May 20, 2018
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April 24 Letters to the Editor

Tax and ignore

Why have we let our politicians develop a mindset of taxing and spending as opposed to economic growth and development? We’ve allowed our representatives to get lazy and not be held accountable.

The April 10-11 BDN has two stories that truly reflect the priorities of your state government. On page 1 we see Democrat Joe Perry smiling under the headline, “Pot Users to pay sales tax.”

On the bottom of the same page we see another headline that ought to outrage all taxpayers in this state: “Jackson Lab plans Florida branch.” In this story, Gov. Baldacci proclaims, “We just don’t have the scale to do the same types of things Florida does.” A concerned, honest politician would pull out all the stops, turn every rock and make it a reality for a project of this magnitude to remain in Maine. Not the liberals; it’s easier to tax us than to do real, hard work to create real jobs for real people.

Keep voting Democrats in Maine, you get what you ask for! I’ll be the first to say I told you so when all Jackson Lab is in Florida and we’re left with a mothballed facility on MDI.

Jim Allmon



It’s time for Mills

As a native Mainer and moderate Republican, I ask all Maine Republicans to support Peter Mills’ candidacy for governor in the June primary.

Maine deserves a governor who has in-depth knowledge of the issues, experience and a clear understanding of state government operations and the ability to build coalitions across party lines. I supported Sen. Mills in his unsuccessful run last time, and I feel the state has suffered because the conservatives in the Republican Party chose not to support the candidate who actually could win in November.

The next governor will face unprecedented challenges. I believe Sen. Mills has demonstrated he can work effectively with our committed legislators and community leaders to get Maine working again. It’s time to support Peter Mills for governor.

Susan W. McKay



An abomination

How ironic to hear President Bill Clinton, who thinks citizens in the Tea Party movement, who are expressing First Amendment rights, are violent extremists. Remember President Clinton pardoned FLAN terrorists who were videotaped making bombs. This president wants to provide terrorists civilian trails. One Islamic terrorist attempted to detonate a chemical bomb on an airline on Christmas day.

Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist wished he could have blown up more buildings is a friend of our president? Many in President Barack Obama’s administration are Marxists or progressives who are committed to changing this nation into a socialist or Marxist country. We know that Marxists want to overthrow representative republics.

Stand up, speak out and vote the progressives, both Democrat and Republican, out of office in 2010 and elect a proud America who respects and will defend this exceptional nation.

God bless this great land of liberty and the good folks who are standing up for freedom. Mainers and Americans who know this is a great nation want to maintain our traditional values will stand and fight for freedom.

Progressive liberal Democrats present the message that law abiding citizens at Tea Party demonstrations are violent and a threat; boy that’s the pot calling the kettle black. This administration is an abomination.

Peter Alexander



Changing relationships

When looking at news and events that happened over the course of the year, you seem to see a pattern: violence and domestic abuse in relationships. Couples such as pop stars Rihanna and Chris Brown entering into unhealthy relationships with physical abuse — what kind of message they are sending to teenagers. Domestic abuse between teens is one of the most common things that we see nowadays in our schools. Children as young as 11, 12 and 13 are in controlling abusive relationships that can lead to physical and mental harm.

Studies show that 29 percent of females ages 11 to 13 reported some type of abuse in their relationships. As adults we need to realize our role in intervening and speak when we see abuse occurring. It’s our job to promote healthy relationships with teenagers to help them start making proactive choices.

Relationships have changed from going to the drive-in with your significant other or going out for ice cream. The reality of relationships for adolescence is that many are not “innocent” in that teens are engaging in sexual activity at earlier ages. We can use several different strategies to help teens in our lives, particularly if they are involved in a relationship that has violence. Practicing healthy relationships in our own lives provides an example of how people who care about each other should act. Making ourselves available and open to talk can make a big difference.

For more information to go

Talking to a school’s guidance counselor also can help.

Mary Duncan



Church credibility

In my many travels and volunteer medical work around the world, I have met, worked with, respected and admired many priests, nuns and lay Catholics who often risked their lives in war conditions to minister to the sick and wounded. I have the greatest of respect for these courageous and devoted people.

As a former Catholic, I became concerned about certain incidents within the historic and present Church.

One little-known example happened during WWII. Two priests managed to escape from a German Nazi camp. They made it to the Vatican, where they pleaded with Pope Pious XII to at least make a statement condemning the Third Reich for its slaughter of the Jews. The Vatican refused to act, and eventually apologized recently to the Jewish people for their silence at that time.

My other concern is the blatant inactivity and coverup by the Vatican of the crimes committed by certain priests who have, and still are, sexually assaulting our children.

Just as our civil leaders, even presidents, are subjected to possible prosecution or impeachment for crimes whilst in office, church leaders, including the Pope, should be made to answer for the dreadful sin and crime of silence when faced with the knowledge and overwhelming evidence of the evil crimes committed, past and present.

If the Church is to regain any credibility or trust, it has to cease protecting the criminals in their midst and begin protecting the innocent souls and bodies within its care.

Roger D. Marshall



Baseball’s qualities

Kent Ward’s column (BDN April 17-18) about professional baseball mentioned the slow pace of some of today’s pro baseball games.

Baseball is played without a time clock and pro baseball has no “mercy rule.”

Theoretically, if one defensive team cannot get three out at the top of the first inning, the game will never end. At least the umpire cannot be blamed and everyone can go home when they’re too old to play baseball or old enough to retire with a pension.

Richard Mackin Jr.


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