June 25, 2018
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Beach doggy etiquette

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Some beach etiquette tips for dog owners:

• Always keep your dog leashed when there is a leash law. If there is no leash law, your dog must be under your verbal control and respond when commanded;

• Always clean up after your dog by using a poop bag or pooper-scooper;

• Do not allow your dog to greet people or other dogs unless invited;

• Always watch your dog and provide plenty of fresh, cool water. You wouldn’t allow your child to wander the beach unsupervised, so don’t allow your dog to.

Signs of distress in dogs:

Summer can be a hot time of year for people, but it can be even hotter for your dog. That’s why it’s important to always pay attention to the signals your dog is giving you. Dogs — and cats — pant when they get hot, and unlike people, dogs don’t have sweat glands to help cool them down.

Always make sure your dog has fresh cool, clean water available when you’re out on the town or having fun. If it’s possible, settle into a shady area to keep pooch comfortable.

In fact, too much time in the car or outside in direct sun can cause your pooch to suffer from heatstroke. The symptoms of this potentially fatal condition include:

• body temperature of 104-110 degrees Fahrenheit;

• excessive panting;

• dark or bright red tongue and gums

• staggering and stupor;

• seizures;

• bloody diarrhea or vomiting;

• coma and death.

If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke, call a veterinarian immediately. Offer cool water —not ice water — to cool your pet until you can get her to the vet.

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