April 25, 2018
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April 20 Letters to the Editor

Rights are ‘nuts’?

Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence board member Tom Franklin’s concern regarding the image of Maine gun owners is truly touching (“Concealed firearms in Maine,” BDN, April 10-11).

Since when is it “a little nuts” for a citizen to request the free exercise of his or her Second Amendment rights, a right recently reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States? On the contrary, I submit that it is Mr. Franklin and his gun-phobic ilk that may be “a little nuts.”

Further, as chief law enforcement officer of the city of Portland, Chief Craig surely is aware that Maine is a “shall issue” state per 25 M.R.S.A. (2003). That is, anyone who submits an application for a concealed firearm permit and meets the minimum requirements, “shall” be issued a permit. Not “may” be issued a permit. Chief Craig’s personal feelings on the matter are quite irrelevant.

Jeff Piper

Fort Fairfield Rifle and Pistol Club



Media bashing pope

The media’s attack on the pope with cartoons and editorials is unprecedented. Such malicious slander to vilify any other major figure would not happen. The progressive left sees the pope as an obstacle to its secular socialistic plans for the future.

Pope Benedict’s restoration of the Latin liturgy, his amazing welcome of the Anglican Church to Rome and his reaching out to the Russian Orthodox Church is not well-liked by the progressive establishment.

Locally, the bishop’s stand against homosexual marriage caused many letters to the editor blasting the Catholic Church. The hatred for the church is beyond the pale. They are demonizing the whole church and its leader.

To put child abuse in perspective, in the last 40 years about 900 of the 60,000 clergy have been accused of child abuse while 290,000 children were sexually abused in our public education system in the last 10 years, according to The Washington Post.

The Catholic Church is one of the last bastions against the secular world. It is hated because it teaches gay marriage is the sin of sodomy, which the Bible calls an abomination. It teaches that abortion is the murder of an unborn child. And it opposes using human embryos for experimentation.

Christ founded his church when he made St. Peter the first Bishop of Rome and Benedict traces his lineage down from him. Jesus promised the church would be with us till the end of time, so no matter how hard Satan and his helpers try to destroy his church they will not succeed.

Tom Coleman Sr.



Hitchhiker protection

I couldn’t control the smile that went across my face when I read the small blurb in the Tuesday, April 13 BDN: “Invasive plant effort targets floatplanes.” Pilots of floatplanes must now purchase the same $20 sticker that boaters buy that says “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers — Preserve Maine Waters.” This sticker must then be placed on the float pontoon.

Obviously, several questions now surface regarding the placement of that sticker. Everyone wants to stop the spread of these invasive plants, and floatplane pilots check their floats before takeoff looking for foreign objects, debris and anything else that might cause an issue in flight.

I’m still trying to figure out how that $20 sticker on the pontoon will prevent these “hitchhikers” from attaching themselves to the floats of an airplane. I mean, come on, that sticker is only 2-inches by 2-inches. Where do I place that little postage stamp of protection?

That placement still leaves about 300 square feet of unprotected float surface. Wouldn’t it make better sense to cover the entire float with those stickers and really confuse the milfoil hitchhiker?

Hey, $20 bucks for a floatplane ride is darn cheap in my opinion, and if indeed that sticker prevents those scoundrels from hitching an illegal ride, I’m all for it. Let’s hope that $20 actually is used for its intended purpose.

Ben Brown



Rowe’s priorities right

How fortunate we are to have a person of Steven Rowe’s caliber running as a candidate for governor in the Democratic primary. His broad experience as a legislator and Maine attorney general, combined with his early years in the military (graduated from West Point and served as an Army Reserve officer in Maine) and man-agement positions in finance and marketing in Maine’s private sector, have helped prepare him for the job.

Steve has his priorities straight. It is important to him that the civil rights of all Maine people are protected, and he strongly supports the rights of same-sex couples to marry: for Steve “equal means equal.”

He understands the necessity for all of us to have access to good, affordable, health care; to take care of our natural resources and focus on creating clean energy jobs; and to make sure that Maine develops the technology and infrastructure necessary to keep us connected to the rest of the world.

Steve knows that these components are all essential for building a strong, vibrant and healthy Maine economy, and he will work hard to make this happen. As a Bangor resident, it’s especially important to me that whoever is governor is looking out for all Mainers, from one end of the state to the other. I know that Steven Rowe really “gets it” and will work for all.

Suzanne Kelly



Money cause of war

The indignation over Gov. Bob McDonald of Virginia omitting slavery in his proclamation on the Confederacy shows how the public is unaware of the true cause of the Civil War. Our schools teach that slavery was the cause. Unfortunately, that is only partly true and has fed a myth to millions of schoolchildren since the war ended in April 1865.

Charles Dickens, the British author in 1861 argued “the war was never slavery. It was economic then social which surfaced naturally between North and South.” Dickens saw money as the root of the war between states.

In 1860, the Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln for president. One of the major plans in their platform was a high protective tariff. It became clear to the Southern states that a Republican administration would result in another “tariff of abomination.” The fact, coupled with Republic opposition to slavery, produced enough anger in the South to want to secede from the Union. In Lincoln’s inaugural address in 1861, he gave the South the option of taxes or war.

The myth that slavery was the main cause of war is erroneous. The cause was plain economics.

Dee C. Brown Jr.



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