February 18, 2018
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June 1 Letters to the Editor

Abbott knows Maine

As a longtime independent voter in Maine, I have become very upset with state government. After a careful study of all the candidates now running for governor, I found one who stand out above the rest — Steve Abbott. I have now enrolled in the Republican Party to vote for him on June 8.

Steve understands the problems with the economy and will work to correct them. Maine business leaders such as Peter Vigue are supporting him.

Steve understands the state welfare problem and has plans to correct it. He will need the support of the people and the Legislature to do this.

Steve understands the problem with our state’s mismanagement of our deer herds in northern, eastern and western Maine. The town of Portage used to tag more than 400 deer in the early 1960s with their two area tagging stations. Last year, one station tagged seven deer. This is a serious economic impact here.

Steve understands the unfairness of our present governor’s school consolidation law. Smaller, poorer areas such as ours that could not join a larger school district now pay fines to the richer towns in Maine. Two examples of the towns receiving this money are Yarmouth, with an increase of 128 percent, and Cape Elizabeth, with an increase of 53 percent. Hopefully, with Abbott as governor, this unfair discrimination will end.

A. Allen Murphy

Nashville Plantation


Rowe a wise choice

I think the BDN’s editorial, “4 Democrats, Few Choices” (May 22-23) sold candidate Steve Rowe short. It suggested that if he became governor his focus would be on early childhood development and that this is not broad enough.

I’ve heard Steve speak many times during his campaign and while he has the foresight to recognize the importance of quality early childhood development, he also speaks passionately about how to create jobs, improve health care and reduce high energy costs in our state.

And these are just a few of the topics Steve has addressed.

The editorial implies that early childhood development is a trivial matter better left to others (mothers, for example?) to focus on. One of the strengths of Steve’s candidacy is his understanding of the importance of investing in prevention rather that remediation. Who better to speak about the impact on our society when preven-tion investments aren’t made than a former attorney general?

Investing in prevention, whether it’s health care, child care, or education and training is wise fiscal policy. It’s time we elect a governor who takes a longer view of Maine’s problems and is willing to invest in solutions that will pay off years after he’s out of office. It’s also great to find a man willing to speak of his firsthand expe-rience as a single father balancing work and home life. There’s nothing trivial about that!

Jeanie Mills



Councilor must resign

As of this letter on May 20, Brian Donnelly still has not done the moral thing and resigned from the Houlton Town Council. The first OUI is not what I am talking about; that happened before he was elected. That is between him, his family and the courts. The OUI that I am concerned about happened on April 3, 2009, just about five months after he took the oath of office.

I find it unacceptable that he had almost one year to step down from the time he was arrested on this OUI.

In the past we have read about our superintendent of schools getting arrested for OUI, and still today he remains the superintendent. I do not want Houlton to get the reputation for employing people who participate in this type of lawbreaking. As a taxpayer, I find it unacceptable. I can only imagine what our children and grand-children are thinking about people who break the law and still hold positions in which they make decisions that affect us as parents and grandparents.

I ask the residents of Houlton, is this the legacy you want to leave your children to deal with? I think not. We can do better.

Carl W. Lord Jr.



Wrong threat

Since 9-11, the United States has been so focused on threats from without that Congress has failed to keep up with threats to our well-being from within. The disaster in the gulf, as well as the banking crisis, could have been avoided with proper congressional oversight and regulation. Instead, we have a huge Pentagon budget, but no equipment for our Coast Guard to respond to environmental disasters.

Our tax dollars have gone to bail out corporations with investments overseas; will there be anything more than empty promises for the gulf fishermen whose livelihood has been ruined, no doubt for decades to come? And what about the suffering of oil-soaked wildlife?

Congress has failed in ways that should cause a deep sense of responsibility, if not shame. I doubt that many members will have the courage to acknowledge this, unless we remind them frequently and forcefully.

Joanne Boynton



Rowe for governor

I am writing in support of Steve Rowe for governor. I had the honor of meeting Steve and getting to know him personally when he served in the Legislature with my mother, the late Rep. Martha A. Bagley.

He and Mom started out being co-legislators, but quickly became friends.

Steve is an honest man who cares deeply about his fellow Mainers. He worked hard while in the Legislature and did a terrific job while serving as speaker of the House. As Maine’s attorney general, he continued working hard for us, taking on such challenges as the environment, domestic violence and protection of our natural resources.

As a Washington County resident, I have seen firsthand the deep and abiding love Steve has for the Down East area.

Steve, his wife, Amanda, and their children, have visited Washington County many times, enjoying hiking, camping and other activities — Cobscook Bay being a particular favorite of their family.

I urge you, my fellow Mainers, to read about Steve — his upbringing, his education, his work and his family values. Give him a call. Let him know your concerns, and ask him how he will handle the tough questions when he is governor. I believe you will find, as I did, that he is approachable, caring, intelligent and ready to continue serving our state to the best of his ability.

Without reservation, I wholeheartedly pledge my support to the “Rowe for Governor” campaign.

Kim Bagley



Election notice

The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting letters and columns related to the June 8 election on Wednesday, June 2. We will stop printing such commentary with the June 5-6 edition. Not all submissions can be published.


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