June 24, 2018
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May 10 Letters to the Editor

Say no to McConnell

The obstinate adherence to the Republican right wing by Sens. Collins and Snowe is becoming noisome. For many years, I have tried to explain to people that although I am a Republican, I am a Maine Republican and am embarrassed by the likes of senators (“No such thing as global warming”) Inhofe of Oklahoma or Cornyn of Texas.

But Sen. McConnell has brought the Republican Party to a new low; his only idea is to lower taxes for the wealthy and never agrees with anything proposed by Democrats.

I thought it a wasted opportunity by our senators not to engage with the health care bill; they could have forced some good changes.

Now McConnell has delivered the edict: Regardless of the public desire and public good, don’t engage with the bill to limit Wall Street excesses.

Our senators helped with the legislation in 2000 that brought about the financial collapse. Some 70 percent of Americans believe Wall Street needs to be regulated so as to limit public duress caused by Wall Street excess.

Most Mainers were hurt by those excesses, either by loss of job or losses in their retirement portfolio. As Mainers, we deserve input to that bill. But McConnell says no and our senators meekly adhere.

We need our senators to stop bowing to Sen. McConnell and represent us.

Lawrance A. Schneider



Teach your children

Looking at some of the problems affecting our society today, I cannot help but determine that the root of many of these issues is ignorance. While many people define ignorance as a lack of intelligence, it really is a lack of education.

We teach our children to wear a seat belt every time they ride in a car to prevent injury, but we don’t correctly inform them about the risks of other dangerous behaviors and how to prevent these risks.

I think the most prominent high risk behaviors that we need to educate our kids about are alcohol, drugs and sexual activity. I feel many parents find these issues hard to talk about. Parents need to educate themselves enough to educate their children.

This is also a great teaching moment for parents also to teach their morals to their children. Many parents don’t want to talk about these issues because they are afraid of the questions their children might ask.

If kids aren’t asking questions, give them time and continue to talk to them. They are as uncomfortable as you are, but it is important. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge you give your kids could save their lives or someone else’s.

Ashleigh Deschenes

Old Town


End the ‘Lyme wars’

Thank you for bringing Lyme disease to the attention of your readers.

Many of us with Lyme have much in common with Amy Cray of Hampden. I have had Lyme for 20 years, and it took me 16 years, 87 doctors, various clinics including a three-week stay at Mayo Clinic to get a clinical and lab diagnosis from a “Lyme literate” physician in New Hampshire.

For many of us, the severe pain, confusion, exhaustion, flulike symptoms, etc. almost literally have sucked the life out of us.

The testing by some labs is inaccurate and many well-meaning doctors know very little about Lyme, or they have bought into the views of their colleagues, the infectious disease doctors.

Those who have had Lyme for a long time, despite what one calls it, know that it is very easy to get and may be very hard to treat. As with AIDS, the medical world needs to be brave enough to look outside the box, listen to those on the front lines of this terrible illness, and begin the arduous task of saying, “We don’t really know much” about this very complicated spirochete.

Instead of engaging in “Lyme wars,” the medical world must come together to do the research we all need to understand, prevent and treat this really dreadful disease. When folks are suffering so badly and an epidemic seems on the horizon, one wonders why medical egos have to spend so much valuable time holding on to their turf.

Linda Warner

Stockton Springs


Moral fabric fraying

A topless parade for rights? Doubtful — it’s more like 15 minutes of fame.

Remember when shameful things were shunned? Now they are glamorized, from leading reality shows that promote lying, cheating and so on to this demonstration.

Another strand on the moral fabric of America is stripped away, and God is reduced to a cheap novelty.

God bless America, yes. Perhaps more appropriately, God forgive us.

Rich Doak Jr.



People, not lobbyists

Finally, the Republican side of the Senate is willing to go to work to pass a reform bill so big bank institutions and Wall Street can’t continue to rip off taxpayers and expect more bailouts.

We started to lose faith from all their stalling, arguing and name-calling throughout health care reform, which was passed without their help in December.

After another bomb on the same day, seniors, who depend on Social Security checks, really lost faith in our government when every Republican senator, including Maine’s Sens. Snowe and Collins, voted on a bill to halt Social Security checks immediately.

The deficit is important, but an order to stop the U.S. Treasury from increasing the deficit a couple of points so seniors could continue receiving Social Security would be devastating.

Senators were told the increase was due to the unfunded Iraq war during the Bush years. This led us to believe they raided Social Security.

Thank God their irresponsibility to seniors was defeated.

How much more grandstanding and abusing the rules of the Senate will continue? Americans aren’t stupid. We need people in government who are there to work for the people and not the lobbyists.

Joan Gilbert-Croteau



No threat to equality

Finally, someone has called the disgusting display of nudity under the disguise of a protest for women’s equality what it really was — stupid. I totally agree with Susan Clement of Hampden (“Majoring in topless,” May 6).

Women do not need to degrade themselves to obtain equal rights. What has happened to decency and self-respect? Old-fashioned morals? Let us return to a society where such display is condemned and not cheered.

The young woman said she was leaving Maine after she graduates. Good for Maine’s women that she leaves. I only wish that immorality goes with her. Women deserve equality but not at the expense of decency.

Autumn-Marie Wheelden

Deer Isle

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