May 26, 2018
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June 18, 2009 Letters to the Editor

Separate cities

Brewer City Councilor Manley G. Debeck Jr. stated in his June 6 letter to the editor that the resolve I sponsored was “a measure to merge Bangor and Brewer into a single city.”

The resolve I sponsored for Brewer was to work cooperatively with Bangor in an effort to discover ways to save money for the taxpayers of Brewer and Bangor. It had nothing whatsoever to do with a merger of Brewer and Bangor into a single city.

I have supported all things Brewer for more than 50 years. Neither Bangor City Councilor Richard Stone nor myself have any interest in creating one city. The intent of our resolve was to better serve our respective taxpayers and investigate the means for our residents to pay less taxes and still receive the same or better services.

I am surprised that Manley, an honorable colleague and superb councilor, could have read more into this resolve.

Joseph Ferris

Brewer City Council

• • •

Social experiment?

In many letters to the editor debating gay marriage in Maine, I have not seen an analysis of Catholic Bishop Malone’s recent statement that gay marriage is “a dangerous social experiment.” Evidence? In Massachusetts after several years of legalize same-sex marriage, are heterosexuals harmed in any tangible way because their friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers may now marry someone of the same sex?

In the past, some white Southerners called racial integration a dangerous social experiment. “Race-mixing,” as they called it, scared them.

These Southerners did not believe in racial equality and did not want to lose power.

Catholic leaders extol heterosexual marriage as a sacred institution but if that is true, why can’t married men become Catholic priests? Sacred but unequal, apparently.

Catholic leaders have said that petitions to support the referendum that would overturn Maine law on gay marriage will be available in their churches throughout Maine. My idea of a really dangerous social experiment is allowing churches to keep their tax exemptions while they function as political organizations.

Peg Cruikshank


• • •

Stalin, second front

The BDN’s June 8 editorial, “World War II Revisited,” states that a second front wasn’t established until June, 1944. Allies landed in North Africa in November 1942 and in Sicily and Italy in 1943. This, despite numerous operations in the Pacific with no Soviet contribution.

Stalin was not betrayed. Had we not lost so many lives delivering materiel to Murmansk, the Russians would have been driven to Vladivastok. Stalin had his sights set on the domination of Eastern Europe.

When the Soviet army arrived at the Vistula, by pre-arrangement of the Polish underground, 50,000 strong, revolted to Soviet occupation of Warsaw. They dallied while the Nazis slaughtered them to a man. Stalin wanted no national heroes in the countries he intended to occupy. Many of the Russian deaths were caused by Stalin’s use of his subjects as expendable items. Full colonels were executed for failing to initiate suicidal actions.

The liberal media denigrate American efforts since WW II. Without U.S. intervention, England and Russia would have been defeated. Our airlift saved Berlin from Soviet occupation. Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall. At astronomical expense, we have provided a defensive umbrella that allowed Europe to lapse into a so-cialistic morass. Winston Churchill said the Marshall Plan was the most generous act in history.

Perhaps some liberals and their media have pangs of conscience because they have not contributed to the utopia saved for them by a generation that solved the Great Depression and suffered through a war we didn’t know we would win, which is the envy of the world.

Douglas V. Hundley


• • •

Friendly RINOs?

Maine’s Republicans could help to raise the level of discourse if they chose values and semantics more in line with the name of the town (Amity) in which state committee member Steve Martin lives than do his own words in his June 12 letter to the editor about “RINOs.”

Dennis Marble


• • •

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