June 24, 2018
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Oct. 21 Letters to the Editor

God and marriage

Living for 87 years in the USA, I believe it was nicer when we were young.

In the 1950s, one woman — with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court — made it illegal to allow the Creator of all we see to enter a schoolhouse.

Rather, God was thrown out of the school and town square.

Later, one woman, with the help of the Supreme Court, made it legal to use abortion as a means of birth control. Efforts have been made to erase God from the Pledge of Allegiance and from our coinage.

Now comes a final push to erase God from marriage. If the Bible is not believed, I see nothing wrong with same-sex union; I would hope that laws could be made to give equal rights to that also.

Any reading of the Old and New Testament should make it plain that inserting God into same-sex unions does a disservice to the God of the Bible and to Christian belief. Having some good friends and relatives of the persuasion of same-sex unions, I wish — I beg — them not to destroy the idea of marriage by inserting God’s plan into same- sex unions.

Ed Walden



AG out of line

I am worn out by listening to the half truths used to inform the electorate about the gay marriage question. I’m appalled that a biased education commissioner would use taxpayer funds along with the attorney general to issue a statement to support one side on an issue.

Their combined bias is then trumpeted by the state’s major newspapers as relevant fact. Baloney. All of the aforementioned groups know the truth, but want to pretend no one else understands. Both sides of this issue know that curriculum decisions are made at the local level.

No, passing Question 1 will not change curriculum. But passing Question 1 can lead to activist groups at the local level asking to teach a “balanced” view of life and marriage in schools. The commissioner of education and her gang have used their public position and taxpayer money to confuse the truth and influence election re-sults. Shame on them.

I hope reasonable people understand that educational curriculum can be changed if Question 1 passes and gay activist groups push a newly strengthened hand by its passage. In the future, I hope public officials stay out of these campaigns. However, an education commissioner who can’t help communicate the truth isn’t promoting confidence, just an agenda.

Kevin Fellows



Genderless world

The Marriage Equality Act is being touted with the claim that it will not affect anyone else. This is simply not true. If homosexuals wished simply to live as they choose without affecting others, this law completely negates that possibility.

It creates a genderless recording of future relationships. No longer would the terms bride and groom or husband and wife be allowed on marriage licenses or certificates. Next, there could be no “mother” or “father” on birth certificates. The very real possibility of removing the gender of the children must also be considered.

This “no labels” mentality must be taken seriously, as it eventually makes its way into every fiber of our lives, including the removal of gender designations on public restroom doors or the nonadmittance of specific sexes into clubs and organizations.

Legal prosecutions, and then bankruptcy, of businesses that refused to provide their service in a situation that compromised their own values have occurred, meaning this law — which grants special rights to a few — results in astronomical loss of personal rights to those who are not gay (still the majority in Maine.)

Mainers need to seriously consider the consequences of this legislation for our state before voting it into law.

Lorraine Fecteau



State spending limits

A recent letter about Question 4 stated that “Question 4 is our best chance to increase the number of young people in Maine and to attract new opportunities for success.” I fail to see how a proven failure of fiscal policy would help Maine’s economy and bring “new opportunities for success.”

Colorado is the only state to have passed TABOR and it drove that state to the brink of bankruptcy. Police, fire and emergency medical workers lost jobs. Public works employees lost jobs. Education funding increases were nearly eliminated.

The results of these situations should have been easy to predict. When you cut emergency workers, they don’t get to you as fast when someone breaks in, or your house catches fire or you have a heart attack. When you cut public works, your roads don’t get repaired as quickly, if at all. And cutting education in Colorado forced children to wear their winter jackets in class, because schools couldn’t afford oil for heat.

Question 4 would force this to happen here, which would hardly increase the number of young people in Maine. Who wants to raise their children in a state that can’t afford to heat its schools?

A more effective and reasonable way to decrease the tax burden in Maine is already in place: LD 1, signed into law in January 2005, aims to lower Maine’s state and local tax burden ranking to the middle one-third of states by 2015. LD 1’s formula limits spending to changes in Maine income and was developed by Maine’s business community, not an outside, out-of-state special interest group. LD 1 is working.

Vote no on Question 4.

Jared Bowden



Pandora’s box

The homosexuals ask how their “marriages” will affect traditional marriages. It will pollute the standard of traditional marriage with a moral decay to the point that it will mean nothing. Traditional marriage between one woman and one man is holy in the eyes of God. God planned it this way (Mark 10:6-9). Same-sex “marriage” will never be equal to traditional marriage in God’s eyes.

The homosexuals want us to show tolerance toward their desire for marriage. What Pandora’s box will be opened if that happens? The more tolerance shown will mean anything goes in who or what marries. After all, we should not be intolerant, bigoted or discriminate against any group with different sexual orientations like the incest, bestiality and the man-boy love people, etc. The new standard will be “no standard, no morals, anything goes.”

Christian churches that support same-sex marriage are deceiving and lying about what God says. Real Christian churches tell the truth that homosexuals won’t go to heaven (1 Cor.6:9), but there is hope through Jesus Christ.

Guess who is Obama’s safe and drug-free schools czar? Kevin Jennings, author of “The Queering of Elementary Education” and founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. He wants homosexual indoctrination of students at all grade levels.

It’s disturbing homosexual sin is being normalized and legalized. What is the next sexual sin group that wants their “marriage” rights?

Janice Bodwell



Election notice

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