April 23, 2018
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What to do with Brussels Sprouts

By Sandy Oliver Special to the News, Special to the BDN

Here is the fourth annual installment of what to do with Brussels sprouts. As you know by now, we harvest our sprouts late in the season. I put them down cellar to use up gradually, and even though we like them plain, steamed, with butter and salt and pepper, I do begin to hanker after some different way to use them up. Here is this year’s effort, but you have to tear them apart.

No question about it, it’s a pain to take apart Brussels sprouts. I suppose I could hack them up with a big knife, but that wouldn’t be the same as having them torn apart. Settle down for a quarter-hour of preparation time, watch or listen to the news, or do it while conversing with a friend. Think of it the same way as picking up your knitting or whittling. You can always do this job a day or so ahead, bag the result and put it in the fridge until cooking time.

I found it took approximately one minute per sprout, and after the easy leaves come off, you can slice down through the top and peel away at the inner leaves.

After you have made this recipe a couple of times, you will see that you can adjust the quantities up or down depending on how many are eating. A pound is usually enough for four to five people, and 2 pounds would feed 10 to 12. Better yet, count out four to six sprouts per person. Then think of the rest of the ingredients as seasonings and add to taste.

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