Should creationism be taught in Maine public schools?

Posted July 30, 2010, at 4:44 p.m.

The state Democratic Party’s director used Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage’s support for teaching creationism in school, which the candidate asserted during a pre-primary TV debate, to suggest Mr. LePage was β€œan agent of the Christian Right.” Creationism is the Jewish and Christian belief that God created the Earth, animals and plants, and humans in six days. Though it is a matter of faith, is there a way this theory could be incorporated into a public school curriculum? Can a candidate for governor believe in creationism and also respect curriculums that stress Darwin’s theory of evolution? Is a faith-based understanding of the origins of the world a hindrance to being governor, an advantage or does it not affect the job at all? Extra-credit question: what percentage of Mainers are creationists? printed on December 20, 2014