Is it Paul LePage’s race to lose?

Posted June 14, 2010, at 12:23 p.m.

An early poll shows Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage leading among likely voters. He certainly has momentum coming out of his primary win, in which he

handily beat six rivals.

Will independent and Democratic voters who don’t know much about Mr. LePage begin to swoon as they learn more about his life story and his views? If voters insist on more specifics on his plans to cut income tax rates and the welfare rolls, will he be able to satisfy those queries? Will voters respond to Mr. LePage in the way they responded to Ronald Reagan, in that the more Mr. Reagan was dismissed by

sophisticated political insiders, the more he was embraced by “regular folks”?

What risks does Mr. LePage face as he gets more press and voter scrutiny? What are his strengths as a candidate? Will he wear well over the next five months? printed on July 23, 2017