June 25, 2018
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June 13 Letters to the Editor

Priorities skewed

Since the editorial regarding Dr. Tiller’s murder, “Weighing Words” (BDN, June 5), implied that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly were to some extent responsible for that killing, should we also discuss the murder of Pvt. William Long and the wounding of Pvt. Quinton I. Ezeagwula and put those incidents as President Obama’s responsibility for all his rhetoric about torture and killing of innocent civilians by the U. S. military?

But apparently the murder and wounding of U.S. military personnel on U.S. soil by Muslim extremists is insignificant to the BDN. The only mention of this terrorist act was three and a half inches on page A-3 in the “spotnews” section on June 1. The presence of American-born radical Muslim extremists killing our military on our soil gets less coverage than a racehorse escaping and going down I-395 (BDN May 13, page A-1, nine and a half inches plus picture).

I think the editors of the BDN have their priorities a bit skewed.

Gad Liebmann



Unsafe intersection

[As I have] a granddaughter only slightly older than Alyssa Buzzard, the accident that took her life and the surrounding publicity about this intersection have weighed heavily on my mind. This is another case where it took a death to get action to correct a poorly marked intersection.

On Saturday, I approached the intersection from Stetson and was astounded by how poorly it is marked. There are two stop signs, but both are set a long way from the centerline of the road and the line of sight of a person watching the road. Further, the sign on the right is obscured by a route sign and a tree branch. These obstructions should never be allowed to exist where a stop sign is involved, particularly given the reputation of this intersection.

It is unreasonable to dismiss a fourth stop sign for the reasons given by the regional traffic engineer. Using his line of reasoning, it would be impossible to ever put up a new sign if it interrupted the historically established traffic flow. How did the new traffic light on 202 at Mecaw Road ever get approved? This seems to me to be a much more drastic change than adding a stop sign at a dangerous intersection. A fourth stop sign in conjunction with flashing lights would go a long way toward eliminating the type of accident that happened on May 26. People need to realize that traffic control needs to change as growth occurs.

Norm Viger



Raised like feral cats

Three government bureaucrats, in the OpEd “Steps to World Class Schools,” explained how to correct the failure of so many kids to learn. Neither they nor the steps they describe will deliver success in kids or the education system.

The reason for educational failure is that many kids are raised like feral cats and are not socialized or prepared to learn.

These bureaucrats have two tired old answers: blame the teachers and throw more money at the problem. This spawns more blameless bureaucrats but not successful kids.

Sixty years ago the majority of kids, black and white, grew up in two-parent families and were socialized and prepared to learn. Even now, “at risk” kids succeed when they have a parent-mentor(s) from infanthood.

The failing kids are no smarter or no dumber than successful kids. They are just not civilized by their parents. The society immerses them in inappropriate exposures before they are adult enough to handle life’s sordid underbelly of the human experience. With no appetite for learning, no discipline, just a hunger for instant gratification, there is no school and no teacher that can succeed.

There is no answer until sanity returns to this society. Meanwhile, fat cat bureaucrats go about spouting failed programs and snatching up the funding for their own pockets, teachers are blamed and not supported, and the kids grow up to fail. Parents and a society that protects kids from the filth and garbage that now passes for normal is needed. Don’t hold your breath.

Jerry Bullock

Mars Hill


Keep marriage sacred

It’s amazing how far our representatives have overstepped their boundaries to appease the vocal elements at the expense of those who elected them. Did the electorate authorize government to enact social rules that overturn thousands of years of precedence for the family?

Why does this new age of permissiveness think it has the authority to legislate same-sex marriage which is in direct opposition of that ordained by the creator of mankind?

When God made man He was aware of his need for companionship and gave Adam a wife. This wife, Eve, was to be a helper and bearer of Adam’s children. Eve means “lifegiver.” And God said, “a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cling to one another and shall become one flesh (through sexual intercourse).” Never was there a mention or thought that marriage could be consummated by individuals of the same sex.

Marriage between one man and one woman was not man’s idea; it was God’s. I urge people to send Maine government a clear message that marriage is for one man and one woman only.

Marriage between a man and a woman is a time tested and successful union and only fails when our selfish and lustful desires violate the vow we have taken. It has worked well for over 5,000 years. You and I are a product of that design.

Please sign the “People’s Veto Referendum” and void the same-sex.

Gilbert Reed



You be the judge

While I think of myself as a down-home Republican, I cringe every time Washington party leadership creates theater in absurdia around what would otherwise be a bona fide national issue. Take for example the current comedic foray surrounding the appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. Is she a racist or is she not?

If she is as the leadership claims, then such bias should be readily apparent in her appellate-court rulings, which they are not. Judge Sotomayor has issued approximately 400 decisions in her 15 years on the federal bench with only three reversals. Hardly the record of a racist, activist judge out to turn our society and the constitution it stands on upside- down!

The word in the media is that Sotomayor tends to write narrowly crafted rulings that zero in on close application of the law, hardly a viable basis for rejecting her appointment. I think one public statement made outside the court expressing a personal feeling that as a Latina woman she may have a unique sensitivity to class-based issues does not negate her judicial substance.

Phil Tobin


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