How do the referendum campaign strategies rate?

Posted Oct. 19, 2009, at 4:48 p.m.

The battle for votes in the Question 1 referendum – where a yes vote repeals same-sex mar-riage and a no vote sustains it – have been reduced to claims and counter-claims relating to public education. Repeal proponents say gay marriage will find its way into

classroom discus-sions, while opponents say it won’t, any more than it does now.

Are you surprised the debate has centered on schools? Is bringing children into the debate effective? What about the larger public policy questions relating to same-sex marriage? Are they being ignored in the fuss over what will or won’t be taught? Allowing same-sex

marriage is a big change; but specifically, how does it threaten traditional marriage, as repeal proponents have charged? Are same-sex marriage proponents oblivious to the feelings of those whose faith drives their opposition? printed on April 24, 2017