June 21, 2018
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May 26 Letters to the Editor

LePage has experience

The primary is approaching on June 8 and many quality candidates are in the running for your vote. The field includes career politicians, purported successful business people and people who represent a new direction after more than 24 years of service and 35 years of the same party in majority in which they held leadership positions.

There is only one candidate who has demonstrated the ability to work successfully in both a partisan environment and the business community. That candidate is Paul LePage. Many will say what they want to do or what they may have accomplished in each environment but only one has done both with success.

I urge you to vote for Paul LePage on June 8.

Rep. H. David Cotta



Rowe will work hard

I’m writing this letter in support of Steve Rowe for governor. In the recent Bangor Daily News profile of Steve, the main criticism of him was that some think he comes across as “overly serious” (“Former AG promises hard work over style,” May 6).

But doesn’t Maine need a governor who’s serious about fixing this state’s problems?

Steve’s “Innovate Maine” plan promises to create jobs in many different sectors, including clean energy, education, new technologies, and infrastructure. As a 21-year-old soon-to-be college graduate, I (as well as many other people my age) will be looking for a full-time job soon. I would love to stay in my home state after I graduate, and the best way to ensure that young people stay in Maine is by creating job growth, especially in the technology industry. I know Steve can accomplish this as governor.

Steve has served his state and his country well, as an Army officer, a state legislator and most recently as Maine’s attorney general. He has worked hard to get to where he is today, and I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard for Maine if he is elected governor.

Visit Steve’s website, roweforgovernor.com, to view his plan, and be sure to vote for Steve in the June 8 Democratic Primary.

Kyle Leathers

East Millinocket


Let GM crash

As the stock market continues its downward spiral, all I want to do is to scream at the top of my lungs, “I told you so!”

No economy built on the equivalent of monopoly money (bailout money) will ever thrive, let alone survive. In order for capitalism to prevail and save the economy, economic forces must be allowed to run their course. These forces have been blocked.

Evolution and capitalism are two very similar ideas — the phrase “survival of the fittest” is what connects them. The auto industry is a perfect example of the United States government failing to observe this phenomenon.

General Motors is definitely not of the category the fittest, and the federal bailout of GM blocks the potential for entrepreneurs with fresh ideas (“the fittest”) to come to the forefront of the auto industry and lead our country out of this recession. Rather, the government prefers to give GM, an industrial train wreck, the opportunity.

Not only does the government choose who should be given the chance to succeed, but it does so with the hard earned dollars of American taxpayers.

Government involvement in what should be the private sector must come to a screaming halt as soon as possible.

Thomas Boyle



Rosen helped

I would like to thank Rep. Kim Rosen for helping the residents of Kings Mountain keep this mountain in a wildlife sanctuary despite many people in the Legislature trying to remove this designation. This preserve was given to the state in perpetuity by my wife’s grandfather and grandmother, Ernest and Elsie Bowden, long ago.

Kim has worked tirelessly on our behalf to keep this fine area for all to enjoy and keep it from being destroyed by those who wished to desecrate it. She also has a fine record in helping the people of this district with heir problems and needs, so I wish to endorse her for the Legislature in this district.

Philip Eckert



Idiotic and twisted

Someone should check into why questions on our Maine ballots are always close to a double-negative. I have voted the wrong way once in the past and have spoken to people that have voted wrong just because of the verbiage on the ballots.

Why, as an example, would you need to ask, “Do you want to reject…” rather than “Do you agree with…” or “Are you for?” on any ballot question?

It all seems idiotic and twisted for the entire electorate.

Elizabeth Terrell



To hinder prosecution

The BDN’s May 22 article on the sentencing of Justin Ptaszynski contained a misleading statement about the crime to which he pleaded guilty. The paper reported that the crime of hindering apprehension stemmed from the fact that the defendant “witnessed the crime, but did nothing to stop it, nor did he contact police.”

But those are not the elements of the crime of hindering apprehension.

That crime, found at 17-A MRS §753, may consist of lying to the police about the location of the murder suspect or the murder weapon, but that statute says nothing about a duty to stop a crime or to report one.

In fact, for better or for worse, no such general duty exists anywhere in Maine criminal law.

Sol Goldman



Fire chief OUI

The recent BDN story about the assistant fire chief of Bangor being convicted of OUI and keeping his position without even a demotion is unbelievable.

There is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving, especially for someone being paid by the taxpayers of the city.

This is not an infraction. The same day this story was in the BDN another young man was charged with manslaughter. There is no difference between these two drinking and driving except one was fortunate enough not to hit someone. Tell the parents of the young girl who was killed that this is an infraction.

We had a great city manager for years who was forced out; now his replacement, Bob Farrar, stands behind a man who chose to flout the laws and say he will do what he wants. When someone works for the city and breaks the laws and puts citizens at risk by driving drunk, he should not be working for the city, period.

We miss Mr. Barrett.

Nancy Cochran



Election notice

The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting letters and columns related to the June 8 election on Wednesday, June 2. We will stop printing such commentary with the June 5-6 edition. Not all submissions can be published.

Have feedback? Want to know more? Send us ideas for follow-up stories.

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