May 21, 2018
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Letterman, Olympics and cruise ships

Did Obama diminish the presidency in his Olympic bid?

I’m an Obama supporter but I did not think he should have advocated for Chicago. This is simply not an important enough issue for the president. I also thought he should not have said anything about the Louis Gates issue. He should use his position strategically and not waste his voice on small things.


Obama did what any president should: advocate for America. Limbaugh, Beck and the Weekly Standard cheered America’s defeat. The Right in America now roots against its own country. This is pathetic.


It was undignified and beneath his office. He has much more serious issues that he should be focused on. It made him look graspy. Just like he would not delegate health care, Afghanistan, Iran, Middle East peace and the economy to some midlevel bureaucrat, there are some things a president should stay out of. The only possible exception being if it were known in advance that the U.S. was running a very close second to another contender, and only if the presence of the president could make the difference, then maybe.


If his presence had brought the games to Chicago, would we still be trying to bash his actions? Chicago is part of America, Illisnois is one of the States, the citizens of that city and that state are US citizens also. Anything that will bring more money into the country and more jobs is worth going after.


Just as Obama should not have intervened in the Cambridge police department episode, he should not have gone to Denmark. He sent his wife (at taxpayer expense) and that should have been enough. He keeps talking about a full plate of issues but keeps getting up from the table to put his nose where it doesn’t belong.


According to the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta were projected to generate $2.5 billion into Georgia’s economy. It seems the Republicans are against anything the president does that doesn’t involve killing more people.


David Letterman’s affairs — a “stupid human trick”?

A professional relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate makes this not an affair, nor is it consensual, but rather abuse of power. Affair is used to describe a sexual liaison between peers, or equals. The term ‘consensual’ focuses attention on the sexual nature of the behavior rather than the professional violation. It is up to folks like Letterman to establish healthy professional boundaries. Power comes from one’s status in the community, title, education, reputation and experience, or ability to influence. Seems Letterman qualifies for a few of these. Same goes for elected officials, clergy, physicians, attorneys, etc. Never affairs, never consensual. Abuse of power? Yes.


Top 5 things overheard from Dave’s office:

#5 – “I hope you’re not going to include that in my performance evaluation.”

#4 – “That was your performance evaluation.”

#3 – “You cared for Larry ‘Bud’ Melman more than you do for me!”

#2 – “At least he shaved his legs.”

And the No. 1 thing overheard from Dave’s office: “That’s not a matching 401(k) contribution.”


Has Maine’s (cruise) ship come in?

The worst thing about the cruise ship invasion of Bar Harbor is the invasion of buses taking the cruise ship passengers for another sedentary venture up Cadillac Mountain. Ask any cyclist whether she likes trying to share the Cadillac road with oversized buses whose drivers can’t be bothered to pass only when it is safe.


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