May 24, 2018
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Recruiting Asian students a good idea, readers say

What do you think the Obamas will take from their MDI-Acadia visit?

They weren’t in town very long. It’s kind of sad to see the president walking along the shore on the island and people coming up to him and shake his hand. Then you had crowds of people trying to see them, interrupting them at dinner and while getting an ice cream.

The guy needs to be left alone. He isn’t a celebrity, neither are his wife and children. He has a job to do, one that he needs to focus on, one that requires a skill and effort. When he takes a stroll on the coast of Maine, people should leave him and his family alone.

My views are very far from his, but he should be left alone.


Hopefully the Obamas will not be deluded by the obvious wealth of Bar Harbor and realize that much of the state of Maine is just barely getting by. I hope they enjoyed themselves.


Should the state use another method of distributing TANF benefits?

You are never going to stop people from gambling or spending their money on cigarettes, booze, cheap candy and soda. I really haven’t seen that many massage parlors around, and the few I have seen didn’t seem to have a line up of customers. We don’t have that many Casinos or race tracks. I would think the main concern would be TANF money being spent on illegal drugs.

If commercial drivers can be required to be tested for drug use, why can’t we do the same for those who want welfare money? Test positive and you are off on your own.


Restrict the places that can accept the cards to a particularly tight group. Audit them well (yes, I would pay more people in Augusta to do this), and for Pete’s sake, don’t give them to people until they’ve been here for at least a year!


Should the University of Maine recruit Asian students?

I think it’s a great idea, other schools benefit from having students from other countries; well worth the expenditure. There are other, better ways to cut costs in the UM system.

Larry SG

If a school can attract students who are paying tuition to help support that school, what is the problem with that?

The only problem I see: How can the state retain these educated people? Whether they be foreign or Maine born and raised, there are few jobs here to keep them.


Pitbulls — undeserved reputation or bad dogs?

The pitbulls I know are the sweetest, gentlest dogs around. I have three chihuahuas and when I babysit my son’s pitbull, he defers to the chihuahuas at every turn. The littlest one, a full four pounds when soaking wet, barks the pitbull off his own bed and takes over his spot.

The pitbull is the nicest dog ever — obedient, loving and affectionate, gentle and sweet. He is awesome with my 5-year-old grandson. I have friends with other pits and they can say the same.

If you look at dog-bite statistics, you will see that pits are not the top dog or even in the top three. They get bad press mainly because their muscular jaws cause more damage than other dogs when they do bite. And you will notice that any news story about dog bites will say “Pitbull bites/mauls” when it’s a pitbull involved but will just say “Dog bites/mauls” when it’s any other breed.


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