May 21, 2018
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May 20 Letters to the Editor

Mining sent packing

The Legislature is currently debating whether or not to invest in the old B&A Railroad (now the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic) in northern Maine.

Twenty-three years ago I talked with an engineer for Getty in T6-R6 at the Pickett Mountain exploration sight and this engineer said that they were waiting for a permit from DEP to start a 25 year mining project. The ore would be trucked to a crushing plant in the Masardis or Ashland area, crushed and then loaded into rail cars and transported to either Bucksport or Searsport and then shipped to India for processing.

But Getty, and then later, Chevron Resources, abandoned further developments and left Maine because, as the engineers from these two companies said to me, that DEP’s rules were too restrictive. At the same time, I talked with BHP Utah’s vice president and he also said he was stopping all exploration and leaving Maine because of DEP.

If DEP had worked with these mining companies in the 1980s, Maine would not be in the financial situation that we are now in. And the once prosperous railroad would still be in business. Mining would have created an array of good paying jobs and Maine’s income tax base would today be in strong standing.

Randall Probert




Self-proclaimed progressive law professor David Harris opines that we should leave immigration enforcement to the feds (BDN, May 5). He ignores the fact that we wouldn’t be in this mess if the feds would or could enforce the law. He also ignores the fact that the new Arizona law is supported by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association and the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, unions representing the rank and file officers who intimately know the situation in Arizona and who will be charged with implementing the new law.

And, by claiming that minorities will not report crimes to officers who have immigration enforcement authority, he misstates the facts. University of Virginia researchers studied what happened after Prince William County Maryland authorized local police to enforce immigration laws. They found that “among those who were victims of a crime, the rates of reporting are nearly identical for Hispanics and non-Hispanics, and are statistically indistinguishable within the survey’s margin of error.” In other words, Professor Harris’s theory of lack of cooperation is not borne out in reality.

Perhaps he should leave Arizonan law enforcement to Arizonans.

Kenneth C. Roy

Center Lovell


Sexuality relevant?

Why do we never see headlines that read, “Heterosexual becomes bishop”?

A person’s sexuality has no relevance to their ability to do their job.

The media need to stop highlighting people’s sexual orientation. This could go a long way toward diminishing the bias against gays and lesbians.

Ellen Farnsworth



International affairs

As a Korean boarding student at Foxcroft Academy, I was perturbed by the way the school was represented in the article “Foxcroft Academy students ‘Open windows to the world’” (BDN, May 17).

There were three statements in the article concerning F.A. which I find to be intentionally misleading. The first was that “Only top students … who have a high level of English proficiency” are admitted to Foxcroft Academy. In actuality, this year I have found that many of the international students truly struggle with English, both academically and socially. Group projects in many classes are hindered by some international students unwilling or unable to converse in any language but their native tongue.

The claim that “The community is very accepting of the students” is a blatant embellishment of the truth. Just last year, my junior year at Foxcroft Academy, a car of day students drove by a group of Asian international students who were walking downtown, and bombarded them with cosmetic products and racial epithets.

Finally, I would be remiss to mention that most international students do not attend Ivy League schools, as Mr. Jay Brennan implied. In fact, I cannot think of a single Foxcroft Academy student, international or local, who is attending an Ivy League school in the fall of 2010. While most graduating international students are going on to seek a higher level of education, to say most are attending Ivy League schools is quite simply a lie.

Yeong Jung



Abbott for governor

Maine needs change. I believe Steve Abbott is the one who can do it. Steve has the wisdom and vision to create the kind of Maine in which we can all prosper.

His top priorities reflect his sincere desire to step up to create a friendly business climate, a skilled and well-educated work force, affordable health care and energy and a solid and reliable infrastructure.

Working together with a strong leader like Steve Abbott will fix our government. I applaud his outstanding performance in Washington, D.C. serving the constituents of Maine. Steve has worked in the highest echelons of the federal government and he has worked in the smallest towns in Maine. In either setting he is at home and able to find the right solutions.

Steve Abbott is the kind of leader I want to bring change to the face and voice of Maine.

Diane M. Hayes


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