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May 28, 2009 Letters to the Editor

Rely on the Bible

Concerning homosexual marriage, I have read several pro and con views in recent editorials and columns. It is interesting that not one of the proponents cited their inspiration as coming from the Bible. If the Bible is our rule of faith and practice, we should receive clear inspiration from it. I’d like to hear support for homosexual marriage from the Bible. If we vote to change marriage in Maine, we should do much research in appropriate sources.

If the Bible supports homosexual practices, we must find the place and embrace the teachings. Let the 3,000 proponents in Augusta find that place in the Bible. It should be clear and plain.

Show us why this new law draws inspiration from the Bible alone. We should do the careful research before we change something as import as marriage between a man and a woman. That is the first institution set up by the heavenly father. Incidentally, if you compare a homosexual couple and a couple consisting of a man and a woman, which couple offers a clear future to the state of Maine?

Tom Kipfer


• • •

Health system rally

Our health care system is broken and in desperate need of a long-overdue overhaul. Polls show that more than half of the American people as well as more than half of the doctors and nurses favor a single-payer system. What seems to be standing in the way of what the majority of people want are our elected officials who con-tinue to turn a blind eye to the single-payer option.

If you are tired of our dysfunctional, unjust and costly “health” care system whose only real beneficiaries are the for-profit players, please contact your representatives in Washington and let them know how you feel. And please plan to attend the rally for national health care on May 30 in Augusta. More information about the rally can be found at www.MaineHealthcareReform.org.

Cindy Todd


• • •

Pass arthritis bill

Forty-six million American adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis, and this number is projected to increase to 67 million in 2030. Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is a disease that affects people of all ages and nearly 300,000 children suffer from juvenile arthritis.

To help address this ever-growing problem, the Arthritis Prevention, Control, and Cure Act would help ensure early diagnosis to prevent future disability and provide much-needed federal arthritis research dollars. Sens. Mikulski and Cardin should be praised for their role in cosponsoring this important bill.

It’s time for Congress to take action and pass this legislation to provide relief for millions of Americans struggling with the daily pain of arthritis. As the Maine Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, I would like to thank both Rep. Mike Michaud and Sen. Susan Collins for recently signing on to the bill as cosponsors. We are hoping 2009 is the year Congress passes the bill and it is signed into law.

Robin D. Spencer-Laurie


• • •

Health care reform

It’s curious that the folks standing in the way of health care reform are the same people who love “free markets.” Well, markets are great and the best way to fix health care is to introduce some real competition and make private plans compete with a public health insurance plan.

But in Maine, the top two private insurance companies own 88 percent of the market. And those plans often compete for the healthiest subscribers or the people who need care the least.

A public health insurance plan, similar to Medicare or that run by the Veterans Administration, is proven to hold down costs and can evaluate the most effective treatments, encouraging private plans to adopt better techniques and reduce their administrative fees. Right now, we have a health care monopoly and everyone from businesses to families is hurt by high prices and low quality. A public health insurance plan is a good idea at the right time.

Mainers need more choices to decide which health insurance plan is right for them — whether it is an affordable private company or a public option.

Regardless, we need that safety net of a public option for families who are priced out of the private market.

Freda Drew


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