March 19, 2018
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Loyal opposition is rising in influence

By Barbara Fleming, Special to the BDN

Yes, it can be said that I am a political activist.

I have a bumper sticker on my Mazda SUV that says: “Working People Vote Republican.” I have always been a bumper sticker person, although most folks in my family don’t want the bother. It’s something they just don’t wish to proclaim, being on one side or another. So I carry the message for all of them.

It’s been very interesting, too. Lots of thumbs up! Lots of look-aways. And believe it or not, cars do deign to park beside me, and my car so far has not been keyed in this hostile, liberal territory.

Just yesterday as I left the bank, a lady from Massachusetts said to me, “I like the message on your bumper!” Last week a teenager said the same thing. Wow! I’m not in enemy territory after all, or at least so far I’ve avoided attack.

I have developed a sense of real belonging, importance, confidence — you name it; it feels good to state my position politically. In fact, has anyone noticed other voices of reason are beginning to seek hearings, and they are being heard? The numbers are growing too, as more and more have begun to realize just what a sad situation our country is finding itself in.

More and more folks are seeing the light, and the teabaggers of last winter are becoming the respected loyal opposition. Alas, some who were so “turned on” by this rock star president have come to realize he is a hoax, a puppet, a representative of the Chicago crowd who will do anything to get power, take away our liberties and ruin the free country we have struggled to preserve for two centuries. Our country is eroding slowly, imperceptibly, but one day it will wake up and wonder.

The voices of reason, ethics and common sense are being heard as Americans notice the fact that there has been no effect from the billions dealt out for stimulus, except that we, and our grandchildren, are now saddled with a debt few can even conceptualize. This administration has piled on more and more ridiculous programs (such as cap and trade, health care) designed simply to accord more and more power to the federal government, and give credence to campaign promises of the boy Messiah, all of which does nothing for the people, but bring our country to its knees, removing freedoms, the will for self determination, the very basics with which our Constitution has guided us from our founding.

I challenge each of you with a voice, each of you who cares for liberty, to wear your message wherever it can be read. It takes a movement, a passion for freedom, a willingness to speak up. We must continue to write letters, blog, speak to our neighbors, wear a sign, call our representatives and senators and let them know our mind, and that we have strong objections to the outrageous measures proposed (but hardly any are read all the way through) by this current regime.

Take notes from the activists who got us into this mess; we too have a voice. And now, while our representatives and senators are on their summer break, it’s time to make sure each one gets an earful. Organize your thoughts, and let those RINO turncoats Collins and Snowe know just what we think of their failure to live up to conservative values to which they espoused in order to gain election — again and again. Let them know we are not happy with the way our country is headed, and if they aren’t heads-up, they will be out looking for another job in 2010.

Barbara Fleming lives Southwest Harbor.

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