June 19, 2018
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Dec. 7 Letters to the Editor

‘Climategate’ news

What is up at the BDN? It seems the BDN has purposely left all information about the “climategate” out of its reporting. I find it difficult to believe that such timely news that receives in excess of 22 million hits on Google escapes the BDN.

Is there an unreported agenda at the BDN as well? My subscription may need to be canceled if you folks continue such unreporting that blatantly shows your bias.

Joseph Snowdeal



More to ‘climategate’

Jessica Bloch’s interview with UMaine professor Paul Mayewski merely reiterates climate alarmist conclusions without challenge. One of the “attacked” principals, Phil Jones, is allowed, all unchallenged, to insist that he is just misunderstood. A semblance of balance comes in the form of a tit for tat between politicians, Sen. James Inhofe and White House science adviser John Holdren, men many times removed from the battle, making general statements about the importance of these “attacks” to their political interests.

Mayewski’s bland assertion that the Climatic Research Unit, or CRU, crew are just good scientists who would never tamper with data ends the piece. I wouldn’t blame the average Joe or Jolene to move on to the funnies thinking, “Well, isn’t climategate a tempest in a very small teapot!”

Missing from the article was presentation of the primary source material, e-mails or equally damning data log entries for readers to have a crack at judging for themselves just how likely the motley CRU were to have falsified their data on the way to political conclusions.

Also missing was any testimony from scientists in the trenches who have been, for years, yelling their disapproval of the slipshod, hidden-data, closed-shop science behind anthropogenic global warming, or AGW, alarmist conclusions.

Any finally, no notice of the essential governing role that or CRU, and these one or two attacked scientists play. IPCC uses CRU and East Anglia University as their go-to source for information because they boast the largest database of weather-climate data in the world.

Climategate deserves more than this puff piece’s spin and gloss-over. Is the BDN up to the telling of the tale?

Lenny Hoy



Abortion ethics

Recent headlines about Rep. Patrick Kennedy being asked to stop receiving Communion because of how he voted on abortion issues brought to mind my own serious reflection of personal vs. public opinion. I have often heard that a good Catholic cannot be a good politician. This is the perfect example of why.

Patrick Kennedy is being paid to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to represent the people of his state. When voting on issues, he has to keep in mind the majority of his constituents and wear his political, not his spiritual hat.

I am a licensed social worker. Once, while working in a medical clinic, I had to give a woman information on where she could obtain an abortion. This certainly went against my Catholic upbringing and professed spirituality.

However, at that moment, I was wearing my social work hat. It was my job to give this woman the information she requested. I did not consider this a sin. I was doing the job I was being paid to do. The sin comes when a person does not do the job according to the rules and regulations of the job and functions with a personal bias.

This is the issue that Kennedy should address to his church and to the public.

Shirley G. Aube



Withdraw now

I wish the president the best of luck and success with his dumb decision to order more troops and get us further involved in Afghanistan. I can’t believe all the big brass just going along and not voicing some dissatisfaction. It would seem to me that most of these men would realize that it is a lost cause after all the effort that has been expended in that part of the world.

I am 84 years old and a 41-year-veteran from World War II and was in the military from 1943 to 1984. I have held every enlisted grade from private to sergeant and been a warrant officer and held a variety of responsible positions during that time.

I am a Democrat and always have been and probably will continue to vote that way. I am disappointed with the president because he failed to bring the troops home as he promised during his campaign. That was the primary reason I voted for him and a lot of people feel the same way.

We need to get out of those countries and let them look out for themselves. Vietnam did all right once the U.S. left and let them run their own country. The same should happen in the Middle East.

Kenneth C. Larson


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