May 22, 2018
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May 15 Letters to the Editor

Emrich is ready

Next month, voters will select the Republican candidate for the House District 25. I have known Pastor Bob Emrich of Plymouth for over 30 years and highly recommend his candidacy.

I have followed his career in the ministry, education and as the chief of staff for the Republican Senate. He has lead the way to preserve family values and re-establish the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded upon. His knowledge of history, law and his community have been invaluable in working to protect conservative principles.

Bob is always there for those who seek his support or advice. He treats everyone with dignity and respect and, in turn, earns the respect of his friends and those holding to other views or beliefs.

Raising a family, pastoring a church, leading a statewide referendum and working with congregations throughout the state are some of Bob’s endeavors. These experiences have increased his understanding of people. His love of people and desire to serve have been evident throughout his life.

With the support of his devoted wife Debbie, he strives to serve the citizens of his district.

I serve in the Legislature and know Bob would be a great addition. I know of no other person more qualified. In this next term, the state will face difficult times and will need the talents, enthusiasm and commitment that Bob can contribute. I hope you will support Bob’s candidacy.

Rep. David C Burns


Rosa a superb thinker

An interesting thing happened at our house on a recent morning. Rosa Scarcelli, Democratic candidate for governor, came to have coffee and chat with friends we’d invited. Most who came had not decided who they were voting for. A few were already pro-Rosa, a few leaned toward another candidate.

As people gathered, they eagerly asked questions, which Rosa answered, across a broad array of issues — jobs, energy, education, health, security, government transparency, taxes, finance and more.

As Rosa expanded on her firm commitment to jobs, education and government efficiency, she demonstrated an impressive command of many issues, fresh ideas for tackling them and a gracious willingness to listen, learn and work across party lines.

The only non-politician in the race, and the youngest by far, she noted that as a candidate for the Blaine House she’s “getting a PhD” in issues that concern us all.

At a break, we asked Rosa how she was doing. “Fine,” she said, “I love questions best because people get to see how I think.” And think she does, superbly. She’s also read, analyzed, listened and learned, broadly and deeply, about how Maine might once again prosper.

After many more questions and answers, nearly everyone grabbed a “Rosa for Maine” bumper sticker, eager to support her. Rosa is an impressive breath of fresh air whom we Democrats should elect on June 8. As the only non-entrenched politician in the race, she’s also the likeliest to win in November.

Susan Stedman

Westport Island

Affiliation not noted

The May 6 BDN featured an OpEd column from Christine Todd Whitman titled “Oil spill must not end offshore drilling.”

On the same day, the Washington Post published an article by Dan Eggen titled “The influence industry: BP is getting more political…” That article notes that BP America, the company’s U.S. affiliate, has a special “external advisory council” that includes Christine Todd Whitman, an En-vironmental Protection Agency administrator under George W. Bush.

It would seem that in fairness the BDN should have noted this affiliation — essentially being compensated by BP — with an opinion piece that effectively serves as an apologia for the off-shore drilling industry.

Bo Yerxa


Arctic time-out

I have been watching with horror as one of the worst oil spills in American history continues unabated, and millions of gallons of crude oil now threaten our nation’s vital Gulf coast ecosystem. This latest national environmental crisis reaffirms the oil industry’s history of consistently underestimating the risks of drilling.

In light of the crisis, President Obama recently called for a time-out on new offshore drilling, but didn’t specifically include the Arctic Ocean.

Despite the fact that there is no way to clean up a major oil spill amid the Arctic’s broken sea-ice conditions, exploratory drilling is slated to begin in the Arctic Ocean in less than 60 days.

If the oil industry can’t even stop a spill in the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by all of its infrastructure and technology, how will it ever stop one at the top of the world?

Neva Allen


Intentional deception

The tax reform law has been billed as an income tax cut. It isn’t. While the rate is dropped from 8.5 percent to 6.5 percent, exemptions and deductions are also dropped so the actual tax paid will be no less.

It has been billed as a tourist tax. While it is true that taxes on meals and accommodation are increased, many of the new taxes will impact Maine’s people. Is it only tourists who buy movie tickets or have their cars repaired or have their hair done?

The new sales taxes cover over 100 items never taxed before. Sales taxes are regressive taxes, impacting low income people much more than the well-to-do. Besides, do we really want to chase the tourists away?

Our legislature is guilty of intentional deception. It is not a reform, it is an attempt to raise taxes so they will not have to reform and trim spending. Please vote yes on one. Voting yes means saying no to the tax hike.

Lucille Atwater


Behind closed doors

I watched the TV news recently with disgust. The sexuality of Elena Kagan, the Obama administration’s nominee for the Supreme Court, was being called into question.

The latest argument is that gays cannot serve on the Supreme Court because sodomy is illegal in several states. Now, sodomy is not just committed by gays, and I can guarantee it is not committed by lesbians. So, is this new revelation good for the gander or just the goose?

Is it just gays who can’t serve or is it all people who practice sodomy behind closed doors? And how do we uphold this law?

I think there should be cameras in all the bedrooms of the Justices of the Supreme Court just to make sure. All in favor?

Nancy Rotkowitz


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