February 19, 2018
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March 8, Scores and Highlights

Bangor Daily News


Maine 17, Pennsylvania 8
WPI 13-9, St. Joseph’s 12-8

St. Joseph’s 12, Ohio-Wesleyan 3
St. Joseph’s 4, Wartburg 2

Alvernia 7, Husson 6

Saint Joseph’s drops two

At Winter Haven, Fla., Saint Joseph’s College of Standish dropped two games, each by a run, to fall to 2-2. Worcester Polytechnic Institute took games of 13-12 and 9-8 from the Monks.
Sunday, Saint Joseph’s swept Clark University 6-4 and 18-6.
In Monday’s first game, Matt Moreau homered and doubled with four RBIs for WPI. Mike Dignum homered and singled with three runs scored.
Mike Pratt had a home run and three RBIs to lead the Monks. Todd Keneborus tripled, doubled and singled with three RBIs. Ben Grant-Roy had double, single, three runs scored and two RBIs.
In Monday’s second game, Nick Bean had a double and two singles for WPI. Moreau homered and singled with two RBIs.
Chris Campbell had three singles and two RBIs for St. Joseph’s. Keneborus tripled and singled. Craig Woodbrey doubled and singled with two RBIs.
In Sunday’s first game, Pratt singled three times and scored a run for the Monks. Grant-Roy doubled and singled while Ian Lee and Mike Burdin each had two singles and an RBI. Campbell doubled and knocked in two runs and Woodbrey scored twice.
Pat Moran pitched six innings and earned the win. He struck out five.
Clark’s Mitchell DeLorenzo had a double and two singles.
In Sunday’s second game, Saint Joseph’s scored 11 runs in the fifth and five in the sixth to pull away. Grant-Roy doubled and tripled with four RBIs. Nick Saunders and Dan Achorn both hit two singles and drove in three runs. Pratt and Campbell each doubled and singled.
Phillip DiMarco tripled and knocked in three for Clark.

(Monday’s First Game)
St. Joseph’s    20(10) 000 0    — 12 15 2
WPI    107 050 x    — 13 15 3

Rafferty, Stanclift (3), Dion (5), Drake (5) and Keirstead (6) and Adams; Hansen, Dwyer (3), Forte (6), Whiting (7) and Walsh

(Monday’s Second Game)
WPI (4-0)    023 220 0    — 9 12 7
St. Joseph’s (2-2)    001 321 1    — 8 11 2

Boucher, Schopka (5) and Walsh; Chamberlain, Keirstead (3), Laverriere (5), Kennedy (5) and Lee, Adams (7)

(Sunday’s First Game)
St. Joseph’s    132 000 0    — 6 12 3
Clark    300 100 0    — 4 10 0

Moran, Keirstead (7) and Adams; Winchell, Lamothe (2) and Kopec

(Sunday’s Second Game)
Clark (1-3-1)    400 020 0    — 6 8 3
St. Joseph’s (2-0)    100 1(11)5 x    — 18 13 2

Bertocci, Dubois (5), VanSteenberg (5), Cadogan (5) and Kopec; Dorr, Nanof (5), Drake (7) and Lee, Dahms

Husson sweeps Mount St. Mary
At Auburndale, Fla., Husson University of Bangor swept Mount Saint Mary College, taking games of 7-0 and 3-2.
In the first game, Husson knocked freshman pitcher Joe CoFrancesco out after four innings to take a 7-0 win.
In the second game, Husson scored a run in the eighth inning to break a 2-2 tie and take the win.


St. Joseph’s wins two
At Fort Myers, Fla., Christy Wezowicz allowed just one earned run on seven hits and a walk through seven innings to lead Saint Joseph’s College of Standish to a 4-2 victory over Wartburg College in Monday’s nightcap. The Monks also won the first game 12-3 over Ohio-Wesleyan.
In the first game, Anna Willis had three singles and three RBIs to lead the Monks. Emily Leverone drove in two runs and Ellen Neff added two singles, two runs and two RBIs. Katelyn Call also had two singles and two runs scored.
Rita Cook paced Ohio-Wesleyan with a single and two RBIs.
In the second game, Liddy van der Linden hit a home run and knocked in three runs for Saint Joseph’s. Leverone had a double, two singles and two runs scored. Jillian Kimball singled twice.
Lynn Heitkamp tripled and singled with an RBI and a run for Wartburg. Emily Braem doubled and singled.
(First Game)
St. Joseph’s                 005 400 3    — 12 12 0
Ohio-Wesleyan (0-1)    200 010 0    — 3     4 0

Walsh and Neff; McIntire, Seibel (3), Reese (4) and Truchan
(Second Game)
Wartburg (1-3)        002 000 0    — 2 7 0
St. Joseph’s (2-0)    202 000 x    — 4 8 1

Neighbor, Smith (4) and Braem; Wezowicz and Howard

At Presque Isle
Junior 2 results (ages 14-15)
(1 kilometer)
Girls Results

Final A: Corey Stock 2:38.8; Heather Mooney 7.3 seconds behind; Madalyn Pfeifer 8.0; Marion Woods 8.6; Anika Miller 11.6; Hannah Miller 22.8
Final B: Dori McNeill 3:00.0; Tristin Lowe 1.2 seconds behind; Kelsey Phinney 2.1; Katrin Larusson 2.5; Maile Sapp 7.9; Rachel Hampton 18.0
Boys Results
Final A: Cole Morgan 2.28.7; Eli Hoenig 2.9 seconds behind; Haakon Sigurslid 5.9; John Hegman 10.1; Christian Shanley 11.1; Eric Slater 23.8
Final B: Patrick Caldwell 2:22.6; Gino Pastore 4.0 seconds behind; Max Scrimgeour 4.4; Aren Burkemo 6.5; Harmish McEwen 8.1; Bridger Dunnagan 11.8

Junior 1 results (ages 16-17)
(1.2 kilometers)
Girls Results

Final A: Isabel Caldwell 3:12.0; Annie Liotta 1.4 seconds behind; Gage Fichter 2.8; Elena Luethi 4.8; Summer Ellefson 9.7; Alicia Rose Pastore 13.8
Final B: Kristin Halvorsen 3:16.2; Kinsey Loan 2.6 seconds behind; Stella Holt 3.9; Annika Taylor 5.1; Elizabeth Anderson 14.1; Elizabeth Simak 14.9
Boys Results
Final A: David Sinclair 2:45.1; Jackson Rich 2.6 seconds behind; Hans Halversen 3.1; Eric Ryan 3.8; Silas Talbot 10.0; Bridger Tyler 21.9; Spencer Lacy 24.7
Final B: Scott Patterson 2:52.5; Johnny Springer 0.6 seconds behind; Noah Hagen 1.9; Magnus Bigelow 18.0; Connor Benton 1:27.9

Older Junior results (ages 18-19)
(1.2 kilometers)
Girls Results

Final A: Kaitlynn Miller 3:11.8; Rebecca Konieczny 5.9 seconds behind; Corrine Malcolm 9.2; Kailey Mucha 10.1; Liza Goodwin 14.0; Heather Edic 21.9
Final B: Marisa Rorabaugh 3:14.1; Corinne Prevot 5.6 seconds behind; Alyson McPhetres 6.2; Jessie Yeaton 9.2; Libby Ellis 15.1; Emily Attwood 21.7
Boys Results
Final A: Alex Schulz 2:39.7; Skyler Davis 1.9 seconds behind; Chase Marston 2.6; Welly Ramsey 4.0; David Norris 9.8; Sam Tarling 20.2
Final B: Jordan Buetow 2:47.1; Lucas Milliken 0.7 seconds behind; Ben Hugus 1.4; Anthony Ryerson 5.0; Joey Bard 5.4; Chris Stock 1:11.8

America East

Ashley Kelley (University of Maine sophomore from Hermon), softball pitcher, went 4-0 with a 2.40 ERA in 23¤ innings and was the pitcher of record in Maine’s 3-2 Stetson Invitational Championship Game win over Stetson Sunday.

Penobscot Valley Conference
Girls Swimming
First Team

200 medley relay: MDI (Chelsey Curran, Augusta Blandford, Rya
nn Rourk, Erin Connery); 200 free: Alyssa Reardon (Bangor); 200 IM: Alice Ruiu (Bangor); 50 free: Cece McEachern (Ellsworth); diving: Ashley Higgins (Bangor); 100 butterfly: Alice Ruiu (Bangor); 100 free: Amelia Kief (MDI); 500 free: Cece McEachern (Ellsworth); 200 free relay: MDI (Amelia Kief, Courtney Sullivan, Olivia Jacobs, Chelsey Curran); 100 back: Chelsey Curran (MDI); 100 breaststroke: Ryann Rourk (MDI); 400 free relay: MDI (Erin Connery, Ryann Rourk, Olivia Jacobs, Amelia Kief)
Second Team
200 medley relay: Foxcroft Academy (Amber Murray, Ashley Murray, Chellie Oldfield, Erin Boyer); 200 free: Erin Connery (MDI); 200 IM: Amber Murray (Foxcroft); 50 free: Olivia Jacobs (MDI); diving: Meghan Rowe (Bangor); 100 butterfly: Lauren Dwyer (Orono); 100 free: Julia Kurzius (Foxcroft); 500 free: Alyssa Reardon (Bangor); 200 free relay: Bangor (Dominique Comeau, Meri Wicks, Lacey Hernandez, Casey Pray); 100 back: Amber Murray (Foxcroft); 100 breaststroke: Veronica Wallace-Ewing (Orono); 400 free relay: Bangor (Jenny Dickson, Casey Pray, Meri Wicks, Alyssa Reardon)
Honorable Mention
200 medley relay: Orono (Lauren Dwyer, Julianne LeBrecque, Rudy Wallace-Ewing, Veronica Wallace-Ewing; 200 free: Amelia Kief (MDI); 200 IM: Ryann Rourk (MDI); 50 free: Casey Pray (Bangor); diving: Martina Bosse (Bangor); 100 butterfly: Chelsey Curran (MDI); 100 free: Olivia Jacobs (MDI); 500 free: Erin Connery (MDI); 100 back: Lauren Dwyer (Orono); 100 breaststroke: Ashley Murray (Foxcroft)
Swimmer of the year: Alicie Ruiu (Bangor); diver of the meet: Ashley Higgins (Bangor); coach of the year: Cindi Howard (Bangor); diving coach of the year: Jaret Lizzotte (Bangor)

Boys Swimming
First Team

200 medley relay: Bangor (Taylor Wicks, Sam Barnett, Ian Kasprzak, Joey Quinn); 200 free: Ian Carbone (MDI); 200 IM: Taylor Wicks (Bangor); 50 free: Ihan Cameron (Bangor); diving: Tim Smith (Bangor); 100 butterfly: Travis Dennison (Ellsworth); 100 free: Keith Chandler (Ellsworth); 500 free: Ian Carbone (MDI); 200 free relay: Bangor (Sam Barnett, Taylor Wicks, Ihan Cameron, Joey Quinn); 100 back: Taylor Wicks (Bangor); 100 breaststroke: Seth Oldfield (Foxcroft); 400 free relay: MDI (Ty Onda, Jason Carbone, Madison luck, Ian Carbone)
Second Team
200 medley relay: MDI (Ty Onda, Ian Carbone, Andre Stevens-Rosa, Madison Luck); 200 free: Joey Quinn (Bangor); 200 IM: Ty Onda (MDI); 50 free: Dillon Brown (Hampden); diving: Spencer Warmuth (Brewer); 100 butterfly: Cameron Fadley (Foxcroft); 100 free: Robbie Bickford (Old Town); 500 free: Joey Quinn (Bangor); 200 free relay: Foxcroft (Seth Oldfield, Zach Evans, Donnie Boyer, Cameron Fadley); 100 back: Cameron Dwyer (Orono); 100 breaststroke: Sam Barnett (Bangor); 400 free relay: Ellsworth (Travis Dennnison, Lyle Stephenson, Keith Chandler, Maks Grover)
Honorable Mention
200 medley relay: Ellsworth (Keith Chandler, Tucker Cambridge, Travis Dennison, Maks Grover); 200 free: Brent Williams (Brewer); 200 IM: Seth Oldfield (Foxcroft); 50 free: Andre Stevens-Rosa (MDI); diving: Ross Cormier (Bangor); 100 butterfly: Ty Onda (MDI); 100 free: Andre Stevens-Rosa (Bangor); 500 free: Brent Williams (Brewer); 200 free relay: Hampden Academy (Spencer Ranger, Lou Delima, Caspar Nieswand, Dillon Brown); 100 back: Cameron Fadley (Foxcroft); 100 breaststroke: Isaac Walton (Bangor); 400 free relay: Bangor (Dan McDonald, Isaac Carson, Ian Kasprzak, Ihan Cameron)
Swimmer of the year: Taylor Wicks (Bangor); diver of the meet: Tim Smith (Bangor); coach of the year: Phil Emery (Bangor); diving coach of the year: Jaret Lizzotte

Girls Alpine Skiing
First Team

Giant slalom: Denali Graham (Bangor), Macy Jones (Camden Hills), Emily Blackwood (Edward Little), Rebekah Kallgren (MCI), Abbi Davis (Mt. Blue), Heather Farrington (Mt. Blue); slalom: Abi Bowie (Cony), Emily Blackwood (Edward Little), Phoebe Chamberlin (Edward Little), Rebekah Kallgren (MCI), Abbi Davis (Mt. Blue), Emily Dean (Mt. Blue)
Second Team
Giant slalom: Jane Ouillette (Belfast), Abi Bowie (Cony), Phoebe Chamberlin (Edward Little), Molly Howe (Hampden), Emily Deane (Mt. Blue), Eliza Richard (Mt. Blue); slalom: Denali Graham (Bangor), Jane Ouillette (Belfast), Allarie Lever (Edward Little), Heather Farrington (Mt. Blue), Eliza Richard (Mt. Blue), Jessie Brown (Oxford Hills)
Skier of the year: Emily Blackwood (Edward Little); alpine coach of the year: Tara Eretzian (Edward Little)

Boys Alpine Skiing
First Team

Giant slalom: Andrew Baxter (Camden Hills), Clark Chamberlin (Edward Little), James Jackson (Edward Little), Branden Lever (Edward Little), Sam Ricker (Leavitt), Ben Roy (Messalonskee), Alex Witt (Mt. Blue); slalom: Andrew Baxter (Camden Hills), James Jackson (Edward Little), Branden Lever (Edward Little), Ben Roy (Messalonskee), Alex Witt (Mt. Blue), Sam Ricker)
Second Team
Giant slalom: Brock Naylor (Leavitt), Brody Youland (Leavitt), Sean Daigle (Maranacook), Jared Foster (Mt. Blue), Harris Roberts (Mt. Blue); slalom: Clark Chamberlin (Edward Little), Brody Youland (Leavitt), Sean Daigle (Maranacook), Jared Foster (Mt. Blue), Sam Prentiss (Mt. Blue), Harris Roberts (Mt. Blue), Phil Bergeron (Waterville)
Skiers of the year: Andrew Baxter (Camden Hills), Ben Roy (Messalsonkee)

Girls Nordic Skiing
First Team

Allison Fereshetian (Leavitt), Abby Mace (Maranacook), Linnea Tilberg (Mount Ararat), Emma Wood (Mount Ararat), Hannah Allen (Mt. Blue), Emily Ramsey (Mt. Blue)
Second Team
Audrey Bennett (Edward Little), Hanna Mogensen (Edward Little), Lucy Knowlton (Leavitt), Maddie Wiegman (Leavitt), Adrian Huntington (Maranacook), Caitlin Douglass (Mt. Blue)
Skier of the year: Abby Mace (Maranacook); nordic coach of the year: David Nordstrom (Mt. Blue)

Boys Nordic Skiing
First Team

Tom Rabon (Leavitt), Tyler DeAngelis (Maranacook), Justin Greeley (Maranacook), Kelton Cullenberg (Mt. Blue), Brody Hines (Mt. Blue), Riley Eusden (Oxford Hills)
Second Team
Travis Adams (Leavitt), Dylan Chase (Leavitt), Derek Drouin (Leavitt), Walker Thompson (Maranacook), Richie Brooks (Mt. Blue), Justin St. John (Oxford Hills)
Skier of the year: Justin Greeley (Maranacook)

Skiing All-Academic Team

Bangor: Sam Askins, James VerLee; Camden Hills: Kevin Pierce, Josiah Carle; Edward Little: Clark Chamberlin; Hampden Academy: Alex Cust, Evan Sinclair; Leavitt: Travis Adams, Dylan Chase, Derek Drouin; MCI: Calvin Kersbergen; Messalonskee: Ben Roy; Mount Ararat: Benjamin Grotton; Mt. Blue: Kelton Cullenberg, Jared Foster, Samuel Prentiss, Nicholas Wilkins; Oxford Hills: Riley Eusden, Charles Munn, Justin St. John
Bangor: Denali Graham; Camden Hills: Jamie Burgess, Jessie Mathews; Edward Little: Rebecca Barton, Christie Bernier, Emily Blackwood, Hanna Mogensen, Katelyn Williamson; Hampden Academy: Christina Fortin, Abigail Sherburne, Tessa Wood; Leavitt: Allison Fereshetian, Kate McKeown; Mount Ararat: Morgan Kinney, Linnea Tilberg; Mt. Blue: Amanda Hall; Oxford Hills: Jessica Brown, Sorrel Dunn, Krista Hakala, Abby Korn, Lindsay Strout, Emily Thomas, Brittany Turner

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