June 18, 2018
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April 13 Letters to the Editor

Follow lawsuit

Why does the Maine attorney general not follow suit and join with 13 other states, including Florida, to sue the federal government to stop the extremely unpopular ObamaCare bill just signed into law?

Both Sens. Snowe and Collins criticize the health law but still underestimate the dreadful tax consequences and future abuse caused by bureaucrats overruling doctors and the coming resignations of doctors who will not put up with lowered salaries.

The average head-of-household will be close to bankruptcy over the health insurance premiums. Why, in the end, should we tolerate massive abuse from the IRS acting as insurance compliance cops imposing $5,000 fines?

All of us need to wake up now before the economic aftershock arrives.

Peter Carminati



Dumbing down news

I saw a poll showing that 46 percent of Americans get their information from Fox news. Rush Limbaugh has the largest number of listeners on the radio and Republican members of Congress are inciting violence against people who disagree with their views. We have old and new governors of Texas and Virginia talking secession from the union.

Here’s what I think: It’s all a sign of the dumbing down of America; it can’t last long-term. We fought some of these battles 150 years ago, leaving 600,000 dead. My opinion is this is all about race for scared white folks and about getting Republicans back in power at any cost. Too bad.

Kevin Evans



Mouthy minority

The mouthy minority and failin’ Palin — will they ever deal with reality? The silent majority will bury them in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

I love Fox News; it gives me my daily chuckle, while reinforcing my reason for dumping the Republican ticket after four years of Bush.

William Shorey



Get on board, Maine

Trains are civilized, sociable, affordable and safe, a sensible way to move people and goods, better for the environment, potentially faster than air travel between many cities. If we upgraded our neglected rail network, we could have high-speed service to almost anywhere.

The state should buy up every available track bed and at the very least retain the right of way. Trains are the way to travel, now and in the future. Our nation made a terrible mistake in abandoning rail in favor of polluting, traffic-clogged, expensive, uncivilized highways. Plenty of road rage out there. I’ve never heard of “train rage.”

Get on board, Maine.

Steve Cartwright



Eastport, Lubec unite

As a taxpaying resident of Eastport and a proud employee of School Union 104 at Shead High School, I would like to apologize to the SAD 19 school committee of Lubec for the treatment it received at the Alternative Organization Structure meeting in the gymnasium at Shead High School on the evening of Thursday, April 8.

This group was eagerly welcomed by the majority of Eastport and adjoining communities. I do not understand the obvious slight by the superintendent of School Union 106 of the SAD 19 school committee and its superintendent. SAD 19 (Lubec) was on the printed agenda and should have been treated respectfully as an equal participant in the meeting.

I do hope this is not an indication of how future meetings will be conducted.

The AOS must not be a political game but must be a concerted effort to provide the best education for the fine young people of our communities. We must be willing to work together and not for any one individual’s benefit.

Harriett Real



Fawning over Tiger

“Just like old times for Tiger,” and for the media. This top sports figure has been away from his career for months due to his own very poor life choices. My frustration lies with the media.

Why does he deserve the front page of the April 9 BDN sports section? In my opinion, Fred Couples, leader for the day, should have been in the limelight. I had to look four pages inside to find his photo.

It seems that the media may agree that Tiger Woods really does not appear to be the changed man we have been looking for, but they are still willing to put him at the top of the publicity leader board, no matter what.

Please stop giving him more credit as a person and a golfer than he deserves. Put him in the position he earns, which may not always be at the top and may even at times be at an all time low.

Jane Withee



Costly ATV trails

Concerning the possible bond being considered for purchase of the Aroostook-area rail line (along with other things): In 1985 Maine Central sold out to Guilford Industries, which then allowed Springfield Terminal to operate the 133-mile line from Brewer to Calais. After that was abandoned, the state purchased the rails and right of way for, I believe, $147 million. It is now a very expensive ATV trail.

Based on its track record it would appear that Maine is on its way to the creation of another link in a trail system rather than saving a railroad.

William Townsend

Bar Harbor


Fund rail line

It is apparent that the Republican Party in Maine is more interested in standing on principle than the welfare of the state. Its refusal in the Senate to pass the transportation bond will have a far greater impact than the cost of the bonds to buy the rail line.

The impact on the state and its budget includes more wear and tear on the roads as companies are forced to use trucks instead of rail, and more fuel because trucks use more per ton mile. Unemployment will go up, as companies are unable to afford trucking costs, and truckers go out of business. That will cost the state. Unem-ployed people cause more crime and use more social services, court time, medical services, etc. There will be a lack of investment in new and existing business in the northern part of the state because they cannot have efficient transportation.

All this for a small sum of money, all things being relative. I am sure that if this bond issue is not passed, the exodus from northern Maine will only hasten the restoration of the Great North Woods. Is this what the Republican Party really wants?

We need the railroads to compete in the 21st century. We need the jobs for Maine. We do not need a party that condemns the northern one-third of the state to poverty and second-class status.

Geoffrey Anthony

Blue Hill


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