May 23, 2018
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Dec. 30 Letters to the Editor

Blood of the innocent

After reading “Clergy protest abortion limits” in the BDN’s Dec. 5-6 edition, my wife and I were truly appalled. Here stand three community leaders representing the person and church of Jesus Christ, yet advocating the slaughter of unborn children. This is nothing but an outrage.

Clearly the Bible has no bearing on their stand with this issue. It is the sanctity of life where emphasis is given by Scripture, not a woman’s right to choose. In fact, a woman’s choice in forbidden fruit is what started this whole mess.

The sanctity of life is woven like a beautiful tapestry through the pages of Scripture. For example, psalms 139: 15-16 says we are knit together in the womb, fearfully and wonderfully made.

To be absolutely clear, these clergy do not represent biblical Christianity. They are an ultra-liberal counterfeit that Jesus warned the generations to steer clear of: “Wolves in sheep’s clothing,” “blind guides” and “white-washed tombs” are the words of Jesus toward such leaders. In Heaven’s eyes, their hands are drenched in the blood of the innocent.

Ted Robinson



Stalin’s character

Some points made in the recent BDN article, “Communists celebrate Stalin’s birthday,” I find very interesting.

Polls find most Russians — 54 percent — have a high opinion of Stalin’s leadership qualities, and only 23 percent rate his personal character traits as below average.

Stalin was a communist, and had no regard for individual freedom. His collectivist, socialist goals were never achieved and tens of millions of innocent people died directly because of his leadership and warped ideas.

The lesson from Stalin is socialism isn’t functional no matter how many people you kill.

Polls asking superficial questions about a man who left so much pain and death in his wake insult the victims and distort history. It baffles me how people so long deprived of basic freedoms can celebrate the birthday of an oppressor.

Travis Beal



Send Paul to tanning bed

Bangor’s symbol is pale.

As in Wisconsin(and other places), the city of Bangor boasts claim to the legendary woodsman Paul Bunyan. Having grown up in Bangor, I tend to stand with those who maintain that Bunyan was from here.

To those visiting Bangor for the first time, the impressive statue of Paul Bunyan is quite an attraction. Yet, as I see his image on TV and elsewhere, I can’t help but notice his pale white face.

Most woodsmen I ever have encountered have a wholesome tan from sun and windburn from working out of doors. This guy looks more like he’s spent all of his life indoors. He is in dire need of a tan.

Roger Ritter



Gift that doesn’t give

I received a Republican bobblehead for Christmas, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Its head only went from side to side.

Jeff Smith



Common benefits

Twice the Democrats have been given the majority in the Capitol because they offered us the possibility of national, affordable health care. Each time the Republicans have worked to block Democratic attempts. Then they use this to say that “the Democrats don’t accomplish anything.”

Republicans seem to think that the only thing that’s virtuous is making everything make a lot of money. They want to privatize everything — which means sell everything. Even government should be a business.

But if government is for sale, it is corrupt. A government circulates benefits so that all of its citizens should profit. And if the majority want something, the minority will profit if it is something of common benefit. If it is not, we need people who will help make it better, not just sulk and complain and try to make things fail, as the Republicans are doing.

Cheryl Lovely

Presque Isle

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