June 20, 2018
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Nov. 9, Letters to the Editor

Gas boycott

Sitting in my living room on Halloween watching the news, I heard that gas prices were up again, and at a year high. I decided to try to do something about it.

It’s time to let the oil companies know we will unite to set fuel prices where we want. And not where they want.

With gasoline prices at a year high, it’s time to act. Most people don’t realize that we, not them, control the gas prices. So if we go one calendar week without using a gas pump, we can really make a difference in bringing down prices. I hope everyone can check out my group page online at http://bit.ly/2sxlxG.

Come on, America, we can do this. Oil companies stick high prices on us at holidays. If we do this the week of Sunday, Dec. 13 through Saturday, Dec. 19, the demand for petroleum products will go down, and the supply will go up. That will, in turn, lower those high gas prices.

I realize this event is a few weeks away, so we will have to remember to note it and remind everyone. Let’s fight the oil companies together.

Christopher C. McGrath



In the wrong direction

I was brought up in Amherst, Maine, and have lived in this area for most of my life. I have coached Little League baseball for many years. I know many good people and kids in the Ellsworth area. I am a father of four boys, married for 16 years, and struggle to provide for my family, to provide a good place to raise my family on my hard work. I am a career woodsman, and a humble employee.

I see this great country of ours going in the wrong direction for the past decade or two. I have been working to turn this around by helping through a coalition called the 912Project.com Carter Jones



Shame on Maine

What a sad day it is. Mainers had a chance to show the country what an accepting, loving state we are. But alas, Mainers showed how ignorant they are instead.

A homosexual man or woman can fight for and die for our country to protect our freedom, but we won’t give them the freedom to marry whomever they choose? We need to get out of the 12th century and realize that homosexuality is out there; be accepting of it and not fear it.

I thought that all men and women were supposed to be treated equal. I guess that only refers to heterosexuals. I am proud to say that I voted no on 1, yet sad to admit that I live in a closed-minded state.

Shame on you Maine, shame on you.

Mary Anne Keenan



Sad photo

The BDN’s front page picture of the people celebrating the defeat of gay marriage left me feeling sad and ashamed. The victory was not for the institution of

Jan Beckett


• •

Faith and fairness

Several articles in the BDN and other newspapers cite the Diocese of Maine as the second-largest contributor to an organization advocating a yes vote on Question 1.

I am uncertain how a church, if it is using tax deductible donations from its members, is able to use those finds for a political purpose when those taking the other side of the issue, or any other political issue, must support their cause with taxable donations. The IRS tax code has enough exceptions to accommodate the proverbial Mack truck but there is a basic issue of fairness at play here. Churches, and their members, should not be enabled by our tax codes to take political positions — if they choose to do so, they should do so on the same level playing field that others must use.

John Grierson



Yes on 1 wins, state loses

I am wearing black today, mourning the fact that we live in a bigoted society here in Maine — like the Jews who wore arm badges, like the blacks who were separated, like the natives who were put on reservations.

This state is losing out. I have chosen in my life to work with the poorest among us, the mentally ill, and still I am not considered an equal to the rest. My choices should be my own.

I have to wonder about criminals and child predators who are granted equality in the eyes of the yes voters. They are not denied love and acceptance.

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I am living in a hostile environment. I do have hope that one day soon this will change. Maybe I will move to Canada until that happens.

Jackie Lee



Kudos to councilors

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to councilors Gratwick, Blanchette and Weston on their election to our City Council. My every encounter with them was both enlightening and inspirational. I am confident that they will serve the residents of Bangor well.

I also would like to thank the residents of Bangor for their support and for the opportunity to participate in the election. It was truly a great experience.

Paul Lodgek



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