June 20, 2018
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Sept. 30 Letters to the Editor

Pre-existing ailments

Twice now I’ve seen letters denouncing health care reform plans that mandate coverage for pre-existing conditions. The most recent was on Monday, Sept. 21: “Covering pre-existing conditions is welfare, not insurance,” and comparing coverage for pre-existing conditions to demanding new collision coverage after you’ve already smashed up your car. I wouldn’t be surprised if the author of that letter were in the employ of the insurance companies.

Let’s say I’ve been laid off from my job because my company has been downsized and I no longer have employee medical coverage even though I was successfully treated for high blood pressure for 10 years. When I go to another insurance provider I’m told, “Sorry, you have a pre-existing condition, and we don’t cover pre-existing conditions.” Is that fair?

The insurance companies increase their profits by callously denying coverage even for patently flimsy and unfair reasons. We have already seen family coverage denied because the wife was treated for acne as a teenager 20 years earlier. Another woman was denied because her husband’s physical abuse was considered a pre-existing condition. We have seen coverage terminated because a subscriber developed adult onset diabetes, supposedly a hidden pre-existing condition.

We need to have a public option in medical insurance that will guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions, as President Obama and many in Congress have urged — as have a substantial majority of physicians whose practice of curative and preventive medicine would be directly affected.

Mark DeVoto


• • •

Maine values

I have noticed that the battle for the hearts and minds of voters is being waged in TV ads across the state. One prominent award-winning teacher proclaims that we proudly teach “Maine values” and that will never change.

While it may be true that we are teaching Maine values, the values of Maine are changing. Fifty years ago we started each school day reading a passage from the Bible and saying a prayer in the classroom or over the P.A. system. Today a teacher would be strongly disciplined and the school district sued for that same action. Fifty years ago chewing gum and running in the halls were a great concern. Today we have drugs, guns and STDs.

Police are regularly called to our schools. The current debate with respect to marriage would not even have been considered just a few short years ago. Biology, Bible and basic common sense cry out that marriage can never be anything but between a man and a woman.

No society has ever lasted that has dismissed the time-tested and honored values of marriage between a man and a woman. This is a bedrock principle that cannot be altered for our country to last.

Let’s not let Maine values drift any further.

Stan Griffin


• • •

LNG tanker route

I live on Campobello and have read many articles where Canadians have been accused of trying to squash economic development in Washington County, that we are protecting the Irvings by allowing the Canaport LNG facility, but not the Robbinston facility. The two are very different things. Comparing the route the tankers must take to Canaport and the one they would take to Robbinston is like comparing a watermelon with a carrot.

There are many things that trouble me about LNG tankers coming down through Head Harbour Passage, but I think the thing that troubles me the most is this: Canadians are supposed to allow “innocent passage” of huge, dangerous tankers through a narrow, treacherous channel, within spitting distance of our homes, during daylight hours, disrupting our ferry, our fishery and destroying more whales than I like to think about and yet the Americans will not allow the truly “innocent passage” of a single Mexican lime from Calais to Campobello. Go figure.

Mary Fowler

Wilsons Beach, New Brunswick

• • •

Protect U.S. laws

In a recent speech President Obama praised the Muslim people as adding much to our culture. Many Muslim people are kind and generous. However, they do not represent the real driving force behind Islam’s aggressive outreach. The ideology that animates Muslim extremists is their goal to bring the world into subjection to Shariah, or Islamic code of law. What this does for a culture is seen in the Middle East.

U.S. troops fighting to free Kuwait were not allowed to express their faith by wearing a cross. In Afghanistan the Taliban have closed schools because Islam forbids women to get an education. The Muslim culture allows the “honor” killing of females who disgrace the family — Christian converts, etc. This has occurred in America but is hushed up because of political correctness.

Does this sound like the upgrading of our culture? Please, President Obama, reconsider the real history of our country and protect and uphold the laws that were framed by our Founding Fathers who had deep Christian convictions and preserve the privileges and freedoms we enjoy and hold dear today.

Lewis Bell


• • •

Backs gay marriage

We believe that those conservatives who are fair-minded should accept same-sex marriage.

The Constitution of the United States of America provides that “we the people” should “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” Gays and lesbians are people. They should be free to receive the legal and financial benefits of marriage.

The first amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It follows that a church member is free to voice his or her doctrine but not to impose it by law on others.

Same-sex marriage contributes to family values. It encourages monogamy, fidelity mutual love, stability and responsibility and the opportunity to nourish the next generation. It reduces promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases.

Compassion, as recommended in the Bible, extends freedom to others. If steak lovers can tolerate vegetarians, why can’t we heterosexuals tolerate same-sex couples? Vote NO on 1.

Arthur and Marjorie Dole


• • •

Glenn Beck’s motives

What Glenn Beck is trying to do is to stoke racial fear and divide our country. Please, let’s not start this up again in our country. We must all be united and appreciate this great, free country.

Betty Murray


• • •

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