2 orange lobsters on display in York

Posted July 05, 2009, at 10:25 a.m.

YORK, Maine — They look like they just emerged from a steamer pot, but two orange lobsters are definitely alive and kicking in York.

Jeremy Mirick, co-owner of the lobster pound at the York Fitness Center, says the two orange lobsters in his tank aren’t for sale.

Officials at the New England Aquarium say orange lobsters are a 1 in 30 million rarity but they’ve gotten reports of 10 to 12 of them in the region in the last two weeks. The reason is unknown, though color variations usually are genetic.

Spokesman Tony LaCasse told the Portsmouth Herald he thinks the lobsters, which have shown up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts’ south shore and in Maine, are coming in from a Canadian distributor.

Mirick said his lobsters came from Harpswell.