May 21, 2018
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A Republican can win election in a ‘blue state’

Since I have started on this journey, the question I have been asked more than any other is “Why are you running?” All the elements of the life I have lead so far — the opportunities, the risks, the successes and failures and the desire to have my children have the same chance you or I have had, that’s what puts me in the race to represent Maine’s 2nd District in Congress.

My wife, Tracey, and I teach our children that they must do well in school and eat their vegetables. We also teach them to be honest, to never do anything that hurts other people and to always listen to other’s thoughts — they just might have something worth hearing.

We also teach them to respect authority. So, tell me, when the very authority I’m telling them to respect goes against everything else I teach them, how do I reconcile that?

Congress is not being honest with us.

My opponent, Mike Michaud, and his colleagues in Washington tell us health reform will reduce our costs, when it couldn’t possibly.

They tell us they are going to cut Medicare by a half-trillion dollars, and it will improve quality of care; we know that’s not true.

That cap-and-trade will save us money, when really it taxes us out of our homes and will force businesses to shutter.

That the stimulus bill would create jobs, yet unemployment still climbs.

That’s not honest.

Congress hides behind closed doors trading votes for kickbacks. How do we tell our kids about openness when the very people they are supposed to respect are conniving behind closed doors?

This nation is on the wrong path because of the lack of honesty and transparency by Congress.

This election is about standing up for our needs, wants and wishes — it’s about the resilience of America to bounce back from tough times.

We are a nation still at war with unrepentant terrorists. We sit in the middle of the greatest economic struggle of our time, and we face a great philosophical divide over where this nation should be headed.

Are our leaders ready for these challenges?

You want better, deserve better and, with your help, when I am elected, it will be better.

We need to be vigilant against an unknown enemy who wishes to destroy us. We must support our troops overseas. And when they come home, we must honor their service by helping with transition back to the civilian world — without delay or hindrance. And, let us not forget the families who stay home, the wives and husbands, the sons and daughters; let us support them as they support their loved ones overseas.

Our businesses are being strangled by overregulation and taxation that makes it impossible for business to grow, provide jobs and, in many cases, to even keep their doors open.

We need to return government back to the people. The Constitution was not created to give the government power over the people, but to give the people power over the government.

We need to send the following message to Washington:

Job creation doesn’t come from government.

American companies will supply the innovation, capital and jobs to make the system work if government will just get out of the way.

It’s time we get idle factories open again. Let’s provide tax credits to re-tool them for 21st century industries — putting people back to work.

Let’s provide incentives for new business to locate and stay in Maine.

Let’s repeal and replace the health care reform bill.

We should allow people to shop for competitive insurance across state lines, allow small businesses pools and how about some real tort reform.

Let’s bring real change to Congress and get Maine working again.

Some pundits will tell you that Maine is a “blue state” and a Republican can’t win.

I know of a man who was once told the same thing. He was told that in his state a Republican win was impossible. The Democratic Party had been entrenched for years, and there was no hope of a Republican win. We now all refer to that man as U.S. Sen. Scott Brown. I believe if Republicans can make it there, and in Virginia and New Jersey, we can do it here in Maine.

I am a father, a husband and a small- business man. I served my country once before and want to serve it again. I want to bring my values to Washington to restore integrity and the voice of Maine people.

Jason Levesque is an Auburn small-business owner and Republican candidate in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. His Web site is

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