April 27, 2018
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State retirement system needs change, readers say

What should be done about the state retirement system?

Cut benefits and raise the retirement age, as was done to those on Social Security. End the double dipping and giving employees unlimited overtime to increase retirement payouts. Freeze benefits and contributions and put all government employees on a 401(k)-type plan.

— edtracker

Well, first off, state employees shouldn’t be able to retire and then get rehired by the state, collecting a double income off the state.

Second, the state needs to stop dipping into the retirement fund to offset budget problems.

Third, yes they should go to Social Security like everyone else.

— julieh777

Convert them all to 401(k)s. Then they will be on an even keel with everyone else. The government thinks it is good for the average man, then it should be good enough for the government.

— mAineAx

Are Maine roads being fixed fast enough?

Maine should pick the roads that have actually never been a real built road with today’s modern vehicles in mind. Rebuild these asphalt wagon trails from the base on up. Do it right the first time and it will save much more in the long run.

It took the state 30 years to rebuild Route 9 (the Airline) from Brewer to Route 1 in Baileyville, up to a state of the art highway, for the 1940s. We have to do better than that if we wish to attract modern business.

— patom1

No, they need to start rebuilding infrastructure to be capable of accommodating modern vehicles. Many of these roads are not good enough for horse and buggy. They need to stop wasting our tax dollars on patching and putting on half-inch layers of overlay on these roads and actually start rebuilding them.

Cut the failed programs like Dirigo and there will be plenty of money. All roads should be built with shoulders so that people can travel with bicycles in these times of higher fuel prices. Shoulders also protect the roads so they do not deteriorate as quickly. This would be a money saving feature in the long run

— mAineAx

The ADA is 20 years old — does it work?

I’ve witnessed after 1990 a day laborer working for a foreman building a cell phone tower foundation in Largo, Fla., get kicked off a job after the laborer mentioned he was mentally ill. The foreman waited to see if the three of us replacing the laborer and his partner were going to work out before telling them to leave without signing their ticket, or letting them take the van that dropped us off back to the labor pool. That’s why I keep my land line.

— gloomcharmed

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