June 23, 2018
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May 8-9 Letters to the Editor

Read the water

A thought for the Obama administration regarding offshore oil drilling: With apologies to Daniel, may one not now say, “‘Mene, mene, tekel upharsin’? The writing is on the water.”

Michael Roberts



Obama’s policy

I am pro-peace and pro-Israel. I want Israel to remain a Jewish homeland and a democracy, where both Israeli and Palestinian mothers are free from fear that their child may not come home alive.

All this is in danger and the window of opportunity is closing fast. The only way forward is to support and work for President Obama’s policy toward Israel and have Israelis and Palestinians negotiate a two state resolution to the conflict.

Eighty-two percent of American Jews support the U.S. playing an active role, with 73 percent supporting U.S. policy of publicly stating its disagreements with both Israelis and Arabs. Moreover, 60 percent of American Jews believe that it was Israel’s announcement of new housing in East Jerusalem that caused damage to U.S.-Israel relations, and 55 percent say the U.S. was right to strongly criticize the Israel announcement during Vice President Biden’s visit.

Israelis and Palestinians grieve together, work together and organize for peace together. We just never hear about them. Fifty-seven percent of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza want a negotiated settlement resulting in a two state solution; 71 percent of Israelis want the same.

As American Jews and her allies, we must be able to criticize Israeli policies that we feel cause harm. Democracies demand no less.

Go to www.jstreet.org for information. We have a J Street chapter in Bangor. Thousands upon thousands of American Jews and their allies are making a difference. Join us.

Joyce Schelling



Become food-conscious

Regarding the May 5 letter to the editor, “Too fat to fight”: Aside from the obvious issue of eating too much and not moving enough, people need to know where their food comes from, and what it is subjected to before they eat it.

In this day and age of profit, where our food comes from is hidden by confidential contracts. In the past, produce available was whatever was in season. Thanks to factory processing, we can walk into a grocery store and select from a spotless cornucopia of produce from all over the world.

Genetically modified foods allow for “bigger, better, faster, more,” but at what cost? When hormones and antibiotics are added to foods, and their growth is altered by genetic modification, it stands to reason that they will affect our biology. Why are we often unable to take a simple antibiotic to treat infection? Perhaps we have used them foolishly over the years. We pay when bacteria becomes resistant to all but one “last resort” antibiotic.

Farmers have been questioning genetically modified corn fed food practices for years, but their voices are drowned out by bikini-clad women in snow banks outside KFC protesting how chickens are treated. Those women fail to realize that there is virtually a handful of chicken manufacturing corporations that process chickens, and they are not treated differently than the chicken at the local grocers.

Personal responsibility also means not being hoodwinked into believing that altering nature by adding substances that mimic hormones in humans is a good thing.

Melissa Fish



Ambien warning

I am in no way defending the recent incident that happened on the Delta plane that landed at BIA but would instead like to share with everyone how Ambien affected my son who had a double lung transplant in March 2009.

He was having trouble sleeping and was prescribed Ambien. Did it ever change him.

He started getting the shakes as if he had Parkinson’s disease. He couldn’t even hold a fork without dropping it. He swore that there was a ghost in the room that kept punching him and would jump as if it had. He talked to people who were not there. He even ate a whole meal when there was not one. He saw monsters, heard voices, etc. My husband and I witnessed this in a Boston emergency room shortly after he was given Ambien. His wife saw it at home after he took it. It is dangerous and unpredictable. I would not recommend it to anyone.

Thank God the doctors took him off it. He is back to normal and doing great now. Please think twice before taking it and if you know someone taking it warn them of what might happen.

Carrie Nadeau



Talented architect

An important Bangor architect died last month. Francis Zelz designed in the (often-under-appreciated) mid-20th century modernist idiom, working for Eaton Tarbell early in his career.

I only met him once, but from all accounts he was a very kind, very interesting man. I do know two of his sons and his daughter-in-law (former curator of the Bangor Historical Society, where I worked for a number of years) and know them to be wonderful people who have contributed substantially to Bangor’s community, generally behind the scenes and always from the goodness of their hearts. They have all volunteered in various efforts to preserve Bangor’s historic buildings.

As the field of historic preservation is moving toward documenting and honoring works from the 1950s and 1960s, I wanted to express my appreciation for the terrific article about this talented designer in the Bangor Daily News. I enjoyed reading about him and his many adventures.

Sara K. Martin

architectural historian



Another Civil War?

In 1773, American Patriots, in Boston and Maryland, went to the harbors in both Boston and Maryland to protest the British demand that they buy part of their excessive 17 million pounds of tea. So the patriots in Boston dumped the tea into Boston Harbor. This was in protest of a foreign government trying to force colonists into submission.

In 2010, we have so called tea party citizens in the United States undermine their own government’s effort to have universal health care like all other industrialized nations.

It seems there is a monumental difference between the patriots of 1773 and the tea partiers of 2010. The 1773 patriots were protesting against a foreign government, the British, while the right wing in 2010 is protesting against the U.S. government. Perhaps the 2010 protesters are thinking of another Civil War?

Nathaniel Crowley Sr.

Stockton Springs


Pay the tagger

What’s with the $5 fee for tagging a wild turkey, with the tagging station getting only $1 of the fee? Let’s be fair and have it split 60-40 — 60 percent should go to the one doing all the work, the tagging station.

Gardiner L. Webber


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