June 25, 2018
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July 29 Letters to the Editor

Surplus questioned

I don’t quite get it! I read in the July 22 edition of the BDN that “the state ended fiscal year 2010 with a $70.4 million surplus.” Yet my doctor told me in a visit the day before that the state owes the hospital he is affiliated with more than $12 million with many millions more owed to other hospitals. And we, as care providers, have just received a decrease in our funding to take care of those with disabilities who are the responsibility of the state.

My mortgage company is not interested in where the money comes from; it just wants to be paid. So I can’t imagine that the hospitals feel great about providing services to Mainers and not getting paid for them, but reading all about the great surplus we have! Not the kind of budget I can figure out.

Alice Duston



End oil dependence

In just a few weeks, the Senate will recess for summer. What action it takes between now and then could have huge effects on the future of offshore oil, our climate and our planet.

We need the Senate not simply to take action, but to take action that truly moves us toward an end to oil spills like the disaster that continues to ravage the Gulf of Mexico and destroy its ecosystems from the phytoplankton through top predator species. This means a permanent moratorium on offshore oil and, as BP belatedly attempts to stem the flow of millions of gallons of oil per day into the gulf, we must also stem the unfettered flow of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

While the effects of carbon pollution aren’t as obvious as tar balls on gulf beaches, oiled wildlife and decimated fisheries and tourist economies, the long-term repercussions of greenhouse gas pollution are equally devastating, and the solution is the same: End our reliance on fossil fuels.

It is long since time that our government stops pandering to the oil companies. We must embrace sustainable, safe and nonpolluting energy sources before it is far too late. We as a species need to finally recognize this disaster as a wake-up call to protect our planet, the only home we will ever have.

Marie Louise Morandi Long Zwicker



GOP put car in ditch

In the July 26 BDN, a letter to the editor stated that President Obama is not running against George Bush and the majority of the people liked Republican ideas on how to fix the economy better than Democratic ideas.

Mr. Obama is not running against George Bush, but he is running against the return of the Bush economic policies. Republicans want to make the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts for the wealthy permanent. This would add $2.3 trillion to our deficit. They want to repeal the estate tax and gift tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax, and this would add another $1.1 trillion to our deficit, and they want to repeal health care reform which would add another $138 billion dollars to our deficit.

The Republicans’ “Roadmap for America’s Future” entails privatizing Social Security and doing away with Medicare and Medicaid as we know it today. Can you imagine how many people would be living on the streets now if Bush had turned Social Security over to Wall Street?

Let’s not forget that when Obama took office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, and now we are gaining, slowly but surely.

Obama hit the nail on the head when he said the Republicans ran our economy into the ditch and did everything they could to stop Democrats from pulling it out, and now they want the keys back. A lot of Americans seem to suffer from a lack of memory, but many of us don’t.

Mike Avery Sr.



The opposite of love

It’s interesting how differently two people view the same situation. Tuesday’s outlook in a letter to the editor from someone in Castine who lives part year in Arizona is quite different from mine.

I think the new [Arizona immigration] law gives Sheriff Joe Arpaio ammunition to expand his “sweeps” of largely Hispanic communities. It’s not unusual to hear of deputies on these “sweeps” stopping Hispanics for a cracked taillight and thus have reasonable cause to inquire of their right to be in Arizona.

Many want us to believe that all the undocumented residents are criminals. In reality, many are just trying to provide better opportunities for their families. The Mexicans are hardworking people who are willing to do many jobs that Americans will not.

There are many of us part-time residents of Arizona who believe the new law is negative. We think it is the opposite of “love your neighbor.”

Mary Kunstman


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