May 21, 2018
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May 14 Letters to the Editor

Knowledge, question

Full disclosure: I am an insensitive lout and intend to remain so.

Things I know:

The Beatles are the greatest rock band ever. Duane Allman is the greatest rock guitarist ever. My dog Spike has won the coveted Central Maine “Mr. Goofy” award for the last three years and is the prohibitive favorite again this year. Mike Heath is a good person and a nice guy. Three of my all-time favorite movies are “The Aristocats,” “Lady and the Tramp” and the original “101 Dalmatians.” Spike loves me. With the Dred Scott decision in 1857 the U.S. Supreme Court legalized slavery.

I am personally much more comfortable with a crew cut this time of year. This year’s crop of maple syrup is primo. Clarence White, born Clarence LeBlanc in Lewiston in 1944, is the greatest bluegrass guitarist ever. Life begins at conception. I am moved to tears by the movie “The Black Stallion” and the ending of the movie “Amazing Grace.” Three-word review of “Star Trek” — they nailed it. (The popcorn was subpar.) Brooks Robinson is the greatest third baseman ever. John Unitas is the greatest quarterback ever.

One thing I wish I knew: Immediately after the passing of the gay marriage bill Rep. Charles Priest introduced a motion to eliminate the possibility of sending the issue to the voters through a referendum. It passed 85-62. Why?

Terence McManus

New Sharon


Moratorium needed

It is important that Bar Harbor residents vote in support of the proposed moratorium on Town Hill development on June 9. Town Hill residents have been meeting for more than a year to develop a village “miniplan” as part of the comprehensive planning process, and, in short order, will be participating in drafting new ordinances that reflect the goals of that plan. When new ordinances are in place, then will be the time to move forward with growth plans in Town Hill.

In order to give residents more time to work with the planning board to revise existing land use ordinances that reflect the intent of the new comprehensive plan, a 180-day moratorium on large-scale development (larger than 10,000 square feet) has been proposed for the Town Hill village area.

Specifically, the moratorium would include an area within a 6,000-foot radius around the village center (the intersection of Knox and Crooked roads). The text of the moratorium can be viewed at

If development that is inconsistent with the emerging plan for Town Hill is implemented, it will be impossible to achieve the goals of the plan no matter what new land use ordinances are adopted. The Town Hill development moratorium will appear on the ballot on June 9; I urge all residents of Bar Harbor to vote yes for the moratorium.

Jane E. Disney

Town Hill


Internet choices

“FairPoint frustrates Internet customers,” (BDN, May 7) was an interesting article. I can attest that there have been many problems regarding the timelines of FairPoint’s DSL work during the switchover. I am in the ISP business and this time has been a period of both trouble and business opportunity.

What is not mentioned is that there are multiple competitors for Internet in Camden (and Belfast, too), and most other major towns. If the business owner in the article was in a one-provider neighborhood, and the might of FairPoint couldn’t get things fixed in two weeks, it would be a more compelling story.

Camden has FairPoint DSL, Time Warner Cable, Midcoast’s (my company) wireless and DSL choices, GWI DSL, Mid-maine DSL, and Verizon wireless’s cellular data service. That’s seven choices. That is why it’s not regulated; so many companies can easily provide services to an area, and some-one can switch if needs dictate.

Federal Communications Commission regulation has been about providing choice and options for Internet, rather than regulating business operations of the Internet service providers. The Public Utilities Commission does provide a map showing some of the choices for Internet in various towns.

If someone is losing thou-sands of dollars a week in business because their Internet is out, it might be wise to retain the services of more than one Internet provider and-or more than one sort of broadband technology.

The term Internet Service Provider has the word “service” in it. It is more than a company that provides data carriage, and implies an element of customer service. Many ISPs and customers have forgotten this.

Jason Philbrook


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