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August 4, 2010, Scores and Highlights

Bangor Daily News

AGES 10-11
At Bucksport
Tuesday, Aug. 3

G9: Waldo County 6, Bucksport 2

Wednesday, Aug. 4
Championship Game

G10: York 6, Waldo County 5


Tryouts for the Bangor High School football cheerleading squad will be Aug. 16-18, 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the high school gym. Students must have the required paperwork completed and turned in on or before Aug. 16. Any questions call coach Stephanie Crane at 478-0348.
Girls soccer
Tryouts for the Bangor High girls soccer team will be held Aug. 16-18 at 8-10 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. at the Union Street complex. Any questions call coach Joe Johnson at the athletic office, 992-5507.
Tryouts for the Bangor High School varsity golf team will be held at Bangor Municipal Golf Course Aug. 17-18 at 9 a.m. and Thursday Aug. 19 at 3 p.m. Tryouts will consist of a nine-hole round each day. There will be a mandatory meeting Monday, Aug. 16 at 3 p.m. at Bangor Municipal Golf Course. Any questions call Rob Jarvis at 941-0232.

Preseason for all fall sports will begin on Monday, Aug. 16. All student-athletes must have a completed emergency card and contract to participate. These forms can be picked up in the main office Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. All freshmen, juniors and new students must present proof of physical before participating. Tryout times are: girls soccer 8 a.m.-noon, boys soccer 8 a.m.-noon, field hockey 9-11:30 a.m., football 10 a.m.-noon and 5-7 p.m., golf 3-5 p.m., cheering 4-5:30 p.m. and cross country 3-5 p.m.

BANGOR — There will be a mandatory fall sports first year and new student information meeting Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the John Bapst High School auditorium. This meeting will be followed by another mandatory fall sports meeting for all athletes and their coaches at 7 p.m. in assigned classrooms. Any questions call athletic director Rick Sinclair at 947-0313 ext. 157.

FAIRFIELD — There will be a mandatory meeting for all student athletes and their parents on Thursday, Aug. 12 in the Lawrence High School gym at 6 p.m. All teams will be holding tryouts and/or practices on Monday, Aug. 16. Students must bring a signed Athletic Code Contract, proof of insur-ance, signed emergency card and proof of recent physical. Any questions call Bill MacManus, Director of Athletics, at 453-4200 ext. 2250.

There will be a mandatory meeting for all fall athletes and their parents Sunday, Aug. 15 in the MDI High School gym at 6 p.m. At least one member of the family must attend the madatory meeting. Physicals will be offered on Aug. 10-11 at the high school. All freshmen and juniors must have a physi-cal before they can participate. Any questions contact Athletic Director Bunky Dow at 288-5011 ext. 327 or 667-3307.

There will be a mandatory parent and student-athlete meeting for all fall sports on Thursday, Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. in the MacKenzie Gym. Student-athletes must have a physical on file with the Athletic Office in order to tryout or participate on Monday, Aug. 16. Call Greg Thibodeau at 827-3910 with any questions.

There will be a mandatory parent/athlete information night for all fall sports held Sunday, Aug. 15 at 6 p.m. in the high school gym. Physical, medical card and signed co-curricular contact must accompany athlete prior to beginning practice on Monday, Aug. 16. Any questions contact Mike Archer at 866-4916.

HOWLAND — There will be a meeting for all athletes, parents and coaches on Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 6 p.m. in the high school study hall. Any student planning to play soccer, golf or cross country should attend this meeting. Contact Gerald Hutchinson at 290-0874 with any questions. Coaches will meet at 5:30 p.m. that night in Mr. Hutchinson’s office.

MILO — Penquis Valley has scheduled its starting dates for fall sports as follows: boys soccer, Aug. 16, 8 a.m.; girls soccer, Aug. 16, 10 a.m.; golf, Aug. 17, 4 p.m., at Katahdin Valley Country Club. All candidates are required to show proof of a physical exam prior to participating. Contact Tony Hamlin (279-0360) for more information.

EAST MILLINOCKET — There will be a mandatory meeting for all athletes, parents and coaches Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 6 p.m. in the Schenck High School gym. Individuals are encouraged to use the back entrance. Athletes should make sure all physicals are current. Any questions contact John Montgomery at 746-3511.


All Bangor boys at the Cohen or Doughty schools interested in grade 8 football should report to practice Monday, Aug. 16 at 8:45 a.m. at the Doughty School on Fifth Street. To practice, all registration forms must be on file at their respective school prior to Aug. 16. No player will be cut and uniforms are provided. Any questions call Coach Capehart at 990-1378.

At Rocky Knoll CC, Orrington
Senior Stableford League

Joe Auger, Dick Drisko, Dana Parent, Paul Shumaker +11; Jim Burr, bill Igoe, Gordon Warner, Bill Kaine +10; Paul Bowden, Gary Powers, Ed LaChance, Ron Landry +9; pins: No. 5 Joe Rodrigue 2-7, No. 7 Gary Powers 3-7, No. 12 Rick Crowell 8-9, No. Dick Drisko 6-1, high stableford: Larry Martell +10, Ron Landry +9, gross: Roger Tracy 73, skins A: Gary Powers No. 7, roger Tracy No. 9,13, Leo Godin No. 15, Robbie robinson No. 17, Tom Bryant No. 18, skins B: Mel Bowden No. 10, Ralph Morrison No. 11, Jim Oreskovich No. 18
Tuesday Twilight League
Gross: Adam Fournier 37, Peter Fournier 38, Tom Bryant 41, net: Mark Spaulding 34 (mc), Mike Nelligan 34 (mc), Jim Oreskovich 34, pins: No. 11 Adam Fournier 16-3
Ladies League
Margaret Miller, Gail Middleton, Countney Chute 36 (mc); Lisa Richards, Jill Russell, Penny Bohac-Cardello, Ellen Libby 36, Sue St. Heart, Barbara Bristow, Pat Lefebvre, Nancy Koziol 37 (mc); Barbara Bryant, Barbara Joy, Vivian Finley, Tammy McLaughlin 37; Felicia Wiswell, Sonja Faulkingham, Jean Bridges, Barbara Baker 39; pins: No. 12 Felicia Wiswell 11-4

At Upper St. John Valley,
Portage Lake
Senior Ladies

A gross: Fernand LaForge 83, Alexa Madore, Betty Deveau, net: Cathy Roy, Francine Soucy, Jessie Thompson, B gross: Laurette Mclaughlin, Lucy McLaughlin, Eva Bard, net: Bev Maynard, Janice Beauleau, Darlene Higgins, C gross: Ruth Lunn, M.L. Anderson, Carmen Reller, net: Ann Haines, Kay Freeman, Peggy Larrabee, D gross: Jeanette Harvey, Angie Beautot, Norma Manter, net: Molly Andrews, Donna St. Peter, Jean Sleeper

At Sonny’s Driving Range,
WABA Scramble

Rodney Wells, Joe Alexander III, Joe Alexander, Jr., 51, George Herman, Roy Clements, Peter Reynolds 51, Steve Dorrity, Tony Smart, David Gan-yar 54, Yves Poulin, Bob Wiggins, Bob Kelly 56, Jimmy Smith, Dennis Ellingwood, Terry Williamson 58, Phil Pitula, Jake Gran, Tracy Gran 59, Craig Knowles, John Harrington, George Harriman 61; pin: No. 1 Yves Poulin 12-8, No. 7 Joe Alexander 7-6; long drive: Peter Reynolds 256 yards; putts: Rodney Wells 31

At Streamside GC, Winterport
Men’s league

Ryan Fields 35, Mike Adams 39, Carlton Brassbridge 39, Josh Tripp 41, Galen Wellman 41; pin: No. 4 Ryan Fields 6-9, No. 8 Josh Tripp 12-1

At Hermon Meadow GC
Men’s Twilight League

Meadow Monsters, Dale Duplisea, Tim McCluskey, Mike Henderson, Jim Bouli
er 11; Dew Sweepers, Rich Economy, Joel McCluskey, Dick Dan-fourth, Tom Berry 10; Baggers, Jamie Leavitt, Al Porter, Mark Alaimo, Joe Lounsbury 8 (mc); pins: No. 12 Jamie Leavitt 12-0, No. 16: Tim Hayden 17-0

At Bangor Municipal GC
Men’s Twilight League

Gross: Tim Black, John Kelley 29, Jamie Brooker, Alan Anderson 34, Ben Estabrook, Mike St. Thomas 35, Nick Carparelli, Harry Riley 35, Tony Reynolds, Garlie Gray 35; net: Rich Pattenaude, Dakota Williams 28, Kevin McConnell, Peter Curran 29, Peter Baldacci, Chuck Pine 29, Dennis Tracy, Donald Becker 29, John Violette, Michael Moore 29 ; pins: No. 3 Gerry Bourgoin 11-10, No. 6 Kevin McConnell 11-5

At Rockland GC
Men’s Twilight League

Gross: Jamie Boutin 38, Skip Heald 39, Rick Cowan 39; net: Mark McGuirl 29, Dick Crossman 33; net skins: No. 7 Jay Trenholm, No. 8 Paul Chamberlain; pin: No. 9 Charlie Page 26-11

Northport GC
Scotch Foresome

Gross: Mary Ann Darbelnet, Skip Brown 35, Roxie Whitney, Terry Whitney 37, net: Vivian Fuller, Shane Gerrish 23, Pat Quinn, Larry Quinn 27.5, Leslie Eaton, Dan Eaton 28, Sally LeClair, Art LeClair 29, Christine Deeney, Paul Deeney 29.5

At Foxcroft GC
Twilight League Point Quota

Anthony Phillips, Wayne Strout plus-3, Mel Teachout, Challa Reddy plus-2; pin: No. 4 Cory Campbell 4-11

At Val Halla GC, Cumberland

First round: Eric Clemons def. Matt Brown 2 up; Ethan Shepard def. Tyler Walker 4 and 3; Connor Buckley def. Kamran Husain withdrew; Eli Kropp def. Matt Roy 2 and 1. Second round: Drew Powell def. Eric Clemons 2 up; Ethan Shepard def. Eric Dugas 4 and 3; Ryan Chasse def. Connor Buck-ley withdrew; Robbie Watson def. Eli Kropp 4 and 2. Semifinal matchups: Drew Powell vs. Ethan Shepard, Ryan Chasse vs. Robbie Watson.

Wednesday’s starters
First, Trot, 9,450

Willin Dylan, I. Davies, 3.20-3.202.40
Roadshow Vic, M. Cushing, 2.80-2.40
Top Hill Will, S. Mahar, 2.80
T-2:00.3; Quinela 4-6, 3.60; Exacta 6-4, 9.80; Trifecta 6-4-3, 18.40
Second, Pace, 2,200
Commitment, J. Beckwith, 5.40-4.60-3.20
KG Westescape, S. Mahar, 11.80-3.80
Play For Silver, R. Dinning, 5.20
T-1:58.1; Quinela 1-3, 22.00; Exacta 1-3, 54.20; Trifecta 1-3-7, 141.40; Daily Double 6-1, 10.20
Third, Trot, 9,224
Pembroke Champion, H. Campbell, 2.60-3.00-2.60
Corwen, I. Davies, 9.20-3.60
Edgar, G. Hall2.60
T-2:06.3; Quinela 3-5, 7.20; Exacta 5-3, 192.40; Trifecta 5-3-4, 73.00
Fourth, Trot, 2,200
K C Will, G. Bowden, 5.40-3.60-3.40
Girl Band, G. Hall, 6.40-4.00
Hallelujah Dream, K. Lantz, 3.80
T-2:06; Quinela 4-7, 30.80; Exacta 4-7, 46.40; Trifecta 4-7-1, 254.00
Fifth, Pace, 3,200
Merry Hillbilly, G. Hall, 56.80-13.00-4.00
Perfect Approach, S. Mahar, 3.20-2.80
Pembroke Flex, H. Campbell, 2.60
T-1:58.1; Quinela A-4, 36.00; Exacta 2-A, 68.00; Trifecta 2-4-A, 176.80
Sixth, Trot, 8,882
Current Bankruptcy, D. Richards, 4.40-3.00-2.20
Glory Hallelujah, G. Corey, 2.80-2.20
Moving Violation, G. Bowden, 2.20
T-2:04; Quinela 1-4, 5.20; Exacta 1-4, 1-4, 6.40; Trifecta 1-4-2, 16.60
Seventh, Pace, 2,100
Iamasurvivor, J. Bresnahan, 5.60-3.80-2.10
Rocky’s Molly, H. Campbell, 4.20-2.10
Irascible, S. MacKenzie, 2.60
T-2:01; Quinela 3-5, 32.80; Exacta 3-5, 27.20; Trifecta 3-5-4, 208.00
Eighth, Pace, 2,300
Artistry, R. Armstrong, 7.40-4.60-3.40
Northern Regent, M. Cushing, 5.00-3.60
Loustown, H. Campbell, 3.40
T-2:00; Quinela 2-3, 10.20; Exacta 3-2, 4.00; Trifecta 3-2-6, 35.20
Ninth, Pace, 2,100
Satanslittlenumber, H. Campbell, 7.60-8.20-5.20
Sand Sapphire, G. Bowden, 8.40-8.40
Bio Link, M. Downey, 4.60
T-2:00.1; Quinela 2-6, 22.40; Exacta 2-6, 29.00; Trifecta 2-6-1, 130.20
Tenth, Pace, 2,100
MacKenzie Seelster, H. Campbell, 3.60-3.00-2.80
Jaccka Seelster N, R. Dinning, 4.00-3.80
Urgently N, M. Downey, 4.60
T-1:59.4; Quinela 2-3, 6.40; Exacta 3-2, 12.20; Trifecta 3-2-1, 16.00; Late Double 2-3, 13.40, Handle – 16,919

Thursday’s starters 6 p.m.
First, Trot, $8,269

1. Cowgirl With Lead, J. Beckwith
2. Katahdin Gossip, G. Hall
3. Cranmeadow Pearl, S. Mahar
4. Iza Bella, I. Davies
5. Dynamic Mover, G. Corey
Second, Pace, $2,600
1. Skill Factor, M. Downey
2. Last Dance, S. Mahar
3. All Reved Up, S. MacKenzie
4. Polo Ody, G. Bowden
5. Windy City Anita, W. Brown
6. Elm Grove Dignity, H. Campbell
Third, Trot, $9,208
1. Riot Act, M. Graffam
2. Cyber Cast, M. Athearn
3. Katahdin Raymond, G. Hall
4. Hillbilly Earl, H. Campbell
5. Blazing Forward, W. Watson
6. Touchdown Brady, M. DeRuntz
Fourth, Trot, $9,209
1. Serious Kid, W. Watson
2. Cranmeadow Express, P. Battis
3. Deacon Livermore, M. Cushing
4. Cashfortheheart, M. Athearn
5. Bee Moving, G. Corey
6. Four Letter Word, J. Beckwith
7. Cranmeadow Ray C, H. Campbell
Fifth, Pace, $2,100
1. Katahdin Country, H. Campbell
2. Freedom Hanover, B. Blanchard
3. Heza Gunslinger, M. Downey
4. Eric The Enemy, S. MacKenzie
5. Prince Rama A, M. DeRuntz
Sixth, Trot, $3,800
1. Mal Pacino, M. Downey
2. Bullville Sue, G. Bowden
3. Snap Dancer, K. Switzer
4. Tough Broad, J. Beckwith
5. Majesty Hall, I. Davies
6. Abby C, K. Lantz
7. Pembroke Heat Wave, H. Campbell
8. Redington Shores, S. Mahar
Seventh, Trot, $7,000
1. Badpans, M. DeRuntz
2. Pembroke Spice, H. Campbell
3. Light Iron, K. Switzer
4. Four Starz Trump, C. Cushing
5. Merry B Lucky, M. Downey
Ninth, Pace, $3,600
1. A Night In Paris, B. Blanchard
2. Sam’s Illusion, S. MacKenzie
3. My Special Angel, H. Campbell
4. Mystical Truth, G. Bowden
5. Trust Me Lee, S. Mahar
Tenth, Pace, $2,200
1. Nordik Fever, S. Mahar
2. Lucky Laff, J. Bresnahan
3. McPfast Bluegrass, S. MacKenzie
4. Lady Drake, G. Bowden
5. Fox Valley Rita, P. Battis
6. Northern Pandora, H. Campbell

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