June 19, 2018
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Dec. 3, Letters to the Editor

Climate duplicity

An example of climate change political duplicity by environmental czar Carol Browner is displayed in a recent Wall Street Journal article by Jonathan Weisman (“Browner Shrugs Off Hot Debate on Climate Change Emails,” Nov. 25). I wonder why the BDN, which supports climate change legislation, has yet to report on the recent release of the potentially damaging e-mails related to the subject and reported recently in the Wall Street Journal and other news sources.

If it is about the science and not the politics (or money), then the ossified erudite scholars should release the data, otherwise they willingly perpetuate doubt in the probity of the scientific communities’ methods and give the world an updated clear example of duplicity for political and scientific expediency.

Tim Kelly



Never the same

I am 93 and have lived through several wars. My husband, Mario, was in World War II. He participated in the Invasion of Normandy then the Battle of the Bulge and finally Berlin, where the Americans met up with the Russians and celebrated together the end of the war in Europe.

Men in armed conflict are never the same after the conflict is over.

Carmen de Carlo



Wind not green

Dixmont’s wind power ordinance (BDN, Nov. 30) is a welcome acknowledgement that land-based wind power in Maine does not live up to the cheery propaganda of its promoters. Even cursory research yields information that wind farms are neither “clean” nor “green” overall.

Why? Because backup power is needed to keep the grid stable as the moderate inland intermittent winds fluctuate. Only gas turbines are quick enough to compensate.

They must be kept in constant “spinning” mode and ramped up and down releasing lots of CO2. “As the level of wind capacity increases, the CO2 emissions actually increase as a direct result of having to cope with the variations of wind power output,” according to the Electricity Supply Board of Ireland Study, Feb. 2004. So much for mitigating global warming.

Ignoring LD 2283 (Maine’s law regarding wind farms), which mandates tangible benefits to host communities, Stetson II will not lower Danforth’s property taxes or electrical rates because it is located a mile or so over the township line in LURC territory. LURC is requiring full-spectrum sound studies to be carried out at Stet-son II, starting only after it is operational. Then what? Along with the fish which swim only a mile below the turbines in two pristine lakes, we are guinea pigs.

Mainers are seeing cherished views permanently marred by massive wind turbines by day and numerous blinking red lights at night, ruining the few remaining dark-sky areas in the U.S. All this desecration is for a debacle similar to ethanol-from-corn.

Harrison and Marilyn Roper



Honesty is reason

A recent BDN editorial asks why we continue to elect two Republican senators in Maine while being a predominately liberal political state. I think the answer is much more simple than the suppositions given. I think that most of us on a state and national level simply want honesty.

We find such honesty in both of these fine people, even when we sometimes don’t agree with their positions. Honesty has, unfortunately, become very rare, especially in national politics.

Jerry Wilson



Neglected veterans

MPBN recently had a program on brain damage, about young men back from fighting diligently for their country. It was heartbreaking for me to watch; but for the grace of God it could have been one of my grandchildren.

In one family, the dad had given up his job to take care of his son. He finally got burned out, as this was a 24-hour job, so the mom quit her job to help out. Now this couple no longer had health insurance or pay checks. They sold their house and have gone through all their savings.

The government has definitely let this family down by not compensating the parents for taking care of their son.

There were other cases that night. After leaving the hospital, there were limited resources for these families. How can that be when these men had given their all to defend this country?

It’s time for President Obama to step up to the plate and do right by these families. It doesn’t matter the cost. It would be well worth it. I’m sure not one American would complain.

Estelle J. Bowden



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