June 19, 2018
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Readers say FairPoint is in over its head

Will same-sex marriage be embraced by the next generation?

One can only hope!


Everything changes with time and this civil rights movement will change for the better right along with everything else.


What was immoral 200 years ago is still immoral today.


No doubt about it. Most of today’s young people are not buying into the right wing’s so-called morality. I predict that same-sex marriage will be the law of the land in the U.S. (except maybe the deep South and Utah) within the next 20 years. Amen.


Sure — it’s just a matter of time. The historical trend has been clear, and polls show young people support civil rights for gays.


The state got out of the liquor business. The state no longer makes license plates. The state is frequently hiring outside companies to build and fix roads. Someday the state will get out of the marriage business, and on that day everyone, gays, straights and single people will be far better off. Politics makes this an issue, so the obvious solution is to remove the political piece, and allow churches and private marriage counselors to marry anyone who has the fee.

I wish the gays better luck with their marriages than 50 percent of us have had with ours!


As someone who has lived long enough to see many unimaginable events become acceptable — a Catholic president, integration, landing men on the moon, now a black president, etc. — I can honestly say that I am impressed with the way the younger generation seems to be handling people who don’t fit the mold of what some call normal.

I have hopes that the next generation can learn more tolerance of others who don’t fit the mold, and are willing to accept these people at their face value to society.


I hope the next generation will value and cherish their civil liberties, for they could be taken away very easily, whether it’s during the fog of war, or during a conservative Republican campaign looking for relevance.


Should the Maine House of Representatives be reduced in size?

It should be reduced, but this bill does not go far enough. One representative for every 20,000 would be better and still could be effective. Another idea is to have a unicameral legislature — just one body instead of Senate and House.

Larry SG

One body would be most efficient and the numbers of stupid bills to discuss would be limited.


Is FairPoint in over its head?

I think all is going according to plan. Verizon sold to FairPoint. FairPoint is non-union and it was known that they would go belly up. Verizon will buy back the territory and the union will be gone. Remember when Greyhound bought Vermont Transit? It was the same type of deal. I am not a customer of either company and I am not a union member, just suspicious.


I have FairPoint Internet and I’m very close to changing. The service is barely operational. How did our PUC regulators let this happen?


When the talk of all this first began, I was told by a longtime Verizon employee that it would unfold exactly as LarrySG stated above. Watch and see.


It is quite obvious that Verizon didn’t want us, as they were trying to sell us for a number of years. They finally found a sucker to buy us. Unfortunately for us, the new owners of the land lines for Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire seem to be incapable of making it work for them. I had reservations about the ability of FairPoint to fulfill their promises when I read that they were going to operate on 60 computers to replace the 600 that Verizon was using.


Though I want to agree with Larry, according to fiercetelecom.com, FairPoint workers are represented by the International Union of Electrical Workers (of which I was a member) and according to rutlandherald.com they are also represented by Communication Workers of America. I think we should have patience. It took Thomas Edison over 2,000 tries to make the carbon filament light bulb. Sooner or later they’ll get it right.


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