June 25, 2018
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June 24 Letters to the Editor

LePage a regular guy

There’s a lot of nonsense being put out by the “old machine” about Paul LePage — but he’s no extremist and he’s certainly no elitist. He isn’t a rich lawyer from away who worked for Jimmy Carter, and he’s not a lawyer-politician who’s been wandering around the halls of power for decades and decades.

He’s the kind of guy I would want living right next door to me, or as a colleague on a community board, or as a boss, or as a governor.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he does take his jobs seriously. He’ll take the silly smears and just keep plugging ahead with his job, because that’s the kind of guy he is.

Steal his garbage and his answer is, “That’s fine, I’ll just get it good and greasy next time.” The more I learn about him, the more I like him.

He’ll change things, that’s for sure. For the better.

I do think it would be neat for Libby Mitchell to be able to put the third (and last) feather in her cap: speaker of the House, Senate president and now governor. That would really be quite something! But I guess when it comes right down to it, I’d much rather have a good governor and a new way of doing business for all of us.

No more career politicians!

Jim Cyr



In pure speculation

When I saw this headline “N.C. candidate claims Obama, BP engineered gulf oil spill,” my first thought was this could not only get the president impeached but could put him into prison. I read further: Congressional candidate Bill Randall, who has aligned himself with the Tea Party movement, “readily acknowledged that he has no evidence that what he says is true.” And further: “Personally, and this is very speculative on my part, and not based on any fact.” And still further: “Pressed on what possible motivation the federal government and BP would have to purposely spill oil, Randall said, “He had no idea!”

This is a blatant example of an ambitious, unheard of politician who will stop at nothing to create a name for himself. Nothing is too sleazy or libelous or even possibly detrimental to the cleanup efforts to accomplish this. The damage is done, however. And Randall’s election committee is well aware of this.

The spirit of cooperation and nonpartisan concern for what’s good for the country that I naively voted for has degenerated into all-out war.

Personally, and I have absolutely no proof of this, I am convinced that Randall is the secret financial backer of the topless coffee shop in Vassalboro and that he sleeps in a hammock and reads Rod McKuen poetry. He probably wears the $250 used car salesman hairdo and peeps under stalls at airport men’s rooms. But I have no evidence of this and it is purely speculative.

Chapman B. Flatt



Girls’ role model

Congratulations to Jamie Perry, another one of Maine’s unsung, outstanding, female athletes.

In the SPF National Powerlifting Tournament held June 6-7 in Nashville, Jamie set a new national record. In the 123-pound weight class, bench pressing category, she pressed a hefty 165 pounds.

Very attractive, feminine and healthy looking (and sounding — she speaks with an appropriately high feminine voice) by anyone’s standards, Jamie belies the stereotypical view of women athletes in general and female powerlifters in particular.

Jamie is a remarkable athlete and an outstanding role model for the women and girls of Maine and the United States. Thank you, Jamie, for your hard work, perseverance and accomplishments and for representing Maine’s and America’s women in such an exemplary fashion.

Balancing family and athletic career, this 32-year-old, married mother of two lovely daughters works as a personal trainer and exercise instructor at Union Street Athletics in Bangor. I personally benefit from her competent instruction as a member of two of her exercise classes.

Carol Harriman



Celebrate winning

The Boston Celtics won three games in the NBA finals series, and after each win, they were only given a corner in the sports section. They lose the series and the BDN plasters them on the front page. Thanks for the support.

Chris Stanwood



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