May 20, 2018
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Oct. 20 Letters to the Editor

Yes on 1 weak

I am puzzled and disappointed in the current arguments against gay marriage. It seems to me that logic is being tossed out the window to create arguments simply to support a position, which many in opposition do not fully understand.

First, to say that marriage’s primary function is procreation is fine and a seemingly appropriate definition. Does this mean that adults who are physically unable to procreate will not be allowed to enter into a marriage? How about married couples who choose not to have a child? Should their marriage licenses be revoked?

Any reasonable person would say that in both cases, these two heterosexual couples should be permitted to enter into a marriage.

Another argument, that gay marriage will be taught in schools, seems like fear of the unknown. These arguments are fear tactics, accusations being made with little to no evidence. This law will produce little change in classrooms. High school history teachers will still teach about the Greeks and their love affairs with each other while away at war, theater departments will still produce plays that feature gays, and high school health classes will still tackle the difficult topics of sexuality with the same sensitivity and tact.

The opposition has yet to present a clear, logical argument for why Maine should not recognize gay marriage.

Shane Yardley



Snowe vulnerable now

Once again, Sen. Olympia Snowe has demonstrated that she can be read quite openly — no surprise to this conservative that she would vote with the Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee, and I am certain that the Dems were sure that they would have her vote. And now our other senator has declared that she will follow suit.

It would be nice if they would run as the Democrats they are and allow true conservatives in the Republican Party to have an open run for their seats.

Snowe stated that she is fiscally conservative and that her party left her — does she really believe us to be that stupid in Maine? She has voted for abortion at every level, for anti-family legislation, and now for this fiscally irresponsible proposal as set forth by the liberals in the Senate.

This is not proving the bipartisanship of the proposal, but is showing that she must have been promised more than she could turn down by Obama and his cohorts as they fielded calls and meetings with her.

“She is untouchable electorally in the state of Maine” is a hot statement for one to make in light of Olympia’s following Obama in the stimulus vote and now this. I am determined to prove this statement wrong.

Sharon I. Rideout



Thanks to Sen. Snowe

I want to thank Sen. Olympia Snowe for her support on health care reform. When I opened up the Oct. 14 paper I was a proud Republican. I’d like to thank Sen. Snowe for making this decision based not on political party but on what is right and just.

I see the health care crisis every day. I am owner of Lots of Tots, a family child care program in Washington County, and as a child care provider for the past 23 years I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be for families to cope with the rising cost medical care. Many times I have worked with families that fall right on the borderline of making too much money to receive MaineCare but not enough to purchase medical insurance. I empathize with these families; I have seen the financial strain it places on them.

One family I know has a year-old baby; they got a notice from their insurance company that it would not pay for their child’s immunizations.

Doesn’t it make sense that an insurance company might want to pay for preventive things? Guess not to this insurance company.

Health care should be a right, not a privilege.

Once again, thanks to Sen. Snowe for standing up for Maine families. I hope she will continue to fight to strengthen the health care bill in the weeks to come.

Penni Theriault



Crossword kudos

Just a short note to yell “Hurrah!” We finally have “adult” weekly crossword again. What a delight to have to work filling an elusive letter to complete two intersecting words.

Winter looks a lot shorter to this senior citizen with a good crossword to look forward to each day.

Frederica E. Fuller



Snowe for the children

As a law enforcement leader, I want to publicly commend Sen. Olympia Snowe for her continued leadership on issues critical to at-risk children in Maine and our nation.

Thanks to Sen. Snowe, the recently approved Senate Finance Committee bill on health care reform includes provisions to fund voluntary home-visiting programs, shown by research to cut abuse and neglect in half and reduce crime. The measure also expands coverage for the most disadvantage children.

In the massive and comprehensive federal health care debate, it would have been easy to overlook a constituency that did not have a seat at the table — young children. Thankfully, Sen. Snowe was their voice.

I want to offer my voice in appreciation for her diligent work during the long and hard deliberations over health care reform. She is truly a champion for children and investments in kids that will make our communities safer.

Mark Leonard

Veazie chief of police


Snowe is sincere

I would like to thank Sen. Olympia Snowe for her courageous vote on health care reform. It is great that Maine’s Sen. Snowe will stand up for the people of Maine and not just the special interest groups that are so prevalent in Washington D.C.

I know she will continue to try to strengthen the bill as the process continues, focusing on affordability and access to quality health care, while giving due consideration to a public option.

Sen. Snowe is sincerely trying to support Maine’s working families. Her leadership is greatly appreciated.

Stephan Donnell


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