May 25, 2018
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‘Tax reform’ bill an attempt to scam Maine taxpayers

By Charles Webster, Special to the BDN

The Nov. 14 editorial regarding LD 1495, the Democrat enacted “tax reform,” accurately acknowledges the fact that the Maine Republican Party supports repeal of this new law. We enthusiastically worked with volunteers from the Maine Green Party and hundreds of other Maine residents who collected signatures to repeal this legislation.

LD 1495 is hardly an attempt by Maine Democrats to lower Maine’s income tax. One would have to be naive to accept this premise, considering the fact that after over 35 years of one-party control (Democrat), these folks have never shown a willingness to support lowering Maine income tax rates. Every attempt by Maine Re-publicans to do so has been blocked by our Democratic Legislature.

This legislation is an attempt by Maine Democrats to temporarily lower our income tax (for a few Mainers), while permanently expanding our sales tax.

Anyone who believes that the enactment of LD 1495 would result in long-term reductions in our income tax rates is unaware of the history associated with tax policies enacted by our Democratic friends in the State House.

Maine people are among the highest-taxed residents in this country.

Maine is a welfare state, a place where folks move, to gain easy access to our government programs.

These facts are indisputable.

Based on these facts, and the fact that the Democrats are unwilling to make necessary structural changes in government spending, the majority party enacted LD 1495. They need more tax revenues.

The Democratic plan to take more money out of the pockets of our working people, to fund government spending that we don’t want and simply can’t afford, is unacceptable to Maine Republicans. We agree with leaders in the Maine Green Party that taxing auto repair labor charges and movie tickets, meals and telephone serv-ices, will be especially burdensome to our lower income citizens.

To identify LD 1495 as “tax reform” is an insincere attempt to scam our working class under the guise of lowering taxes. Frankly, I am disappointed the BDN would fail to recognize this fact.

If you work at Wal-Mart, work as a waitress or drive a truck, LD 1495, the Democratic “tax reform,” will require you to pay even more taxes to fund our welfare state. I believe many Mainers would agree with me that the Democrats have abandoned the working people of our state with their obsession with welfare and government spending.

I am also absolutely convinced that if our attempt to repeal this law fails, it is only a matter of time before haircuts and plumbing, carpentry and accounting services will be charged Maine’s sales tax.

Maine Democrats continue to tax and spend, based on their never ending appetite to fund government spending.

Repealing “tax reform” will send them a long overdue message that our working people pay enough and government spending must be brought under control.

I am hopeful that the BDN will review this legislation and agree with us that Maine’s working people can’t afford this “reform” offered by the Maine Democratic Party.

Charles Webster of Farmington is chairman of the Maine Republican Party.

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