April 22, 2018
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July 9 Letters to the Editor

A Dem by any name?

As I observed the Fourth of July festivities in Bar Harbor, this past weekend, I became interested in the appearance of one of the independent candidates for governor being accompanied by a well-known Democratic state senator, whose term in Augusta is expiring this year due to term limits.

After returning home, I started wondering — why this affiliation? The only answer I could come up with suddenly appeared to me. Could the independent candidate possibly be a Democrat in independent’s clothing? After all, he states in his campaign ads that he worked for Sen. Ed Muskie.

Could this be a political ploy to split the vote so voters would not only have Libby Mitchell but this independent in Democrat’s garb to take votes away from the Republican candidate? This is just a supposition, and I more than likely am incorrect in this assumption — or am I ?

Darrold Dorr



Snowe, Collins correct

As a state senator and small business owner in Maine, I agree wholeheartedly with the BDN’s June 27 editorial (“Unemployment and Taxes”) calling for passage of the extension of unemployment benefits without any attached tax increase on small businesses and family-owned partnerships. The tax provisions in the bill were too complex, and it became apparent too large of a burden on struggling businesses.

Sens. Snowe and Collins certainly faced a difficult decision: pass the bill as-is and potentially harm Maine’s businesses and future job-creation potential, or reject the bill and stand up for Maine’s businesses and jobs.

Thankfully they chose the latter, because they recognize the importance of healthy small businesses and partnerships to long-term job creation and economic prosperity. If businesses continue to struggle, we’ll never see the economy turn around, and we’ll see both unemployment benefits and unemployment rates continue to rise.

Sen. Snowe’s call to pass the extension of unemployment benefits without any tax increase is smart, and I hope she and Sen. Collins take the lead on this legislation. Then, they can both help our 30,000 unemployed Mainers and continue to support the business community.

Richard Rosen



Brother not forgotten

I would like to thank the Bangor Daily News for the coverage of a fallen brother, Brandon Silk.

I knew Brandon from serving with him for a good part of seven years in the U.S. Army. We were stationed together in Korea and then when our unit moved from Korea to Ft. Campbell, Ky. I served one tour in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan with Brandon as part of our company.

As part of the 542nd Medevac Company and C Co. 6-101 AVN BDE, he will always be a part of the Medevac family.

With the BDN’s coverage, we were able to see what was going on from a great distance away. Not being able to be there for the service is a pain that will stay with many of us for a long time. By seeing the photos you took and reading the articles you posted it helped to give me some closure in this event.

To all the people of Orono, I would like to thank you for showing your support and patriotism to our fallen brother. To his family, I would have liked nothing more than to be able to attend and show my support. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Brandon will always be a hero to me, and a brother I will never forget.

Sgt. Jason Norris

Clarksville, Tenn.


Learn more about CFS

I am writing to help educate the public about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a serious yet misunderstood disease. CFS affects at least one million American adults and teens, yet fewer than 20 percent of people with it have been diagnosed.

A new retrovirus, XMRV, has been linked to CFS and new research is going on all over the world to understand its role in CFS. It is imperative that CFS patients realize they should never donate their blood or organs, as there is no test available to detect it as present and they may pass it on.

The name CFS is misleading, and research shows that people with CFS are as disabled as those with multiple sclerosis, people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and battling late-stage AIDS. Each year it costs our economy as much as $25 billion in medical costs and lost productivity.

If you’re new to the topic of CFS, you can find more information at cfids.org.

Marieelena Mathena



Alcohol denial

It never fails to surprise me how deep discrimination can run when the word methadone is involved. Last week’s ClickBack comment that associated murder with methadone treatment floored me!

I challenge BDN readers to find one case where someone in methadone treatment murdered someone in Maine. Although we’ve had our share of murders involving drug addicts who lost their way before they found treatment, we have never had a case involving patients in methadone treatment in Maine. However, most murders in Maine involve the use of alcohol in some way, but no one mentioned reducing its sale, limiting its use or even mentioned that its use is involved in more murders than any other drug.

Not only does alcohol play a huge part in many murders in Maine, but also in accidental deaths, child abuse, spousal abuse and many other ills of society. Yet not one comment even mentioned alcohol use as a contributing factor. It just shows how deep denial and prejudice can run in this state.

Kristan Hilchey



Chinese flag an insult

I felt compelled to write this letter after watching the Bangor-Brewer Independence Day Parade. I am a proud American Citizen and whole-heartedly believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression. I also believe that there is a time and place for everything.

With that said, I was totally outraged to see a Chinese flag being flown in our Independence Day parade on Sunday. The Chinese School in Bangor had people marching in the parade carrying a sign that said something like “Chinese, The Language of The Future,” and they were carrying the Chinese flag.

Many military veterans also marched in the same parade that day. Many of those same vets fought to protect the world from being taken over by communist dictators. I think that this display was a slap in the face to not only the veterans that marched, but every American citizen.

I believe that America has been the way to the future for many years and a world leader. I also believe that the USA will lead the way to the future moving forward if we choose to.

I hope that all others watching the parade were as outraged as I was, because freedom is the language of the future, not communism and oppression.

Jack Dean


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