June 21, 2018
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Readers sound off on biker gangs, workers

Contributed | BDN
Contributed | BDN

ClickBack this week asked editorial readers about biker gangs, which inspired some serious and not-so-serious comments, and the pending worker shortage in Maine.

Do biker gangs in Maine worry you?

No. The Tea Party Gang is far more dangerous than any biker gang.

— julieh777

Ditto. Guns and religion are already there. All that’s needed is further polarization to turn them into extremists.

— LethbridgeStewart

No, biker gang members are like bears. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.

— HarryHSnyderIII

Frankenstein never scared me. But marsupials do, ’cuz they’re fast!

— Jdub1975

I trust the local bikers more than I trust the federal politicians.

— DominoFrost

If you wait long enough the gangs will wipe each other out.

— 66readerwriter

I don’t do anything to bother bikers, but it bothers me a lot if they’re involved with selling illegal drugs or committing other crimes.

Biker gangs in Maine don’t make me worry for my own safety because I never hang out where they do. But I do think that the police or ATF need to aggressively pursue any groups who commit crimes of any sort, and if biker gangs are engaged in criminal activity, that includes them.

— Jeffrey

I’m not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of widths.

— michaelmacarthur

Is the pending worker shortage good news?

Today it’s hard to believe that there will be a worker shortage; unfortunately it’s true. We need to increase the capacity for students in the community colleges, and graduate more students from high schools.

— LarrySG

Better start now in the pre-school and elementary schools. End the practice of peer promotions. Maybe if we had jobs available for our current crops of high school and college graduates they would stay in the state and fill those jobs.

— patom1

Good news? Are you kidding? It’s a reflection of the poor business climate that the state government has created. Young people from Maine leave in droves after high school and college graduation. There aren’t jobs enough here. What business would expand here knowing that the work force is aging and demographically shrinking?

— freedomlover

Our educated young people are leaving in droves. Anyone who has ever graduated from college knows that the final semester is filled with writing resumes and hoping to attract a job interview. Then you interview and when you finally land a job you move to where the job is.

There are few jobs to be had in Maine thanks to people like John Baldacci and Libby Mitchell who have controlled Maine government for the past 35 years and seemingly done everything in their power to drive businesses out of the state. How can anyone be surprised that our work force is shrinking?

— mainelion

None of my friends from my graduating class at White Plains (New York) still live in New York. When children leave home, they want to try something new. Everywhere I have ever lived the older people bemoan the loss of their offspring.

I have a feeling that you folks who are crying about young folks leaving Maine haven’t lived anywhere else. If you had, you would know that young folks leaving is a national pastime.

— HarryHSnyderIII

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