Pickup truck rolls over on Stillwater Avenue

By Judy Harrison, BDN Staff
Posted May 29, 2010, at 7:41 p.m.

BANGOR, Maine — A pickup truck rolled over and spilled the load of lumber it was hauling Saturday on Stillwater Avenue near Chase Road.

No one was injured in the single vehicle accident, according to Bangor police.

Calvin J. Bishop, 27, of New Limerick was driving his 1994 pickup truck toward Orono at about 1 p.m. when the open trailer he was pulling began to fishtail. Bishop sped up, according to police, but lost control of the truck.

He drove into the oncoming lane and into the ditch. The truck rolled over but landed upright, according to police.

The open trailer spilled 63 pieces of lumber, ranging in size from 2-by-4-by-10s to 6-by-6-by-8s, spilled over Stillwater Avenue.

The pickup was demolished, police said, and the trailer was dented.

With Bishop was a 27-year-old female passenger who was not identified by police.

Stillwater Avenue was closed to traffic for a short time while the road was cleared.

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