July 11-12 Scores and Highlights

Bangor Daily News
Posted July 12, 2009, at 11:51 p.m.

Little league Baseball
AGES 9-10
Saturday, July 11
G3: Sunrise 7, Acadian II 2
G5: Ellsworth I 12, Calais 2 (4 inns.)
At Holbrook
Saturday, July 11
G10: Hampden 17, Orono-Veazie 2 (4 inns., Orono-Veazie eliminated)
G11: Hermon 16, Katahdin 5 (5 inns., Katahdin eliminated)
G12: Lincoln 12, Glenburn 2 (Glenburn eliminated)
Sunday, July 12
G13: Bangor West 13, Orrington 4 (Orrington eliminated)
G14: Hampden 8, Bangor East 2 (Bangor East eliminated)
G15: Holbrook 5, Old Town 4
AGES 10-11
At Bangor East, Taylor Field
Saturday, July 11

  G1: Hampden 14, Brewer 8
  G2: Bangor East 17 Old Town 0
  G3: Bangor West 13, Holbrook 1
Sunday, July 12
  G4: Hampden 9, Hermon 2
  G5: Bangor East 8, Bangor West 5
  G6: Old Town 9, Holbrook 7 (Holbrook eliminated)
AGES 11-12
Saturday, July 11

G6: Ellsworth 13, Machias 7
G8: Bucksport 7, Calais 0 (Calais eliminated)
At Mansfield Stadium, Bangor
Saturday, July 11

G13: Hampden 12, Glenburn 2
G14: Bangor 12, Orrington 7
G15: Houlton 21, Glenburn 11 (Glenburn eliminated)
G16: Brewer 11, Orrington 0 (Orrington eliminated)
At Mansfield Stadium, Bangor
Sunday, July 12

  G1: Bangor 8, Old Town/Orono-Veazie 3
  G2: Hampden 11, Holbrook 1
  G3: Brewer 11, Hermon 1
AGES 11-12
At Houlton
Saturday, July 11

  G7: Bangor 10, Lincoln 2 (Lincoln eliminated)
Sunday, July 12
  G8: Bangor 7, Hermon-Levant-Glenburn 6
At Hermon
Saturday, July 11

  G5: Hampden 13, Lincoln 7 (Lincoln eliminated)
Sunday, July 12
  G6: Hermon 8, Hampden 5 (Hermon wins championship)

Zone 1
Saturday, July 11

Brewer 15-13, Orono 0-12 (2nd game 8 inns.)
Calais 6-9, Penquis 1-0
Hampden 9-14, Trenton 0-5
Motor City 4-4, Bangor 1-9
Steamboat Petroleum 9-10, Presque Isle 1-9
Sunday, July 12
Brewer 12, Penquis 4
Presque Isle 8, Hampden 2
Steamboat Petroleum 5, Motor City 3

FIRST, Pace, $3,000

Darling Star, G. Mosher 5.00, 2.60, 2.20
Ms Jeanne Marie, S. Gray 2.40, 2.40
Pembroke White Out, H. Campbell 2.20
T—1:57.4. Ex 6-4, 12.20. Tri 6-4-1, 23.20.
SECOND, Pace, $2,000
Paragon Of Virtue, H. Campbell 3.60, 3.20, 2.60
Stillabigtherapy, S. Mahar 2.20, 2.80
Fox Valley Merlin, G. Bowden 3.00
T—2:00. 5-4, 7.60. Tri 5-4-1, 27.00. DD 6-5, 12.00.
THIRD, Pace, $3,000
Town Fool, G. Mosher 6.20, 3.00, 2.40
Grumpy, K. Switzer Jr. 6.80, 3.80
Mondo Hanover, H. Campbell 2.10
T—1:56.3. Ex 6-5, 38.20. Tri 6-5-3, 67.60.
FOURTH, Pace, $2,500
Claude Seelster, S. Gray 9.40, 4.20, 3.20
Warrior Jake, G. Mosher 7.40, 3.20
Commitment, G. Bowden 3.20
T—1:57.1. Ex 2-7, 149.60. Tri 2-7-8, 206.80.
FIFTH, Pace, $2,000
Sandtana Score N, H. Campbell 4.80, 3.00, 3.20
Search For Bliss, D. Howes 7.00, 4.20
Pembroke Payment, M. Downey 14.60
T—1:59.2. Ex 6-5, 24.40. Tri 6-5-4, 264.80.
SIXTH, Pace, MSBS, $9,706
Pembroke Mike, H. Campbell 9.80, 5.60, 2.80
Dreaminofsumonelse, G. Bowden 5.60, 2.80
Neutralizer, G. Gray 2.10
T—1:59.3. Ex 4-2, 101.60. Tri 4-2-5, 151.00.
SEVENTH, Pace, $3,500
Will’s Dream, S. Gray 6.00, 4.40, 2.80
Nordik Fever, S. Mahar 16.00, 4.00
Kg Westescape, K. Switzer Jr. 3.20
T—1:58.2. Ex 4-7, 59.20. Tri 4-7-2, 413.80. Pk3 6-4-4, 90.20.
EIGHTH, Pace, MSBS, $9,932
Neutral Court, M. Graffam 2.20, 2.20, 2.10
Meadow Scooter, S. Mahar 2.80, 2.60
Hart Condition, S. Gray 2.40
T—1:58.3. Ex 5-2, 6.40. Tri 5-2-3, 18.00.
NINTH, Pace, $2,000
Lindon’s Luey, G. Mosher 5.00, 2.40, 3.00
Sharealike N, H. Campbell 7.60, 8.00
Escape The Night, S. Mahar 11.20
T—1:59.4. Ex 6-2, 36.40. Tri 6-2-3, 404.40.
TENTH, Pace, MSBS, $9,931
Signthepaige, M. Graffam 5.00, 3.00, 2.80
Pembroke Horton, H. Campbell 4.20, 3.20
Dansan Ted, K. Switzer Jr. 2.60
T—1:58.3. Ex 5-4, 19.20. Tri 5-4-1, 28.40.
ELEVENTH, Pace, $2,500
Dawn On Me, G. Bowden 9.00, 2.80, 2.40
Scarlet’s Glory, S. Gray 2.20, 2.10
Fairytale Princess, R. Cloutier Jr. 2.60
T—1:58.3. Ex 5-4, 26.60. Tri 5-4-1, 56.40. DD 5-5, 28.80; Total Handle: $29,044.35

At Northport GC
Pro AM Best Ball

Gross: Andel Orne, Mark Bradstreet, Tim Riley, Tyler McDevitt 144, Charles Pray, Jack Johnson, Greg McDaniel, Barry Crawford 144; net: Jeff Dutch, Paul Jasienowski, Cecil Eastman, Peter Doran 116, Randy Berry, Peter Laveway, Tom Kent 122; A sweeps, gross: Charles Pray 74, Randy Berry 77; net: Ansel Orne 66, Jack Johnson 68, Paul Jasienowski 68, Tim Riley 68; pins: No. 3 Ansel Orne 6-1, No. 9 Charles Pray 3-4, No. 12 Charles Pray 2-9, No. 18 Randy Berry 18-11; B sweeps, gross: Mark Bradstreet 80, Greg McDaniel 85; net: Cecil Eastman 66, Barry Crawford 67; pins: No. 3 Shawn Hall 15-1, No. 9 Barry Crawford 28-7, No. 18 Phil Bowen 14-6
At J.W. Parks GC, Pittsfield
Robert L. Dugas Memorial

Chuck Graham, Bill Graham, Steve Sally, Eric Davis 56, Ron Bibeau, Jack Milo, Steve Dibiase, Ryan Lapierre 58, Brian Lawton, Tom Pollard, Dave Jarvis, Tom Gates 59
At Island Green GC, Holden
Friday Morning Stableford

Jim Daye, Mike Connolly plus-13, Art Cotton, Jeff Birch plus-7, Bob Eckenroad, Bill Curtis plus-6, Dick Saunders, Jeff Waring plus-5, Phil Drew, Ben Birch plus-3, Tom Barr, Greg Hudak plus-1, Eric Curtis, Travis Curtis minus-5; high stableford: Mike Connolly plus-9
At Hermon Meadow GC
Mixed Member/Member

Gross: Micky Davis, Thea Davis 71, Karen Feeney, Joel McCluskey 76 (mc), Jamie Leavitt, April Rouleau 76, Eric Vigue, Darby Vigue 78, Jim Wilson, Nancy Hart 81; net: John Trott, Darlene Helms 59, Troy Varnum, Brooke Michaud 62 (mc), Angie McCluskey, Mark Lumino, Al Porter, B.J. Porter 65, Margaret Robinson, Brad Robinson 65; pins, women: No. 3 Darlene Helms 11-0, No. 10 Darby Vigue 4-8, No. 12 Darby Vigue 16-7, No. 16 Brooke Michaud 29-8; men: No. 3 Jamie Leavitt 7-0, No. 8 Jim Wilson 22-4, No. 9 Tim McCluskey 18-10, No. 12 Al Porter 5-11, No. 16 Rick Abbott 20-9
At Piscataquis CC, Guilford
17th annual DARE Scramble

Cory Campbell, Rick Packard, Chris Stevens, Tim Vail 59; Carl Brackett, Galen Costigan, Dave Clement, Allen Emerson 61; Mike Davis, John Warren, Greg Jordan, Brian Campbell 62; pins: No. 6 Shane Baxter 8-10, No. 16 Jack Sincyr 6-2; closest to hat, men: James Chabot 24-1; women: Earlene Hartford 36-0
At Dexter Municipal GC
Dexter Regional High School Class of 2011 Scramble

Gross: Jim Rand, Ed Walker, Mark Melvin, Shane Hutchings 57; net: Herb Tenney, Danny Cummings, Dale Wright, Mary Morancie 51; Steve Bell, Peter Murray, Mike Keyte, Sandy Emerson 52; pins: No. 5 Herb Tenney 11-0, No. 8 Rod Lougee 22-11, No. 14 Rick Smith 6-4, No. 17 Shane Hutchings 6-9; long drive, women: Sandy Emerson; men: Jim Rand

At Bangor
John Bapst Summer Slam

Pre K-Grade 1, 45 pounds: 1. Jake Craig, 2. Joey Bowen; Grades 2-4, 52 pounds: 1. Cody Craig, 2. Noah Dumas, 3. Bronson Platt; 72: 1. Andrew Haining, 2. Cody Labbee; 98: 1. Seth Padelford, 2. Alex Benge, 3. Jacob Bowen; Middle School, 68 pounds: 1. Tyler Craig, 2. Cody Craig, 3. Griffin Smith; 89: 1. Skyler St. Peter, 2. Nick Dyer, 3. Tucker Bar-nette, 4. Trent Goodman; 102: 1. Hunter St. Peter, 2. Codet Staples, 3. James Gambino, 4. Elijah Ashley; 115: 1. Chris-tian Cook, 2. Reilley Lombardi, 3. Jake Thornton, 4. Brenden Hall; 138: 1. Marc Honston, 2. Adriana Gonzalez, 3. David Marshall; 150: 1. Daniel Weiss, 2. Dalton Black; High School, 105 pounds: 1. Kelly Golek, 2. Reilley Lombardi, 3. Alexander Peterson, 4. Ethan Rumery; 130: 1. Dallas Cherry, 2. Caleb Hall, 3. Christian Cook, 4. Patrick Hall; 145: 1. Jason Ferris, 2. Dalton Black, 3. Trevor Porter, 4. Nick Dugas; 155: 1. Revelin Goewey, 2. Josh Thornton, 3. Kaleb Austin, 4. Ryan Botting; 175: 1. River Robertson, 2. Fred Lear, 3. Ryan Wood; 200: 1. Mark Heathcoat, 2. John Soucy, 3. Carl Astbury; girls: 1. Kelly Golek, 2. Brook Pacholski, 3. Adriana Gonzalez, 4. Tamara Cushman; Open, 107: 1. Caleb Hall, 2. Ethan Ramery; 135: 1. Stephen Desjardins, 2. Dallas Cherry, 3. Nick Dugas, 4. Pat Hall; 150: 1. Cinjin Goewey, 2. Jason Ferris, 3. Revelin Goewey, 4. Kaleb Austin; 170: 1. River Robertson, 2. Joe Hutchins, 3. Fred Lear, 4. Ralph Robertson; 185: 1. Jake Antworth, 2. Eric Moore, 3. John Soucy, 4. Carl Astbury; 255: 1. Justin Bowen, 2. Mark Heathcoat

Youth Baseball/Softball
District 1, 9-10
Ellsworth I 12, Calais 2

At Ellsworth, Zack McGraw hit two singles and drove in two runs as Ellsworth I won. Troy Folmer added two singles and scored two runs for Ellsworth. Asa Jordan hit a two-run triple and scored twice. Isaac Jordan and Riley Russell singled for Calais.
Sunrise 7, Acadian II 2
At Franklin, Issiac Christiansen and Beckett Slayton combined for 16 strikeouts as Sunrise defeated Acadian II Saturday. Christiansen pitched five hitless innings and Slayton pitched the sixth, they allowed two runs on one hit and two walks. Slayton tripled, double, singled and scored a run for Sunrise. Kayden Quinn doubled and singled. Wes York tripled in the sixth for Acadian II.
District 3, 9-10
Houlton 14, Lincoln 4

At Holden on Friday, Abe Lorom doubled, singled twice and drove in two runs to lift Houlton by Lincoln. Cameron Graham chipped in with two singles for the winners.
Logan Thompson singled for Lincoln.
Hampden wins two games
At Holden, Hampden picked up two wins while Hermon, Lincoln, Bangor West and Holbrook all recorded victories in weekend tourney play. On Saturday, three teams were eliminated when Hampden beat Orono-Veazie 17-2, Hermon defeated Katahdin 16-5 and Lincoln topped Glenburn 12-2. On Sunday, two more teams were ousted when Hampden beat Bangor East 8-2 and Bangor West stopped Orring-ton 13-4. Holbrook advanced in the winners bracket in the day’s final game when it beat Old Town 5-4 when Alex Maxsimic blasted two home runs over the fence. In Saturday’s first game, Jackson Gilmore notched three singles and Zachary Charette singled twice to pace Hampden. Kyle Townsend chipped in with a double. Keenan Collette singled twice for Orono-Veazie. In the second game, Ryan Hoogterp tripled and singled twice to spark Hermon and Brendan Walsh added a double. Jackson Mathers doubled, singled and drove in a run for Katahdin and Tyler Batchelder singled twice.
In the final game, Jordan Hanscom laced three singles to lead Lincoln while Zach Tomilson added a double and two RBIs. Noah Campbell tripled for Glenburn. In Sunday’s first game, Casey Sudbeck tripled and singled and Zack Charette singled twice to pace the Hampden offense. Drew Powell doubled and singled twice to lead Bangor. In the second game, Gary Farnham notched the complete-game win and received support from Sam Putnam, who tripled and singled. George Payne, Derek Fournier and Farnham each added two singles. Gavin Mathieu singled twice for Orrington while Gabe Blanchard and Jonathan Mushlit both doubled. In the final game, Nick Siebert and Danny Davis each added a single to go with Maxsimic’s two home runs for Holbrook. Nick Magoon singled twice for Old Town and Nick Boutin singled.
District 3, Junior League
Houlton 8, Sebasticook 5

At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Jimmy Fitzpatrick‘s two-run double highlight a six-run sixth inning Friday as Houlton erased a two-run deficit and earned the victory. Three Houlton pitchers combined to strike out 15 batters while eliminating Sebasticook. Fitzpatrick also added a single with another RBI, while Hunter Hanning tripled and singled. Spencer Hartsgrove hit an RBI double and a single for Sebasticook.
Hampden 12, Glenburn 2
At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Cooper Antone hit a triple, a double and drove in three runs as Hampden defeated Glenburn in five innings. Brian Fickett pitched four innings allowing two runs on three hits with four strikeouts to earn the win for Hampden. Ben Thayer, Josh Baker and Alex Campbell each singled for Glenburn.
Bangor 12, Orrington 7
At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Bangor took advantage of nine Orrington errors to score 11 unearned runs. Anthony Capuano had a triple, a single and an RBI while Greg Duff hit an RBI double for Bangor. Adam Strong led Orrington with four singles and an RBI. Evan Pelkey doubled and singled while Kurt Massey had an RBI double.
Houlton 21, Glenburn 11
At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Dan Swallow hit a triple, three singles and knocked in three runs to help propel Houlton. Jon Tuttle had a double, a single and four RBIs for Houlton. Hunter Hanning posted two doubles, a single and an RBI while Nick Lunn added a triple. Andrew Catlin paced Glenburn with four singles and three RBIs. Ben Thayer had a double and two singles while Josh Baker doubled and singled.
Brewer 11, Orrington 0
At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Zach Violette pitched a three-hit shutout with 11 strikeouts to power Brewer by Orrington. Kyle Alexander had three singles and two RBIs for Brewer. Ben Pushard and Matt Morrow each had two doubles, a single and an RBI. Spencer Valley hit an inside-the-park home run while Dylan Birmingham added a triple and a single. Kurt Massey, Ryan Gagne and Nick Jordan each singled for Orrington.
District 1, 11-12
Ellsworth 13, Machias 7

At Ellsworth, Connor Maguire hit a three-run double and a single to help spark Ellsworth by Machias. Anthony Gardner posted two doubles and an RBI while Alex Braley and Griffin Nightingale each had a double, a single and an RBI. Jared Brown added two singles for Ellsworth. Gage Feeney and Jared Taylor each hit a two-run home run and a single for Machias.
Bucksport 7, Calais 0
At Bucksport, Carter Deredin and Asher Bowden combined on a one-hit shutout to lead Bucksport by Calais. Deredin pitched 5ª innings with 10 strikeouts to earn the win for Bucksport. Bailey Graychase had a double, a single and two RBIs while Asher Bowden hit an RBI single. Daniel McPhee hit a double for Calais.
District 3, Senior League
Bangor 8, Old Town 3

At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Bangor scored eight runs in the second inning and held on to defeat Old Town/Orono-Veazie Sunday. Nick Cota and Jacques LaRochelle each singled twice for Bangor while Christian Corneil doubled. Phil Benoit hit a double and two singles to pace Old Town/Orono-Veazie. Gabe Melmed hit two singles.
Hampden 11, Holbrook 1
At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Connor Perry pitched a complete game allowing one unearned run, one hit and striking out seven to lead Hampden by Holbrook. Mark Eldridge hit two singles and knocked in a run for Hampden. Logan Poirier hit and RBI double while Fred Knight added a double. Ryan Adams hit a single for Holb

Brewer 11, Hermon 1
At Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Brandon Briggs hit a double, two singles and drove in five runs to spark Brewer by Hermon. Kyle McLain had a double with two RBIs while Joey Bartol doubled and singled for Brewer. Kevin Fredricks hit two singles for Hermon.
District 3, 10-11
Bangor East 8, Bangor West 5

At Taylor Field, Bangor, Ethan Dorman pitched 4ª innings, allowing just one hit, to lead Bangor East past Bangor West Sunday. Joey Moir doubled and singled for the Bangor East. Brandon Apel tripled to pace Bangor West.
Hampden 9, Hermon 2
At Taylor Field, Bangor, Hampden platted five runs in the second inning and cruised past Hermon Sunday. Paxton Oversmith allowed just one run and two hits over five innings to lead Hampden. Cam Scott doubled and singled. Joe Plummer homered to pace Hermon.
Old Town 9, Holbrook 7
At Taylor Field, Bangor, Old Town scored four runs in the final two innings to grab the win over Holbrook of Holden Sunday. Darin Gardner had three hits and picked up the pitching win for Old Town. Jordan Harris singled twice. Austin Pagnozzi and Cole Bouchard had two hits each for Holbrook.
District 3, 11-12
Bangor 10, Lincoln 2

At Houlton on Saturday, three pitchers combined on a four-hitter as Bangor advanced to the championship round. Miranda Cote and Lilli Wiseman each knocked in two runs with a double and a single for the winners, who scored eight runs in the second inning. Danni Macalino doubled for Lincoln.
Bangor 7, Hermon 6
At Houlton on Sunday, Miranda Cote’s RBI double highlighted a five-run second inning that carried Bangor to victory and forced Monday’s District 3 championship game against Hermon-Levant-Glenburn, which will be played at Bangor High School.
Lilli Wiseman singled and scored a run for Bangor. Amanda Allen rapped a triple and drove in two runs for Hermon-Levant-Glenburn.
District 3, Junior League
Hampden 13, Lincoln 7

At Hermon, Abby Martin hit three singles and knocked in three runs to propel Hampden by Lincoln. Makayla Clewley hit two singles and drove in three runs while Amy Cirrinone had an RBI double for Hampden. Taylor Blood had three singles, a double and an RBI for Lincoln. Ashley Libby had two singles and four RBIs while Alyssa Thurlow added two singles.
Hermon 8, Hampden 5
At Hermon, Shannon Graves hit an RBI double to highlight a four-run fifth inning as Hermon defeated Hampden for the district championship. Kristen Wilcox added an RBI single for Hermon. Kylee Fogg hit a solo home run while Makayla Clewley chipped in with two singles for Hampden.

American Legion
Presque Isle 8, Hampden 2
At Hampden, Hunter Caron hit a two-run home run and an RBI single as Presque Isle topped Hampden on Sunday. Kasey Brewer hit a two-run double as part of a four-run fourth inning. Dan Brewer had two singles and an RBI and Mitch Folsom doubled for Presque Isle. Shawn Smith and Derek Amoroso hit two singles apiece for Hampden. Nolan Turner hit an RBI triple and Cody Johndro added a double.
Steamboat Petro. 5, Motor City 3
At Searsport on Sunday, Jack Davis belted a two-run home run in the fifth inning that gave the hosts of Waldo the margin of victory. Nate Adams doubled and singled with an RBI, Josiah Brazier singled twice and Ethan McHatten added an RBI double for Steamboat Petroleum. Ryan Carr paced Motor City of Bangor with a home run and two singles. Jon Johnson posted three singles and an RBI and Casey Hull doubled and singled.
Steamboat sweeps Presque Isle
At Searsport, Nate Adams drew a bases-loaded walk to score the game-winning run and cap a six-run seventh inning as Steamboat Petroleum defeated Presque Isle 10-9 in the second game of a Saturday doubleheader. Steamboat won the first game 9-1. In the first game, Adams hit a three-run home run, a solo home run and an RBI single to lead Steamboat. Ethan McHatten hit a home run and a single while Jack Davis hit a home run. Cody Ward added two singles and an RBI. Matt Chase hit a home run while Pat Thibodeau and Hunter Caron each had two singles for Presque Isle. In the second game, Rocky Faunce hit a two-run double in the six-run seventh inning for Steamboat. Cody Walker added three singles and two RBIs. Thibodeau posted a home run, a single and three RBIs for Presque Isle. Kasey Brewer had three singles and an RBI while Ted Walker and Mitch Folsom hit two singles apiece.
Calais sweeps Penquis
At Foxcroft, Tim Barnes pitched a three-hit shutout, giving up one walk and striking out six as Calais defeated Penquis 9-0 in the second game of a doubleheader on Saturday. Calais topped Penquis in the first game 6-1. In the first game, Adam Geel hit a double and an RBI single while Bryce Colbeth had two singles and an RBI for Calais. Josh Gillespie and Ryan Schoppee each hit an RBI single. Josh Boone had an RBI single for Penquis. In the second game, Andy James had two singles and two RBIs while Geel hit three singles for Calais. Colbeth had an RBI double and a single while John Garnett added two singles and an RBI. Josiah Richard, Robbie Harmon and Josh Conroy each singled for Penquis.
Hampden sweeps Trenton
At Blue Hill, Brennan Perry tossed a one-hit shutout and faced the minimum as Hampden beat Trenton 9-0 in Saturday’s first game. The Riverdogs also won the second game 14-5. In the first game, Perry allowed one hit, two hit batters, and a fielder’s choice, but the left hander picked off all four baserunners to face the minimum of 21 batters. He walked none and struck out 10. Nolan Turner hit a single and a solo home run to pace Hampden. Cody Johndro had a single and a two-run double. Perry hit two singles. Mike Crowley singled for Trenton. In the second game, the Riverdogs scored 14 runs on just four hits, but benefited from eight walks, three hit batters and four Trenton errors. Ken York hit a two-out, three-run single in the second. Alex Cust added a single and a third-inning three-run double. Garrett Kaspala hit a double, three singles and drove in a run for Trenton. Mickey Manning hit a two-run double and Calvin Tweedie doubled.
Brewer 12, Penquis 4
At Foxcroft, Andy Bush hit a two-run home run and an RBI single to help spark Brewer Sunday. Greg Higgins and Tyler French each had two doubles and two RBIs while Chase Daniels had a double and an RBI for Brewer. Josh Collins hit an RBI double while Josh Boone added a double for Penquis. Billy Trivette and Josh Conroy each hit an RBI single.
Brewer sweeps Orono
At Brewer, Andy Bush drew a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the eighth inning to drive in the game-winning run and lift Brewer past Orono 13-12 in the second game of a Saturday doubleheader. Brewer took the first game 15-0. In the first game, Greg Higgins pitched a two-hitter to earn the win for Brewer. Eric White hit a two-run home run in the first inning. Brandon Gendreau hit two doubles and a single while Chase Daniels added a triple and a single. Kash Keezer and Kirk Francis each singled for Orono. In the second game, Steve Klenowski hit five singles and drove in two runs to lead Brewer. Caleb Smith added a triple, a double and two RBIs. Dan LeBreton hit three singles to pace Orono. Dana Leland hit a solo home run and a single while Colton Cross doubled and singled.

Bay League
Dovetail, Aerus Electrolux split

At Hermon on Sunday, Andy Treadwell rapped a two-run double in the second game to spark Aerus Electrolux to a 5-1 victory and a split of its doubleheader against Dovetail, which won the opener 14-3. In Game 2, Randy Renaud singled twice with an RBI and Treadwell added a single to back winning pitcher Bill Bart, who scattered five hits. Matt Nickerson paced Dovetail with two singles and an RBI an

d Josh Nickerson singled twice. In the opener, Joel Thomas hit a double and two singles with four RBIs to spearhead Dovetail’s 10-hit attack. Matt Nickerson belted a grand slam and Josh Nickerson added a two-run single. Tyler Thompson singled twice for Aerus Electrolux.
Union Street sweeps Allstate
At Old Town, Andrew Patterson and Brian Hackett combined on a five-hit shutout to lead Union Street Cleaners by Allstate 2-0 in the first game of a doubleheader. Union Street won the second game 7-1. In the first game, Hackett hit a double for Union Street Cleaners. Both runs were scored on errors by Allstate. Ryan Logan singled twice while Joe Siggio hit a double for Allstate. In the second game, Nick Arthers hit a two-run home run in the sixth inning for Union Street. Hackett hit a two-run single while Jake Arthers added a double. Lee Jatkevicius doubled for Allstate.

Unity Raceway

At Unity, Joey Doyon of Winterport bested Hermon’s Mike Hopkins by inches to win the Late Model feature Friday night. Doyon took the lead when Hopkins and Glenn Curtis of Hudson spun with 11 laps remaining. It’s Doyon’s first win in his first appearance at Unity this season. Dylan Turner of Freedom finished third, David Folsom of Skowhegan was fourth and Curtis finished fifth.
Other Unity Results
Super Street: 1. Steve Moulton (Holden), 2. Kris Watson (Hermon), 3. Dan Trask (Chelsea), 4. Shawn Austin (Norridgewock), 5. John Kalel II (Orrington); Late Model Pro Four: 1. Steve Rackliff (Starks), 2. Bryan Lancaster (Cornville), 3. Jimmy Dennis (Benton), 4. Ben Clark (Clinton), 5. Ben Nile (Anson); Wildcat: 1. Andy Turbovsky (Winslow), 2. Chris King (Burnham), 3. Shawn Racila (Dover-Foxcroft), 4. Carl McAlpine (Burnham), 5. Mike Shaw (Troy); Monsta Mini: 1. Mike Wilson (Chelsea), 2. David Green (Hampden), 3. Brent Fletcher (Old Town), 4. Ralph Allen (Hermon), 5. Markus Lowe (Brooks); Flyin’ 4: 1. Cody Sleeper (Chelsea), 2. Mike Mason (Skowhegan), 3. Jeremy Ludden (Unity), 4. Tim Robinson (Clinton), 5. Markus Lowe (Brooks); Ladies: 1. Shelby Kimball (Cornville), 2. Mika Wilson (Chelsea), 3. Alicia Goodwin (Clinton), 4. Becky Elston (Carmel), 5. Kayla Allen (Bucksport); Teen Thunder: 1. Lucas Porter (Norridgewock), 2. Brooke Getchell (Pittsfield), 3. Gage Landry (Sidney), 4. Wesley Turner (Montville), 5. Cole Robinson (Clinton); Enduro: 1. Mickey Landry (Anson), 2. Robert Paddack (Clinton), 3. Alex Fernald (Benton), 4. Henry Boudreau (Bristol), 5. Robert Dyer
Oxford Plains Speedway
At Oxford, Canton’s Travis Adams scored his 29th career Late Model victory by topping Pittston’s Ben Ashline in the 40-lap feature Saturday night, the final race before the TD Banknorth 250. Adams passed Ashline on lap 29 and kept the top spot to the finish. Don Wentworth of Otisfield finished third, Shawn Knight of South Paris was fourth and Tim Brackett of Buckfield rounded out the top five.
Other Oxford Results
Strictly Stock: 1. Mike Short (Auburn), 2. Skip Tripp (Poland), 3. B.J. Chapman (Bridgton), 4. Gerry Burgess (Sabattus), 5. Jerry Harrison (Freeport); Mini Stock: 1. Jimmy Childs (Leeds), 2. Ashley Marshall (Jay), 3. Jake Burns (Gray), 4. Justin Karkos (Jay), 5. Jeff Beaule (Lewiston); Runnin’ Rebel: 1. Dana Cook (Auburn), 2. Kyle Hewins (Leeds), 3. Troy Jordan (Turner), 4. Zach Audet (Wilton), 5. Scott Farrington (Minot); Sport Truck: 1. John Lizotte (Mechanic Falls), 2. Jeff Schmidt (Mechanic Falls), 3. Jeremy Wagner (Bryant Pond), 4. Herb Farrar (Sumner), 5. Ryan Varney (South Paris)
Wiscasset Raceway
At Wiscasset, Emerson Cayer won the first ever North East Mini Stock Tour race held Saturday night. Ricky Potter finished second in the 50-lap race with Tasha Dyer third, Reggie Bickford fourth and Loren Smith fifth.
Other Wiscasset Results
Super Street: 1. Bryan Robbins (Montville), 2. Ed Drake, 3. Jeremy Glasier, 4. Brian Fortin, 5. Allan Moeller Jr.; Mini Stocks: 1. Thomas True (Wiscasset), 2. Pete McCollett (Readfield), 3. Tash Dyer, 4. Dylan Lancaster, 5. Ryan Ripley; Mini Truck: 1. Ryan Hayes, 2. Tony Field, 3. Opie Allard (Harpswell), 4. Russ Anderson, 5. Brian Beaulieu; Strictly Street: 1. Ian Bresnehan, 2. Alex Waltz, 3. Mike Moody, 4. Nate Yeaton, 5. Wally Henderson; Late Model: 1. Chris Thorne (Sidney), 2. Adam Chadbourne, 3. Nick Reno, 4. Seth Raven, 5. T.J. Watson; Pro Stocks: 1. Randy Turner, 2. Jeff Burgess, 3. Charlie Colby, 4. Chuck Colby, 5. Scott Moore
Winterport Dragway
At Winterport, Jerry Hatch of Lubec beat Dan Poirier of Minot in the Gamblers race Saturday while Bill Dammier of Deer Isle was a semifinalist. On Sunday, Lincolnville’s Richie Osgood defeated Ben Wilson of Ellsworth to claim the Diesel Day race. Kennebunk’s Craig Fraser was a semifinalist.
Other Winterport Results
Saturday, ATV/Quad: 1. Scott Young (Sebago), 2. Brandon Sykes (Waldoboro), semifinalist: Jerry Hatch (Lubec); Lawn Mower/Small Tractor: 1. Peter Gould (Corinna), 2. Dereck Connors (Levant), semifinalist: Lenny Voizine (Bristol); Sunday, Super Pro/Pro Final: 1. Ben Pinkham (Howland), 2. Skip Taylor (Surry); Super Pro Eliminator: 1. Bill Pinkham (Howland), 2. Rick Hunnewell (Ellsworth), semifinalist: Jay Galusha (Clinton); Pro Eliminator: 1. Skip Taylor (Surry), 2. David Moore (Swanville), semifinalist: Al Jolicoeur (Fairfield); Bikes/Sleds: 1. Aaron Astle (Ellsworth), 2. Geoff McDunnah (East Millinocket), semifinalist: Dennis Greene (Sidney); Pro Street Eliminator: 1. Bill Dammier (Deer Isle), 2. Barry Gallant (Levant), semifinalists: Kara Kenney (Belfast), John Kaiser (Mapleton); Street Trophy: 1. Barry Gallant (Levant), 2. Bill Dammier (Deer Isle), semifinalist: Brent Linscott (Winterport)

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