Title IX’s intent is equality for all athletes

Posted March 22, 2010, at 8:49 p.m.

Don Winant (BDN, March 16) might be a great guy and a great swimmer, but in describing the paradox created by Title IX he uses language that clearly showcases why Title IX was needed: “It is paradoxical that the very constitutional amendment supported by feminists is the ultimate discriminatory tool against their better half!”

Men’s sports may rake in more dollars and there certainly may be those who feel that men’s sports are more important than women’s sports, but I respectfully disagree.

The intent of Title IX was not to undermine men’s sports, rather it was to acknowledge that young women deserved to be given the same opportunities to participate in and enjoy athletic competition as young men. If funding is the problem then the solution lies in finding ways to make funding available for all teams regardless of gender.

It’s not about who’s the better half.

Mickey Chernesky


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