April 26, 2018
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Obama must work to earn his Nobel

This week, ClickBack sought editorial page reader comment on President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and the ongoing reassessment of Christopher Columbus.

Obama and the Nobel — embarrassment or source of pride?

It should be a source of pride. Pride that entails a lot of hard work in the future. It seems that the prize was given as a carrot on a stick; a lot needs to be done to get the carrot!


It was an opportunity for liberals in Europe who can not vote in American elections to cast a vote for Obama.


This is a joke! Especially when Obama is further engaging us in our desperate attempt to colonize Afghanistan. Why do you think the announcement to send an additional 14,000 troops there waited until today? Could it be that it would have been bad timing to announce the move before this travesty?

No peace! No justice for the other deserving nominees!


I don’t think Obama campaigned for the prize, nor do I believe he had any idea that he would get it. So why all the uproar? He has already stated that he would give the money to charity; good fortune to whatever that charity may be.


No, there was no “poke in the eye” from Europe in any way [with the Nobel]. Europeans themselves and their own governments discredited this award going to Obama. Europeans are laughing at the U.S.

Obama is a likeable guy, but he has not the chutzpah politically, and his neophyte status in the world does not credit him or the U.S. You do not give the Nobel award for intent.


I for one am proud! President Obama has already done more than anyone else this year to reduce tensions by reaching out to Muslims, repairing relations with Russia and working to curb two dangerous trends: nuclear proliferation and climate change. All this is no doubt anathema to right-wingers, but do we really want a world of boiling hostility?


Throughout history world powers have used the images of motherhood, nationalism, and even apple pie to promote various wars. The Nobel committee decided to use issuance of the Peace Prize to push for future peaceful action by this Administration. I voted for McCain, but if the committee’s trick works, I’ll be the first to cheer.


Our president and Nobel laureate is adeptly leading us toward honorable peace, economic security and climatic health, but even audacious journeys often begin with a stop at the Irving station for a cup of Baronet coffee and to use the restroom. “It takes a little time, sometimes, to turn the Titanic around.” — Amy Grant.


Has Columbus been given the PC treatment?

Historical and archival records wrought from so many validated and reliable sources, tell a completely different story from what we “knew” as children studying Christopher Columbus’ adventures. They depicted Chris as an amicable and good-intentioned old man who “founded” America (named after Amerigo Vespucci). He was not the character the history books portrayed him to be.

Change the history books. It’s okay to publish the truth!

New textbooks should recognize, however, that these people and their prime missions assisted in the formulation of this country, the U.S.A, as it later came to be known. Schools should teach the truth about these events and figureheads. There are enough fantasies in life.


History as taught in our schools changes constantly. Lincoln did not “free the slaves.” Custer was not a hero; he disobeyed orders and got his men killed. U.S. Grant was a drunk who allowed his friends to corrupt his presidency. The Maine probably blew up because of a faulty boiler. And Columbus was a tyrant who bullied his men, kidnapped native people and sailed to “the new world” only for his own profit.

I always liked the idea of changing the holiday to Italian-American Day.


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