October 21, 2017
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May 5 Scores and Highlights

Bangor Daily News

At Old Town
Ellsworth (5-0) 5, Old Town (2-2) 0

  Singles: Tyler Small def. Zak Madden 8-0, Dillon Toothaker def. John McCullough 8-3, Brandon Albee def. Matt Richard 8-5;
  doubles: Tyler Beardsley-Dustin Murphy def. Cam Washburn-Chris Gillman 8-0, Adam Toothaker-Luc Victor def. Seth Bradbury-Ben Smith 8-1

At Houlton
Presque Isle girls (2-2) 5, Houlton (0-6) 0

  Singles: Kailee Ireland def. Hiba Bilal 8-2, Madelyn Carson def. Holly Bouvier 8-4, Dani Wolland def. Courtney Bragan 8-1;
  doubles: Lindsay Michaud-Divya Bisht def. Megan Gerath-Ashley Hanigan 8-1, Melissa Carson-Diedra Dicker def. Lizzy Garcia-Maggie Garcia 8-2

Presque Isle boys (3-1) 4, Houlton (3-3) 1
  Singles: Caleb Mathers (PI) def. Zach Harvey 8-1, Connor Shaw (PI) def. Tyler Delano 8-3, Luke Anderson (H) def. Chris Kelley 8-5;
  doubles: Emmerson Castro-Kyle Gibson (PI) def. Cody Woods-D.J. McGary 8-3, Mike Picard-Osman Castro (PI) def. Craig Thomas-Zach Ritchie 8-0

At Madawaska
Madawaska boys (4-1) 3, Caribou (0-2) 2

  Singles: Nathan Beaulieu (M) def. Nick Willey 8-2, Chris Lizotte (M) def. Ezra Duplissie-Cyr 8-1, John Ouellette (C) def. Matt Deschenes 8-2;
  doubles: Jamie Cyr-Jacques Daigle (M) def. Phil Smith-Matt Coty 8-4; Lucien Caverhill-Tyler Willey (C) def. Aaron Thibault-Greg Faucer 8-3

Caribou girls (2-0) 5, Madawaska (2-2) 0
  Singles: Jenna Selander def. Audrey Bergeron 8-1; Laura Collins def. Jenna Parent 8-0; Carlee Pinette def. Emily Collins 8-1;
  doubles: Missy Nadeau-Liz Barbosa def. Megan Ouellette-Ashley Pelletier 8-0; Ashley Richards-Alexa Massey def. Elyssa Deschaine-Sarah Ringuette 8-1

At Howland
Foxcroft Academy girls (3-1) 3, Penobscot Valley (2-2) 2

  Singles: Miranda Tash (PV) def. Linsey Kousaie 9-7; Jordan Faloon (PV) def. Meghan Keane 9-7 (9-7); Katie Thomas (FA) def. Gretchen Currie 8-1;
  doubles: Jen Seavey-Emma Malay (FA) def. Kristina Hallett-Cassandra Thibeault 8-1; Katie Thompson-Mariah Arno (FA) def. Mook Viniaphat-Kristie Mackin 8-2

Foxcroft Academy boys (4-0) 5, Penobscot Valley (0-4) 0
Virgil Zhang def. Greg Rowley 8-0; Hadi El Rabbat def. Adam Brown 8-1; Colby Bonbero by forfeit;
  doubles: Jordan Kim-Donny Boyer def. Tyler Wood-Dylan Morin 8-3; Yiming Wei-Trevor Weymouth def. Tyler Speed-Will Lloyd 9-7

At Fort Kent
Van Buren boys (1-1) 3, Fort Kent (0-3) 2
Matt Vick (VB) def. Isaac Martin 8-6; Nathan Lapointe (VB) def. Alex Charette 9-8 (7-4); Martin Doustou (FK) def. Eric Laplante 8-6;
  doubles: Mark Levasseur-Brandon Ouellette (VB) def. Logan Doak-Lucas Woodward 8-5; Alex Chasse-Curtis Jandreau (FK) def. Nick Violette-A.J. Edgecomb 9-7

Fort Kent girls (3-0) 4, Van Buren (0-2) 1
Haley Lizotte (VB) def. Becca Martin 8-1; Carissa Pelletier (FK) def. Natasha Bourgoin 8-6; Sam Landry (FK) def. Jenn Ouellette 8-2;
  doubles: Roxy Pelletier-Amelia Stevens (FK) def. Katelin Parent-Victoria Rioux 8-3; Abby Stevens-Kiera Caron (FK) def. Ashley Martin-Chantal Rioux 8-1

At Deer Isle
DI-Stonington girls (4-1) 4 def. Sumner (0-3) 1
Chelsea Diomei (DIS) def. Ashton Thomas 8-0; Esther Adams (DIS) def. Emily Havey 8-1; Meaghan Robinson (DIS) def. Emily Ingalls 8-4;
  doubles: Layla Eaton-Cortney Trundy (DIS) def. Darrian Church-Cheryl Havey 8-3; Kelsey Tucker-Lizzie Arey (Sum) def. Paige Rollins-Joanne Parker 8-3

DI-Stonington boys (3-2) 4 def. Sumner (0-3) 1
Lance Bradshaw (DIS) def. Chuck Bennett 8-2; Kevin Melanio (DIS) def. Avery Lo 8-5; Dylan Siebert (DIS) Def. Elliot Ossanna 8-1;
  doubles: Gareth Warr-Ian Pellitier (DIS) def. Caleb Sandstrom-Nick Stiles 8-4; Braden Wentworth-Zac Wells (S) by forfeit

At Blue Hill
George Stevens boys (4-0) 5, MDI (0-3) 0

  Singles: Johnny Xue def. Ian Carbone 8-2; Michael Senter-Zapata def. Garrett Lee 8-4; Max Reiter def. Andrew Dalton 8-4;
  doubles: Jasper Adam-Eric Kim def. Elliot Klaver-Ian Sampson 8-1; Liam Russell-Lucas Yoder def. Mike Dunleavey-Daniel Hernandez 8-2

MDI girls (3-0) 4, George Stevens (3-1) 1
  Singles: Grace Robbins (MDI) def. Grace Jackson 8-5; Jessica Swanson (MDI) def. Sotherd Steer 8-4; Julia Christie (MDI) def. Grace Bugbee 8-4;
  doubles: Hannah Worcester-Annika Sampson (MDI) def. Vesta Davis-Hannah Van der Eb 8-5; Maddie Theoharidis-Caroline Altman (GSA) def. Megan Phelps-Mia Musetti 9-8 (7-4)


Castleton 17, Husson 5

   At Castleton, Vt., Michael DelDotto and Korey Counos each scored three goals in leading Castleton State College to a North Atlantic Conference Semifinal victory over Husson University of Bangor.
   Castleton advances to play Mount Ida for the championship on Saturday.
   Jake Rick had two goals and two assists for 12-5 Castleton. Samuel Bailey and James Bascom also scored twice. Four other players scored one goal.
   Ben Landry led 10-8 Husson with two goals. Mitch Heaps, Nick Brown and Matt Tabler also scored. David Smith provided an assist.
   David DeGhetto saved 13 of 18 shots for Castleton while Husson’s Tyler Quinn saved nine of 25 shots. John Hooper of Husson allowed a goal while making no saves.

Mount Ida 14, Maine Maritime 5
   At Newton, Mass., Christopher Prophete and Derek O’Reilly both had two goals and three assists in leading Mount Ida College to victory over Maine Maritime Academy of Castine in the North Atlantic Conference semifinals.
   The six-time defending champions will host Castleton State for the championship Saturday at 1 p.m.
   Nick Yacuzzi and Derek Broughton also scored twice for 12-6 Mount Ida. Four other players added a goal.
   Christopher Kelley tallied two goals and two assists to lead the 7-7 Mariners. Tom Houle had a goal and an assist while Andrew Disalvo and Wade Mondoux also scored.
   James McAllister and Craig Naftal combined to save 11 of 16 shots for Mount Ida. Taylor Boutin of MMA made 14 saves on 28 shots.

At Bangor West
Jacobs All State 12, Holiday Inn 6

Jacobs top hitters: Emily Reilly 2 doubles, Lilli Wiseman double, Cordelia Stewart triple; winning pitcher: Stewart; Holiday Inn: Torrie Nightingale 2 singles, Abby Elliot single, home run
Quality Jewelers 10, Elks 0

At Taylor Field, Bangor East
Webber (2-0) 5, Varney (0-2) 3

Webber top hitters: Tyler MacDonald triple, Isiah Miller double; winning pitcher: Daniel Neel; Varney: Colin Glencross double

At Bangor West
Clewley Foundation 20, R&K Construction 19

Clewley top hitters: Gauvin Carlson 4 singles, Colby Currier 3 singles, double, Ryan Cunningham 3 singles; R&K: Trey Bourassa 4 singles, Jordan Derovin 4 singles, Jesse Karnes 3 singles

Fairmount Market 15, Fox & Ginn 8
Fairmount Market top hitters: Justin Drew triple, 2 singles, Matt Robinson double, single, Dominick Rossignol 2 singles; winning pitcher: Drew; Fox & Ginn: Derek Fournier 2 triples, single, Peter Limacher double

Canteen Service 14, Seamus’s Market 4
Canteen top hitters: Zeb Wilson 3 singles, Cody Jordan 2 singles, Tristan King 3 singles; Seamus’s: Steven Perocchi 3 singles, Nick Canarr 2 singles, Tyson Craig 2 singles

At Brewer
Gold Star Rays (2-0) 2, Twin City Family Medicine (0-2) 0

Rays top hitters: Logan Rogerson double, Kyle St. Thomas double; winning pitcher: Jaycob Bowker; Twin City: Cam Wood single

At Hampden
Anglers (1-0) 22, Dysart’s (0-1) 4

Anglers top hitters: Ben Huston 2 doubles, 2 singles; Cam Scott 2 doubles, 2 singles; Billy Campbell 2 doubles, 2 singles; winning pitcher: Huston; Dysart’s: Paxton Oversmith double, single; Nick Hopper double, single

At Orono
Carmel (3-0) 18, Orono (0-2) 4

Carmel top hitters: Brand Duell triple, Gregory Smith 3 singles, Brandon Harris 3 singles; winning pitcher: Cody Hawes; Orono: Dillon Farnham 2 singles

At Hermon
Hermon Country Market 17, Levant 16

Hermon top hitters: Katie Dunbar-Kelly double, 2 singles, Jessica Crockett 2 singles; winning pitcher: Megan Chamberlain; Levant: Emily Austin triple, Aleah Dean double

At Glenburn
Douglas Photo (2-1) 23, Governor’s-Glenburn (0-2) 10

Douglas top hitters: Summer Baldwin double, 2 singles; Hannah Dyer double, 2 singles; winning pitcher: Baldwin; Governor’s: Tiffany Trask double, single; Jaeda Rogers 2 singles

At Carmel
Orono 18, Carmel 7

Orono top hitters: Jessie Walker 2 singles, Becky Lopez-Anido 2 singles; winning pitcher: Daphne Murphy; Carmel: Jessica Azevedo single

At Brewer
Peaks Hill Lodge 10, Fine Points 5

Peaks Hill top hitters: Kelsey Gilmore 2 singles, Jamie Cunningham 2 singles; Fine Points: Cassie Green home run, Madison Birch 2 singles

At Hampden
Hermon Allenfarm Fence (2-1) 16, Hampden Rawcliffs (0-2) 1

Hermon top hitters: Nicole Bernardini single, Savanna Hain single, Morgan Smith single; winning pitcher: Karli Theberge; Rawcliffs: Madeline Doble single

At Bucksport GC

Bob Carmichael 22; Jack MacBrayne, Len Tyler 18; pin: No. 6 Bob Carmichael 20-0

At Barren View GC, Jonesboro
Senior Scramble

1. Jeanine Wright, Jim Golike, Dave Wardwell, Steve Robers; 2. Pat Dumont, David Beal, Steve Cates, Tom Gillen; pin: Jeanine Wright

At Streamside GC, Winterport
Men’s League

Net: Mike Adams 39, Steve Dow 39, Carlton Brassbridge 39, Ryan Fields 40; pins: No. 4 Jim Sieben 14-10, No. 8 Brian Steward 6-0

At Northport GC
Scotch Foursome

Gross: Terry Whitney, Roxie Whitney 42; net: Bob Barrett, Brenda Barrett 30.5; Shean Gerrish, Vivian Fuller 34.5; Art LeClair, Sally LeClair 34.5; Dan Eaton, Leslie Eaton 35

At Bangor Municipal GC
Twilight League

Blind draw best ball, gross: Dean Bowden, Charlie Anderson 33; Jeff Eunisen, Tim Black 34; Matt Grant, Rob Tiensivu 35; Paul Cary, Brian Lee 36; Jim Greer, Steve Grant 36; net: Chris Snowdeal, Kevin McConnell 29; Jamie Johnston, Bob Boulier 29; Don Burgess, Rich Russell 29; Craig Worcester, Glen Hudgens 39; Bob Jankowski, Chuck Pine 30; pins: No. 3 Bob Jankowski 1-10, No. 6 Glen Hudgens 4-10

At Rocky Knoll CC, Orrington
Senior Stableford League

Sonny Dubay, Duane Hanson, Larry Spinney +17; Paul Bowden, Rick Crowell, Phil Newberry, Alan Blanchard +16 (mc); Dan Barker, Jim Oreskovich, Tom Torrey +16; pins: No. 5 Tom Torrey 11-4, No. 7 Roger Tracy 13-3, No. 12 Jim Williams 27-0, No. 17 Phil Newberry 5-10; high stableford: Bill Igoe +11, Tom Torrey +10; low gross: Roger Tracy 73; skins: No. 4 Gary Chessa, No. 6 Jim Burr, No. 10 Roger Track, No. 11 Bill Beck, No. 17 Leo Goodin

At Samoset Resort, Rockport

Gross: Liz Coffin, Darby Virgue 72; Rosemary Lyons, Susanne Waltz 76; Carmen Evrard, Janet Nelson 79; Dale Hannon, Marie Cates 79; Kathy Heaton, Nancy Williams 82; Neila Nelke, Donna Browne 82; Carollyn Taylor, Lisa Wintle 82; net: Bambi Stevens, Prudence Hornberger 56; Doreen Robinson, Barbara Taber 59; Marcia Chute, Pat Carlista 59; Pam Kropp-Anderson, Janice White 61; Brenda Berry, Jeanne Fifield 62; Brenda Rouillard, Joyce Mazerolle 64; Rachel Newman, Shirneen Callahan 64; Claire Poulin, Linda Marquis 64; Sheila Marriner, Nancy Pratt 64

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