May 26, 2018
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July 30 Letters to the Editor

Road to ruin

The president recently took to the media chiding Republican senators for filibustering the motion to extend unemployment, accusing them of “playing political games,” instead of relieving the suffering of the jobless. Surely, he knows the public’s growing concern for the mountain of debt his party has imposed, rendering his approval rating 44 percent in the polls.

Even the independents go along with the accompanying mandate that it be fully paid for — and why not, with a large portion of the stimulus still available?

If it were a mere matter of the party in power responding to its own ideology during its tenure, with the option of the next election righting any imbalance, the norm would be confined within its usual boundaries; but with the changes already executed and some still in the planning stage, the White House and liberal Congress are radically changing our national core by stifling our long-established exceptionalism of fostering individual freedom and opportunity.

Am I playing politics? Yes, but the inference should be there is a right way and a wrong way (i.e., Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s recent claim his panel of experts assessing the consequences of the president’s moratorium on offshore drilling agreed with him precipitated a flat denial.)

Sadly, our innovation rating in the world has dropped from first to sixth, and if you think Republicans are just fear-mongering to regain power, look to the history of Egypt, Rome and Greece. The poet Shelley put it succinctly in “Ozymandias.”

Didi Hundley



False efficiency

The current City Council seems intent on antagonizing all who support and protect Bangor. First, the council ousted the city manager, then it began fighting with the folk festival, now it is questioning the police and fire departments.

I’m all for efficient use of my tax dollars, but all I see the council doing is racking up consultant fees. How much has it cost the city to conduct a search for a new manager? How much for a consultant to check the police and fire department budgets that were already approved?

They might want to consider the real cost — loss in faith in the supposed leaders of our city. These councilors’ negativity and wasteful spending is what I will remember at the next election.

Susan Thibedeau



The BP, Acadia connection

The U.S. Senate is poised to vote on a bill that would take a major step toward permanently protecting the nearly 1,000 acres of privately-held land inside Acadia National Park as well as other treasured places in Maine. It also would hold BP and other oil companies accountable for oil spills.

Sens. Snowe and Collins should vote to protect Acadia and hold polluters accountable.

When Acadia National Park was established, a significant portion of the land was left in private hands. Today, much of that private land remains and could face development. The federal government has a fund, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, designed specifically to purchase private inholdings, like those in Acadia, but it has been starved of resources for years.

The bill before the Senate would finally make good on the promise of conservation by using a small portion of revenue from oil and gas drilling to provide full and stable funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Sens. Snowe and Collins should support this bill to protect one of the most beloved stretches of Maine coast and to ensure that future generations can take in the unspoiled beauty from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Emily Figdor


Environment Maine


Church in Mecca

Simply put (regarding the BDN’s July 26 editorial, “America’s Ground Zero”): I will not complain about the proposed building of the mosque at ground zero when the Muslims of the world allow me to build a church in Mecca.

Gary Parent



A slippery slope

The BDN’s July 27 opinion poll asks if medical marijuana should be allowed in VA hospitals. Permitting the use of marijuana would be a slippery slope. Many people who smoke marijuana also smoke cigarettes to prolong its effects. Would these patients then argue for the right to smoke cigarettes?

Wouldn’t patients in non-VA hospitals have just as strong an argument to smoke marijuana and cigarettes? We already have scientific evidence that secondhand marijuana and tobacco smoke are carcinogenic as well as harmful to people with respiratory conditions.

Who will advocate for the rights of those people and hospital staff to breathe smoke-free air? I foresaw this dilemma in a letter I wrote before we voted last November. I guess I was correct to be concerned that it was just a matter of time before someone demanded the “right” to reintroduce smoking in hospitals. What a sad setback that would be for all of us.

Marie Sims

Presque Isle


Faith, family and freedom

Faith, family and freedom were the three main areas of focus during the American Revolution. Citizens have been participating in town hall meetings, rallies, writing letters to newspapers, state and federal representatives and having conversations with family, friends and coworkers supporting our traditional American values. We want leaders who will restore the godly values that established this great nation. has organized a rally at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, to defeat attempts to “transform” our nation into a socialist society and to restore our nation, our values and our focus. Americans of every ethnic, economic and political background will stand together to send a message to the president and other elected officials that we will not be deceived nor will we be defeated. In November, we will vote our values and our voice will be heard across America.

Socialists beware and back off. We will defeat those politicians who do not support our faith, families and freedom. We will restore our traditional values of hard work, independence, sacrifice, love, hope and charity and most importantly our dependence on God.

Insist that our schools teach American civics, our founding American values that honor God and teach the truth about our rich and proud American history. Thank you and God bless you.

Peter Alexander



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