June 23, 2018
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Oct. 14 Letters to the Editor

Immoral relationship

This is in reply to Arthur and Marjorie Doles’ ridiculous claim that “same-sex marriage contributes to family values.” (BDN letters, Sept. 30).

The fact remains that same-sex marriage is no more than an immoral sexual relationship and therefore should not be made legal. That is why I am voting yes on Question 1 on Nov. 3.

Dee C. Brown Jr.



Money to burn

We recently had a marijuana bust in Washington County. The estimated value was nearly $3 million. Law enforcement kept some for evidence and burned the rest. Why? Couldn’t the state have sold this for medicinal purposes?

Nearly $3 million up in smoke? This wasted money would have gone a long way toward education, our roads or bridges.

Our governor took the 6 percent sales tax off because the state had a surplus. This 1 percent was not hurting many people. Now the state is crying because it has less for education, roads and bridges.

Our elected officials think we have money to burn. What are they thinking?

Milton Dysart



Gays not perverse

I was sorry to read the article on St. Matthew’s parishioners’ stand on Question 1. Having once been a member of that founding parish council for 16 years, I know that some do not agree with Bishop Malone. It seems strange that Question 1 is such a threat when more than 50 percent of Catholic marriages end up in divorce. Gays are not perverse and destroying families. The issue is civil and not religious rights.

In more than 40 years of employment in health and welfare agencies in eight of Maine’s counties, I have worked with social workers, doctors, nurses, priests and people from all walks of life who were gay. I never met a person who chose to be gay, so that friends could hate and demean them. How can we say we love them, but say they threaten our sanctity?

I have been married to my loving wife for nearly 59 years and will vote no on Question 1.

Ed Bonenfant, M.S.W.



Lust is the word

The discussion on same-sex marriage should begin with and end on the word lust. This is not about love and never has been and the words are not interchangeable.

God created and designed marriage because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion toward God, which resulted in bringing lust into the world.

Man did not design marriage and therefore cannot tamper with it. God did it to control man’s lust and keep it within some boundaries because uncontrolled lust leads to the destruction of society. We have come closer and closer to being faced daily with lust in the public arena. It belongs behind closed doors and should remain private and personal because it is a destructive force when it becomes public.

God is not on our side in this issue — and the operative question becomes, are you on God’s side?

Glennice Cline



Yes, no, maybe

The referendum question on same-sex marriage is written so that no means yes. The law permits gays to marry in Maine. So if you believe the law should stand and continue to be our law, you must vote no on the referendum question.

This tendency for referendum writers to force voters to do a somersault in their thinking does not serve our lawmaking responsibility well.

No should mean no, as we have been advised by women in another contest, no?

John Lyman



Yes enumerated

When marriage is redefined to be about any two consenting adults without regard to gender, the focus becomes only about what the adults want for themselves, and not what is best for society as a whole. The roles of husbands and wives no longer are relevant. The reliance on marriage as an important fabric of society no longer matters. And the marriage laws no longer even consider what is best for children.

A yes vote on Question 1 repeals homosexual marriage in Maine.

A yes vote on Question 1 restores the definition of marriage to what Maine law has always been and what human history has always understood marriage to be: One man and one woman.

A yes vote on Question 1 maintains the rights and benefits of Maine same-sex couples who are covered by our domestic partners law. A yes vote does not take anything away from homosexual couples, but protects tradition marriage.

A yes vote on Question 1 protects our children from being taught in public schools that “same-sex marriage” is the same as traditional marriage. Massachusetts children as young as the second grade are being taught that they can grow up to marry either a boy or a girl, that either option is the same.

And a yes vote on Question 1 puts the power in the hands of the voters, not politicians.

Gene Graves



Re-elect Jan Anderson

I have been a neighbor of and have worked with Jan Anderson on various issues that the city of Belfast faces and wish to relate my experience with her as a city councilor.

I have found Jan to be most helpful and considerate of the welfare of all residents of our wonderful community. She is open to all opinions, listens well, works hard at gathering the facts and looks at the short- and long-term effects of all the options and her positions on issues. She is deliberate in her problem-assessment, and works tirelessly and cooperatively with others to reach a solution that is best for the overall community. I have never seen her “bend” to special interests to the detriment to our city.

She is also very creative in her suggestions for expanding the economy of our city in a way that protects the character and beauty of Belfast, while providing sustainable employment for its residents. Her plans to improve our town are ongoing, are not “quick-fix” or short-term boosts that “fizzle out” next month or year, but are designed to provide lasting benefits for all of us. These plans often require time and careful assessment; and this sometimes causes impatient reactions.

She is truly a fair-minded, loyal and committed councilor. I wholeheartedly endorse Jan Anderson for re-election as councilor for Ward 4.

J. Ed Robeau



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