 of his 50 paragraphs, Miller extols Libby Mitchell’s firsts as a major party’s candidate for governor. It is a remarkable feat of writing, to juxtapose Margaret Chase Smith’s accomplishments with Libby Mitchell’s.

In fact they couldn’t have served Maine voters differently. Smith was scrupulous about spending very little on her campaigns, never accepting campaign contributions. This frugality earned Smith widespread approval among conservative Maine voters and was an important factor in her 32 years serving Maine in Washington.

In contrast, Libby Mitchell has championed giveaways of taxpayer dollars, first as speaker of the Maine House, then as president of the state Senate; giveaways for “next day welfare” and the huge failed attempt at statewide health care called Dirigo; as well as a DEP-LURC policy that makes businesses shun Maine for new company locations.

These policies are such failures that my retirement pay now is being taxed to pour good money after bad.

Kevin Miller has written an opinion piece, but it’s on the front page. It’s a mistake, right? This doesn’t mean that the BDN is endorsing Libby Mitchell?

Theo Nykreim



Sure, blame us

Our house at 7:20 this evening is not a peaceful place. Page D-2 of today’s sports section (Saturday, Aug. 7) says the Red Sox are scheduled to play the satanic Yankees at 7 p.m. and provides broadcast outlets for the game. We just learned the game was played at 4 p.m. today.

My spouse, Judy, is convinced the Sox lost today because we weren’t in front of the TV. And it’s all your fault. (I believe she’s been an avid Sox fan at least since just after Babe Ruth was traded.) In the future, please be more careful when publishing game broadcast times.

Eastern Maine needs peaceful households.

Jim Thompson



Majority rule?

Why do we vote? Californians voted against same-sex marriages in a referendum, but a judge shot that down. Doesn’t the majority rule? Arizonans voted against illegals, yet the government shot it down.

I have decided not to donate anything to any organization anymore. I will donate only to the veterans and local people who need help.

The government doesn’t know that illegal means against the law. I would like to know if the hospitals don’t help illegals, will they be sued? After all, we Americans will be put in jail or pay a fine if we don’t have health insurance. We can’t break the law but the government can.

Lucille Larsen



Reinstate estate tax

In my vision of America, I see a nation whose citizens are able to attend college without being burdened with insurmountable debt. In my vision of America, I see a nation whose citizens are able to retire comfortably with dignity. In my vision of America, I see a nation whose citizens are no longer divided by a cruel de facto class system in which men and women are forced to live lives of destitution and third-world poverty in a wealthy country.

In my vision of America, all I truly see is liberty, equality and fraternity.

During the Bush administration, unregulated corporations and the wealthiest Americans were given trillions of dollars in the form of tax cuts, which is the primary cause of the deficit we now face. The tax rate for the wealthiest 400 Americans dropped from 29 percent to 17 percent over the past 15 years. The gap between the wealthiest and the rest of America has grown wider as the tax burden on the wealthy has declined and has since been thrown on shoulders of the middle class.

Not only does this hurt hardworking Maine families, but it also hurts already underfunded sectors of the Maine economy, mainly health care, law enforcement and public education.

Sens. Snowe and Collins must vote to reinstate the estate tax to 2009 levels for the sake of liberty, equality, fraternity and Maine.

Omar Khan



Spin about LePage

After reading Edward Karass’ July 31-Aug 1 OpEd (“Candidate Paul LePage: the Wizard of Waterville?”) my gut told me something didn’t add up, so I did some research on my own.

Mr. Karass has painted a dismal picture of the Waterville school system. Interestingly, according to U.S. News and World Report (December 2009), Waterville High School rated above average nationally and was honored to receive the Bronze Award. Only 10 schools in Maine made the list. Bangor, Brewer, Biddeford and Windham, Mr. Karass’ comparison cities, were not included in this list.

Mr. Karass included statistics of below-state standard performance for grades three and eight for 2009, the same year Waterville High School received the excellence award. So, what is wrong with spending $371 less per student than the state average and ending up with superior results? Somehow Mr. Karass, the owner of a fi-nancial and accounting firm in Gardiner, implies spending more money with poorer return is a good investment. Go figure.

Spin it anyway you want, but I am putting my faith in the man who has kept Waterville government small and efficient, and who has helped make Marden’s the place to shop.

When you enter the voting booth on Nov. 2, listen to your gut and vote for Paul LePage. You’ll get the real deal, not more spin.

Pauline Civiello



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