Posted April 25, 2010, at 6:47 p.m.

It sure as hell isn’t
Stonehenge where the sun
Rises over the heelstone
On midsummer day.
But the effect is
Somewhat the same now
In mid-April as the
Setting sun strikes straight
Down my long hallway,
Enriching the oriental
Runner; the ornate newel-post;
The fine-carved standing bear
Guarding an armful of canes
And walking-sticks, offering
A plate for calling-cards.
Clearly, a sacré  du printemps
Is required, and therefore
I raise a drink in lieu of
Sacrificing something.
Or someone. Never mind who.


Henry D.M. Sherrerd Jr. of Dexter has been an outboard-motor mechanic, mapmaker, military data analyst, screenwriter and contributor to the Uni-Verse, among other things.