June 23, 2018
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September 14, Letters to the Editor

Loser pays all

I know this will never happen due to the fact that lawyers monopolize our elective offices.

A major cost to the patient and insurance company is the myriad of tests doctors will perform for the most trivial ailment. They do this to protect themselves against malpractice lawsuits. So, the cost is there for perhaps unnecessary tests, plus the exorbitant malpractice insurance. A patient may not have a legitimate complaint, but they can always find a lawyer more than happy to file suit.

If you drop a can of vegetables on your toe in Wal-Mart, a lawyer will gleefully accept your case. More than likely Wal-Mart will settle out of court to avoid lawyer’s fees and the adverse publicity. The complainant may not be hurt and the lawyer is out nothing but a little time.

I have a solution: Loser pays all. The aggrieved party will have to have a valid case or a lawyer will not take a chance on having to pay all costs for both sides. The insurance companies and Wal-Mart will contest the case and the insurance rates and related medical cases should be lowered.

Foye Terrell

Roque Bluffs

• • •

Socialism, capitalism

While watching mourners file into Boston’s Mission Church last Saturday, I read Josh Tardy’s OpEd piece “Bringing sanity to the health-care debate.” I was appalled by the misrepresentations contained therein. Yes, just over 50 percent of us in this country want single-payer, not because it is the Holy Grail, but because decent quality health care is a fundamental moral right. The public option will not break the bank. One does not have to be a fan of Paul Krugman to realize the resulting national debt will be well within global deficit standards as a percentage of GDP. Remember that the biggest jump in our national debt came from President Bush’s arro-gant invasion of Iraq.

Canada is not a socialist country. Canada’s single-payer is not going broke; it will be adjusted, just as Medicare-Medicaid was adjusted in this country by Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill over cigars and brandy. The very people whose generational forebears fought Social Security and then Medicare deceptively act as if they want to save these programs. For Shame.

Does Josh Tardy believe I have a right to quality medical care if I cannot pay for it? If the answer is yes, none of his proposals make that possible. If his answer is no, all of his proposals are lies. My ethics mentor once told me that all pure economic systems are sinful —indeed, they are religions in themselves. Marxism certainly is. So also is pure capitalism. This country’s economists and sociologists call welfare capitalism. Decent quality health care is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Gary Haase


• • •

Festival’s flying colors

We have attended every day of the American Folk Festival since its inception in Bangor.

Our hats are off to the folks who manage this show. They always bring top-notch entertainment from many cultures and it is pretty hard to single out a favorite.

This year the festival was really tested due to Mother Nature and it came through with flying colors.

Someone asked me if I thought the festival would continue. My response, absolutely it’s a great thing for Bangor — and so is the Senior League World Series. These events are our highlights of the year in Bangor’s activities, and we have every confidence that a way will be found to continue these outstanding programs.

John and Irene Doulas


• • •

Public option is key

I have been seeing pictures of citizens screaming and insulting their senators and representatives. These folks are railing against all sorts of horrible things that will happen when the government takes over health care. I am not at those meetings but I do support government healthcare.

One of the strangest things I observed was that most of the protesters were senior citizens, yelling that they didn’t want any government plan. I suspect most were on the same government plan that I am: Medicare. I like my Medicare plan! Oh, there are a few things I would like to change — things introduced in the law that authorized the Part D, like the doughnut hole, no competition on drug pricing, and the 10 percent giveaway to insurance companies with Medicare Advantage plans. If I had my way we would have Medicare for all.

I can remember very well the cries of “socialized medicine” and “It will destroy your relationship with your doctor!” when Medicare was proposed. Same hysterical cries I hear now fulminated by the insurance companies as before. Same hysterical noises I remember when Social security was passed. (I’m 81. I do remember).

I am very concerned about one point, however. I believe it is absolutely vital that the new health care program have a public option to help keep the insurance companies honest. If we require that everyone have health insurance without any control on the insurance companies, then they will continue to collude and reap another bonanza. Please help save us from the insurance companies controlling our health care!

John McCarty


• • •

Schneider on soapbox

I heard a comment made by Sen. Elizabeth Schneider, D-Orono, Tuesday Sept. 8 that made my blood boil. She had called in on the George Hale-Ric Tyler show on WVOM 103.9 FM in regards to what she called “censorship” over some schools not airing President Obama’s speech to school children.

In an exchange with Ric Tyler over censorship, our senator blamed talk radio for basically spreading hate and discontent. I suppose she believes talk radio should be censored but that the president should not be questioned.

Our senator then implied that people need to do some soul searching to make sure their disagreement with Obama was not based on the color of his skin. I was so insulted by this comment I pulled over onto the side of the road.

To my knowledge, people who were concerned over President Obama’s speech to school children were more concerned with the lesson plan that was to accompany the speech which asked children to express ways they can help the president. This lesson plan was scrapped by the White House.

When an elected official abuses the office they were elected to by using it as a personal soapbox, she insults the intelligence of her constituents. By being shrill and condescending with a local radio talk show host, a person gets a glimpse of Elizabeth Schneider’s true personality. She does not represent me.

It is time someone pulled the soapbox out from underneath her.

Traci Gauthier


• • •

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