June 19, 2018
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June 11 Letters to the Editor

Tobin deserves more

Though I have few objections with the final conclusion in the BDN’s June 1 editorial “Campaign Cleanup,” I take strong offense to the roundabout path used to reach this conclusion. The piece ultimately appears as an ill-disguised and unwarranted final jab at Jim Tobin.

The editorial seems to suggest that Tobin’s original conviction was overturned on some simple technicality, and this technicality carried him — “bad judgment” and all — safely out of harm’s reach. The editorial failed to mention that after the initial charges failed to convict in federal court, the same Department of Justice prosecutor brought a whole new set of charges against Tobin, more than five years after the fact.

These charges were then dismissed by a federal judge who found that the prosecutor was acting vindictively against Tobin. Here is your abuse of state power.

I am sure that the BDN genuinely believes that “only Tobin knows the depth of his involvement” in the unethical and antidemocratic events of 2002. But I am also sure this is only because the paper has failed to investigate or understand the actual events of the case. In the future I encourage the BDN to discover all the facts before crafting (or even deciding to publish) such an assault.

As someone who has known Tobin well for years, from both church and professional settings, I will say that Tobin is better than this. He deserves more from his community, including due diligence from its journalists.

Matt Warner



Old country doctor

Upon reading Wayne Duplisea’s letter “Praises family doctor” (BDN, June 2) about his grandmother’’ family doctor, Dr. Harrison Hunt from the Island Falls area, I immediately thought of one of Dr. Harrison’s contemporaries, Dr. Fred “Doc” Pritham of Greenville, who used eight different modes of transportation to reach his patients, and whose biography is so well-written by Dorothy Clarke Wilson in a book that is very hard to obtain. It’s one of the best Maine books I’ve ever read.

Bill Sawtell



Miracle of Eagle Lake

A tornado went through Eagle Lake but a miracle resulted. While hundreds of trees were toppled like matchsticks, the most interesting thing is what happened at the cemetery. Two large trees fell in the midst of small statuary and not a single statue was damaged in the process. Two statues, one of a young boy in prayer and one of a lamb came within one inch of being destroyed by a large tree, yet both did not receive so much as a scratch.

This is so incredible it has led some to believe that this was actually a miracle to which I must agree. Statues are important because of what they represent. In this case it is that of a loving god who rewards those who pray with a sincere heart and jumble spirit and whose love for him is genuine. This same god also has the power to intervene directly in nature to stress this point and it appears that this is what happened in Eagle Lake.

Irvin Dube

St. Agatha


Social engineering

Obama’s new car mileage standards are contrary to the American ethos and represent social engineering at its worst. What makes America different from Europe is our social and material upward mobility; if you want to work harder you can get a better car or house. With Obama’s plan, the big and more powerful car or truck will be unobtainable.

His plan is not well thought out. Americans work to play. How will the new underpowered cars and trucks be able to pull trailers that haul snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft, fishing boats and campers?

Mainers and all Americans will have to stay home on weekends because their new cars and trucks cannot transport their toys. Just think of the devastating trickle-down effect his policy will have on the recreational vehicle industry and its feeders (fishing gear, camping equipment, etc.) and the vacation industry in Maine.

He should let the market forces work, not set up a controlled economy.

Joseph deNatale


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